Waking up in the morning, I was with a joyful mood immediately ran into the bath to bathe and freshen up before the upcoming first working day in a new image. Then I began to gather to work. The street was cold autumn weather. So I decided to go by taxi, after calling the cab driver has his friend Victor.

- Hello, hello, Victor. - I said when the phone answered "YES".

In response, in a sleepy voice: Hello, who is it?

- This is Julia, you hauled me last night, remember? - I said.

- And, Julia, good morning! - He said.

- And you could not get me out of the house and drive to the first girlfriend for 10 minutes, and then we have to work in half an hour?

- Of course I can. After half an hour will be in your home - said Victor.

- Well - I said coyly.

Wearing a brand-new thong with sequins, black stockings, black bra, black mini skirt, white blouse with a deep neckline, I paid a little Tonalka and lipstick. Shoes black suede black boots on 10cm heels and leather jacket, I left the house. Victor was waiting for me near the entrance. I sat in the car and off we went. While driving, he asked me where I work, anyone. Do I have a family. I told him that I worked in the secretary's office. I am living with a guy (a little fib). She said that I'm 21. After driving up to Kate, I got out of the car, and not adjusting her skirt, sverkanula her thong and went to her, wagging his ass! Once Kate has caused me to make up, we went to work. Approaching the work, I paid the Victor and said that he approached me at 6. He agreed. Coming out of the car, we went to the office. Take the lift to the 3rd floor, the door opened and Katya came out of it. My pins knocked loudly on the tile. Kate slapped me on the ass said: Well, friend, is ready ?!

Approaching the door of his department, I gathered my thoughts and Katya and I went into the office. All employee already povstavali from the field, the guy who worked for us, too, was stunned.

Howl and my surprise - I said. Now, my name is Julia. And I am full girl - secretary)!

Then everyone began to discuss among themselves rapidly, interrogating an addiction Katya. After that I went to the boss. Vera M. was amazed by my appearance.

I do not expect that you're so well-received, Julia! - she said. You just do not dress up like a whore to our department did not seem brothel, and go as you wish. Come to me!

Good Faith M. - I replied. She went to her. Vera M. patted me on the ass said - go to work Yulyasha!

I sat down at his desk and began to work ... time to time with the girls out for a smoke, they questioned to me in a new way. I said that if he had been a girl! Also, when smoked in the smoking room periodically attended by boys and men from other departments. All acquainted with me, not recognizing Man in me. I was so excited and plants that could barely restrain their feelings.

That came to an end and the first time in a new image. We left the building and was waiting for me near the entrance of Victor. I said goodbye to everyone, got into the car and off we went. I normally swung her legs to expose her hips slightly and once again excite Victor) because I do not often noticed that when I sit down in the car, his penis aroused and a feeling that's about to break out of his pants.

On the way home we talked about various things. I still decided to him to start playing, because it could no longer tolerate his feelings to feel male attention and warmth!) Once arrived to the house, I told him that I bought a wardrobe, and my boyfriend left, so I asked Victor to help I assemble the cabinet. He immediately agreed.

Going into my apartment, I took off my jacket, and then boots. I specifically rented boots slowly, because as Victor spotted excitedly looking at my feet. Victor also took off his jacket and shoes. We went into the room, I pointed to the boxes in which the cabinet parts are.

- Victor, you still start collecting case, and I'll go to the kitchen, put the kettle and cook something, because you're probably hungry) - I said.

- Well, not so already and hungry, but I would not give up tea - Victor replied. And yes, Yul, you can to contact me. Not as I have and old. - He added.

Igor was 53 years old. While at home, I did not change into home clothes, and went to the house in the same, that is, tights, skirt, blouse. Periodically stepping into the room, I provoked Victor your poses. That the floor that you have to be raised, it would help support something, bending his chest to his face.

Once assembled cabinet, went to the kitchen to drink tea. I sat across from him, and his feet as always throwing at each other. During the tea, we talked on various topics. At this point I decided to act, because it was already overexcited. True to the guys I never had nothing. So I longed to try. I began my drive with one foot on the foot of Victor. He felt it already choked tea. Do not tell me, I began to enjoy it. After a foot between his legs, I felt his cock was in an excited state in full combat readiness. Getting up from the chair, I walked over to him, a little stooping, kissed him on the lips. He kept his head and began to kiss me, too, with lapaya my ass. Then I sat down, got on her knees. Slowly began to unbutton his fly of his trousers. Unbuttoned and lowered his pants with shorts, sticking out in front of me appeared a member of 15 cm which has flowed department. I've never sucked anyone, so even a little confused where to start. Clasping member of his hand, it was the sly podrachivat. Then she began to tongue licking the head of his penis, and then began to insert into his mouth full of his cock. Victor at this time with one hand paw my chest and the other strongly held me fucking my mouth with his cock head. He is moaning with pleasure. Just two minutes later, he groaned very much, I knew he was going to finish. Since I have never tried to suck dick and cum all the more so, that did not want him to cum in my mouth, so began to move away from the head of his penis. But he held my head. But before, jets and sprays sperm become abundantly poured on my face, falling on the eyes, mouth, cheeks and forehead. Rubbing his eyes, mascara from the sperm become spread. I again approached his lips to the head of his cock and licked it several times.

On his knees, holding member of the Victor in the hands, from the bottom up, I looked at him and said:

- Honey, do you like it?

- And how's my girl! - Said Victor - you just perfection! I want you to have a constantly!

- Well, from time to time, you can come up with something - I said.

Approaching the mirror, I saw in the mirror tousled whore with smeared mascara, hair disheveled, his face was wet with semen. Looking at the clothes, I saw that on her blouse came rasteksheysya mascara, as well as a blouse and skirt were a drop of sperm.

After seeing Victor, goodbye we kissed passionately, I took off my clothes and threw her to the laundry. Still I decided to go to work tomorrow in a mini dress).


Continued: The secretary Julia. acquaintance