I went with my family to a party for my uncle. I was about to pull the plug on this evening, but to my surprise there met her aunt's sister. She was very nice and sexy girl, she was 27 years old and, as well, and I just raved about horses and horse riding. She lived alone at his home in California, and invited me to myself for a week, because I just started a vacation.
I arrived late in the evening on Sunday. At the sight of her, I just gasped: she was wearing white shoes with high heels and tight white shorts that emphasized her very strong ass. Beautiful red blouse was rastegnut so that anyone can easily form an opinion about her beautiful breasts. Beautiful hair, expertly chosen jewelry and light make-up completed the already thrilling experience. I'm in my simple blouse and miniskirt appeared next to her probably palely, but when we both bent down to take my suitcase, I felt a little look at my ass.
Judy held about an acre of land beautiful two-story house. We arrived late and as soon as I dragged to the bed, then immediately fell asleep. Previously I undressed and lay naked as I was seized with a strange sense of freedom.
When I woke up the next morning, she found a box with clothes and a note. The note was written: "Kathy, I think you will wear this. I called your mother and find out your size". I quickly flipped the lid and found a complete set of clothes for riding". I quickly took a shower, dressed lace panties and tried on a suit in front of a mirror.
My black drags were carefully picked by a black riding hat. and legs were very beautiful, and shiny black boots. My slim legs and ass are tight-fitting trousers in riding. The picture completes the white blouse. I wore a bra and no breast nipples rubbed on starch nice blouses. I quickly put on a pair of diamond earrings that are advantageous to set off my green eyes and went downstairs.
Downstairs in the kitchen, I found Judy, who looked just like me, but she was also dressed in a green jacket. We quickly had breakfast with yoghurt, packaged food for a picnic and headed to the stables, where she has already prepared two horses.
Judy has chosen two fine young mares. The day was beautiful and we went through the park all morning. inally, we stopped a snack, but when I got up then, I twisted my ankle. " Let me help you"- Judy said. "Yes please. It looks like I did not use these muscles for a while." "Prilyazh", -posovetovala It. I lay down. Judy start gently massaging my ankle. " My God, how nice", - I said. "It seems except these have a lot of stiff muscles, particularly in the ass!" "Well, take off your panties and I promassiruyu it to you as it should" "Here?", Th pripodnalas on one elbow and looked around. "And if anyone see?" Judy laughed. " e worry about it. Are you in California! Furthermore, at this time of the day there is never one".
I agreed and took off my jacket, boots and pants, and remained in a blouse and shorts. Judy carefully posomtrela not me and I think of it did not escape my cave it was wet. Horse riding has always scared me excited.
"Lie down, what are you waiting",- she said. She started slowly and gently massage my back, going down lower and lower. Drunk wine quickly hit me in the head, but I was aware that something was going to happen. Her hands slowly reached my ass, and I felt that Judy wants to turn me.
In my throat was dry. What should I do? I'm not a lesbian! for she is very beautiful and seems to think the same about me! about the same can not be! What will my friends? I will avoid the man. about how beautiful she is! How well she does!
I groaned. This was encouraging, she waited. Her hand slipped between my legs. and one boy still did so. She knew how and where to caress me. It was becoming harder and harder, but suddenly stopped.
"Katie"- She whispered."Roll over" I turned and saw her brown eyes. She moved, her tongue parted my lips, and merged with mine. I responded to her kiss. Her lips were soft and full. "You are very beautiful", 'She said, moving her breath.
"maybe", I replied, and almost out of breath:" for you even more beautiful. I'd like to also be able to wear dresses and pick up decorations".
" We'll work on it and other things:" And she kissed me again. Then her lips and her tongue walked over my body, kissing me through clothes, and yes !, through panties.
"Do you smell great, Kathy"- She whispered, and began to take off my panties, then priostaovilas and looked at me. I realized that we have reached a new turning. I could go back, you will see her beautiful body between my legs, I realized that she would not be able to deny something.
Judy realized, and took off my panties. She smiled and murmured something under his breath, went down to my cave.
It was as if she knew me. She made me cum instantly, and then again in a minute. I was moaning and screaming "Yes!" or " It is!" again and again. The guys I met before, have not never brought me to orgasm since lost their interest, having finished themselves. Before, I always had after the date itself bring themselves to orgasm by hand in bed, but compared to what was happening now, it looked like an innocent prank. Judy helped me finish the way I did not finish ever. I drew her to him and kissed him. She was my taste, as my hand, when I masturbated.
"Let's go back to the house, my love. If you will also scream, we attract attention"
" I also want to do something for you"- I protested. She laughed. " e worry about it. Just get dressed." She showed me my panties, but has not given, and put it in the bag. "Souvenir"- She smiled.
We sat on the horse and hurried to the stables. I could not wait to get home again. I burned with the desire to do something for her that she has done for me.
The trip seemed endless. I did not know what she had in store for me, but I knew that I liked. Judy, meanwhile, was chatting about any nonsense, but I could not concentrate and was wondering what she looks like naked. I really had never thought about women.
This I found on arrival. As soon as we closed the door, Judy grabbed my clothes and kissed a long kiss. When she pulled away from me, I could not breathe. "My love, let's go to my room", -tomno She said. We both raskhohatalis and taking my hand, she took to her room upstairs.
In the bedroom, Judy was a bed of enormous size. The walls were covered with mirrors and it made the room twice. Judy ostanovilast the bed and kissed me again. After that, she quickly mnyala my shoes, pants and shirt, leaving me naked. She pushed me on the bed and stood over me, took off all his clothes, except for the small red panties.
"Do you want that for them? Then you have to take them off the most", -she said. Then she lay down beside me, and I rolled on top of her. I started kissing her. The nipples of her breasts ... and my rubbing against each other and I'm more than excited. I wanted to feel her beautiful body, do the same as she did in the park. My lips moved to her perfect neck, then on the nipples. "What they are cute", Whispered I started them gently posasyvat.Ona moaned:"Yes! Yes!". I began to caress her tongue over the nipples and breasts. And her moans increased.
It was as if she wanted to, I could not stop, but I wanted to try the taste of her pescherki.Ya reached the panties, and felt the smell of the saddle, but it was mixed with other, different flavor. I vsgeda surprised and wondered what men find in it. I now provide an opportunity to find out !!!
Short white hair had escaped from under her panties, when I began to caress her pussy through them. "What is it soft and smooth", -I said: " e fact that boys". "Even better", I replied, it began to take off her panties and she lifted her long legs delightful to me was easier. It reminded me of all the times when I myself do so, so that the boys could take off my underwear. I opened an exciting spectacle - it just flowed grease. The first time I saw so close to someone else's cave, and can not, in general, to say that I was interested in this previously. Pink lips were opened invitingly, only slightly pubescent hairs. The smell was so attractive that I immediately wanted to explore it properly.
I did not waste time. Anticipating fun and smiling, I clung to her crotch. It was awesome! This I could not imagine! A slight movement of the language, I walked around the clitoris, and then began to fast movements and polizyvat suck her clitoris. Judy rushed beneath me and endlessly repeated the only one: "Oh, Katie. Catt. Yes, Kathy!". I continued to experiment with the help of the lips and tongue. I used my fingers. I sucked and licked. Suddenly she grabbed my head and struggled pressed her to his cave. I slipped my tongue into her tight hole and felt her muscles very quickly reduced again and again. I wiggled her tongue into the hole, and she told me a long moan, expressing the infinite pleasure.
"Come here, I want to kiss you"- I heard the voice of Judy. I slowly crept over her body, trying to touch her breasts all exposed parts. "Yes, Katie, we'll have some fun this week", - She said, and kissed me. Then she started kissing me again and again penetrated my tongue in her mouth and licked her juices on my face. On top of all we capsized in position 69, Judy was on top. Now I began to caress her ass and we both finished quickly.
After that we have a little caress each other and I felt absolutely devastated. "It looks like you like it. I was hoping for it. for it is only the beginning - I can teach you a lot about women. Do you want it ?". "If this is also good .."- I replied. "Promise me, then, that you will do everything that I want, and you will not regret". I looked into her eyes and said:" Of course, as you want".
She kissed me."Excellent. It will be an unforgettable week. We even ride horses. on the first, in the shower, and shopping. Then I'll take you on an evening that you will never forget".