I liked very young neighbor, who lives on our floor. Ever since that moment, when I first met her, she awoke in me a sense of more than just sympathy. This feeling of passion, which was destined to become a reality.
One day, coming back from the institute, on the way to the house, I noticed that it goes ahead, holding a bag of groceries. Suddenly, she suddenly stumbled and almost fell on the dirty asphalt, but I had time to help, and this was avoided. In gratitude, she invited me to her home for a cup of tea.
When she came in with a tray in the room, I could not take my eyes off her. Her face, her eyes, the movement of her breasts, figure, voice fascinated me. She put the tray on the table and sat next to me on the sofa. It began spontaneously. We crossed views and some time staring into each other's eyes. It seemed that we understand each other without words. After a moment pereglyadyvaniya she sat on my lap and we came together in a hot kiss. I held her hands over her ass, squeezing the soft buttocks, and she grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them tightly with your fingers. Our tongues entwined literally, we could not break away from each other for a few minutes. Then I gently pushed her onto the sofa and continued to lovemaking. I started kissing her face, her neck, sucking the lobe of her ear and stroking her lithe body with his hands. I realized that everything is as it should be In her quiet moans. She was excited and ready for anything. I pulled off her jacket, revealing beneath it a small but beautiful breasts. The language I began to gently pull nipples of her breasts and then slowly lowered to the navel. Licking the delicate skin around the navel, I let her pull off my T-shirt and jeans. Cowards can not hide my excitement through them clearly discernible silhouette of my penis. It has long been stood upright, but I restrained myself from copulation as he could, trying to please her. Then I pulled off her jeans, under which found the white lace panties, covering the groove between her legs. Emotions overwhelmed me, I was ready to rip them and get in her womb, but an incredible effort of will I could all - still resist the irrepressible passion. I slowly pulled off her panties and began to stroke her in the groin area, then I went down to just below her labia and clit fingering began to caress his tongue, squeezing her thighs with his hands.
I felt like excitement shakes her body in my arms, she bent and groaned in the throes of pleasure. More I could not endure. After removing the panties, I picked up the erection and they parted labia, introduced him to the vaginal opening. I really enjoyed, feeling my cock moving in her womb. My neighbor could not contain their emotions, and her moan at the beginning of our love of the game changed to a loud orgasmic moan expressing genuine enjoyment. The speed with which we copulate, gradually increasing my penis has become like a stone, the movement became increasingly sharp. Excitation grew, I could not restrain himself and burst out of my chest groan incredible pleasure I felt from somewhere inside there is a wave, and its approach is already inevitable. She moaned even louder and firmly dug into my hands. Yet, once again, more, more, more - shot. We finished at the same time. The jet of sperm as from a fountain broke out of my penis, the wave is gradually disappearing. There was complete calm. We hugged, clung to each other tighter and instantly fell asleep like little children who long to play your favorite game and very tired.