"Hi, Jennifer!
I've looked at www. ... And I found your advert on the ... number. Maybe you have already come not one letter of these two days and I'm not the first. And if you do not answer me, I will not be upset.
A few details about myself. I am 32 years old, not burdened with obligations in relation to someone else (ie, not married, no children, no permanent friends, too). I live alone. Yes, the most important thing - I'm Mark. Sexual ori-entation - normal.
You write that you often fantasize having sex or masturbating (guess that the latter would Vaeth often have you), and your fantasies, the most important element is the spanking. That's why I paid attention to your ad.
I guess that you are alone with a "experimented" ...-) Your ass craves it, but ... you afraid at-the-know, or ask someone else. Correctly? I think I guessed, and therefore writing to you. I am also alone. I also do not have a permanent partner. And in my fantasies often seen beautiful female ass ... bright red CEE-ta. I think, you know, the result of which it is ...-) Find a woman who wished to undergo flogging is not easy. And then I saw your ad. Probably, we have common interests with you.
With the hope of understanding, Mark"

Mark again carefully read the letter, check whether all the e-mail field, he filled and pressed "to send". "Maybe the answer" - He thought. He turned off the computer and went into the next room, which was the living room. Not focusing, looked at the rack with DVD ... anything interesting, everything has already seen more than once. It is worth noting that the selection of the video Mark was thematically. The basis of the movie were sado-masochistic theme, with one-way-what is very ... spanking, sex, fetish. Extreme BDSM his little interest.
"Yes, it's time to find yourself someone ... Maybe reply" again, he thought, and went to sleep, good time was already late.
The next day, even without thinking about the letter, Mark went to work. Closer to the dinner break, he launched a mail program to forvardirovalis all messages from all of its mailboxes. Mark pressed the SC-hanging expedited shipping, folded box "mailer" and I went to the coffee machine. A minute later, walking to his desk, I put a glass of steaming coffee next to the computer and tried to delve into the issue. He finished his coffee, he looked at the screen.
"Oh, I wanted to check e-mail!" It flashed through his mind. When unfolded box, the first message in the sa-IOM top of the screen was a letter from her. Jenny - as was specified sender. Catch a glancing, Mark opened it. Yes! And there is! This is Jennifer! She answered! Heart pounding thrills ... she was there napisa la? Maybe it was just rejected his claims (although the claims was like the moon)? Or vice versa ... he interested in her?
Mark began to read.

"Hello Mark!
Two days - not such a long time to get a lot of email on your ad. So I thank you for yours.
What do you write? Statement ... Main do you know of the announcement. Young lonely girl 22 years is difficult to find a partner with the same interests, especially SO. You guessed. I really like you aptly put it, Expo rimentirovala with him. I am no one had ever smacked. Only I myself. Perhaps I have become abnormal because it is the first. I rarely meet all the guys ... and have sex. I'm becoming less interesting sex as such, even if the foreplay is very diverse. It was well whipped ass for me is the key to get an orgasm. Believe me, in the course of "experiments" I tried a lot ... and the belt, and a rod and line. All that could be found at home and at work. Even I went to a sex shop and bought two special paddle, wood and leather, with long arms ... They are so comfortable! A handle ... Oh, Mark! They have a special shape. And much better-mo their fingers (you know what). But, despite everything, is no substitute for self-satisfaction is 100 percent live "communication" ...-)
P.S. Here, written and I feel that to be my ass is not just today, red and dark red! ...-))))))"

After reading the last line, Mark felt that his penis was already not swaying, and his pants in front of Otto-pyrilis very noticeable. Glancing again at the sides, and sighing with relief that no one paid any attention to him, he began to scroll through the options in my head a new message, but with excitement confused thoughts in my head. "To hell with them! I will write at home, it is hard to think right now, and the job is waiting for" he thought, and went for the Auto-Eye cup of coffee.
Not stopping for a minute after the working day, and his arrival home, Mark immediately rushed to the monitor. Non-patiently waiting for the computer to boot, he drummed his fingers on the table. Opening the report form, it was thought, the prize ... what to write?

"Jenny! Hello!
I am not inclined to familiarity, but the sincerity in your letter ... Thank you. For a speedy response, with the sincere-ness.
And the last line just brought me out of balance (and was nearly knocked out of the work schedule, as read your letter at work ...-)) And, as I understand it, you would be interested to meet ... I can not insist on a meeting and the more demand the immediate consent. But I think you want to look at me. Therefore, in-cling some of my pictures. Till. I hope you like me ... I ...-)"

Writing his short this text took Mark about half an hour. He looked at their photos, 4 chose the most attractive, where the quality and content were better than others, attached to the message and send. After confirming that the letter safely gone, Mark leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and clasped his fingers and putting la Dhoni top of the head, he gave himself up to the sweet reflections. He wondered which of itself Jennifer (and now there is the name), what it can do ... He looked in the mail. Letter from Jenny came around noon. "So, during the day she is at home. It is unlikely that it will sit in a public place and "compose" like. If she is really 22, it is likely that she is a student. And most importantly - lives alone!" output from the last member of the Mark tensed. We ought to know where it is, where he lives. Mark looked at the calendar ... today is Wednesday, it was the weekend two more days. No, six. If, on a Friday night can be "move out" on a date with her ... Mark opened her letter. "So. Re-Men, rod, line, two paddle. Tools missing. Probably a good idea to collect Coy any accessories".
Mark stood up. His apartment was spacious closet, which he called closet. There he kept all the bars-lo, which was seldom needed. Looking back, he fished out a long coil of rope. In the locker with drugs and all medical Coy rubbish he took a pair of thin latex gloves and Vaseline. From the closet with clothes, he took a couple of good seats, not very wide, but made of soft leather. "It's for your soft ass, my dear Jane. And not only" he thought. All these simple things he put in a small bag, which could SPO-Koine come to the meeting (if held), without raising too many questions in advance Jennifer ....
From all these fees and experiences Marc felt very excited. Leaving the bag at the entry door, he went to the shelf from DVD. His gaze lingered on the box with a picture of a lot of girls like naked-tion, and dressed in various latex or leather accessories, lingerie and erotic toys in the hands and Toll-to. "I have not looked at lesbian"...
In the morning, having arrived for work the first thing Mark checked the mail. Letters from Jennifer was not. "Apparently, the night letters she writes" and he plunged headlong into action. By one o'clock he climbed back in the mail. And immediately he saw, Report of of it! Most colleagues have previously gone on hiatus, and around it was not so crowded. He opened the letter.

"Mark! You simply charm!
Honestly, when I opened the message, then your pictures ... I just lost sleep! You're so attrac-tive man! I instantly excited. And my ass ...! A hand reached for my own "collection"About which I wrote to you. I took without looking, the first thing that caught my ... Turned wooden paddle ...-) While stared at your pictures, all wet. A handle was just a slippery ... Well, got my ass is this evening! ...-))), Mark! I live in the suburbs ... (Marc almost jumped with joy to learn that she lives 15 miles outside the city, and with the other side, where it is easier to reach by car). Here's my photos. 10 pieces! I think they like you ...-) Bye! Postrayus evening to be home. Jen"

Mark frantically closed the message and deleted. At home, he still reads it, and now ... to quickly finish the damn cheverg!
Works in the afternoon turned out to be little and Mark without delay left the office. On the way he stopped at a sex shop, by which every day went to work there and periodically acquired video. The store was huge nym, with many departments. Mark went into the sado-masochist paraphernalia and accessories department. By purchasing short whip-mnogohvostku and expensive leather bandage for the eyes, he got into the car, took out a bag from the back seat, assembled-ing the night before, and laid back shopping. "I think you will like it, Jen" half-whisper he said, and went home.
Turning on the computer, he discovered a message from Jen. After reading it, Mark started looking photos. Jenni-fer was very cute girl. Obviously not short, dark-haired, with a good figure and a very pretty face. Especially expressive were her blue eyes. The very innocence ... in combination with floss. On the first photo Jen was in a light blue top, emphasizes her beautiful breasts and tight, but not so to-short-skirt. In the second it took more erotic pose ... sideways to the camera, polusognuv knees and sticking very appetizing ass caved. "Yes, baby, you should contact. I was obviously lucky to have you" It flashed through a no-go in mind. This was followed by a series of photographs "gradual exposure". At the last Jen was very obna-zhnnoy (high heels does not count), standing with his back to the camera, turning. Her ass was just excellent ... not pendulous, rounded, without a hint of cellulite. Mark kept her picture in the catalog, which is titled simply ... "Jennifer".
He opened the letter form.

"Jen! You are super! I have not seen such a beauty in the real world for a hundred years!
I hope my images (Mark has used this word because his pictures were purely amateur and did not go to any comparison with professionally removed photos of Jennifer) gave you a fairly good pre-representation of me. I think I should write a little more about yourself. I have no experience of real whipping someone else. But really I want to try! It sounds a bit naive, but it's true. And if you trust me this responsible business, then I will do it in full compliance with your wishes. Mark"

Marc sent a letter and, without turning off the computer, went to the kitchen. After half an hour, after supper, he immediately returned. A letter from Jen came a few minutes ago. In it there were only 3 lines ...

"My dear Mark!
Your pictures - lovely. I knew immediately that I wanted you ... Here is my address ... ... phone ... Tomorrow, Friday, I've cherom-house, about seven hours. your Jen"

Mark has a little breath ... that's it! immediately! "your Jen"! So, the meeting still take place, and at once she had the same! Excellent! Mark began to plan the next day. Rabochi day on Friday ended in a couple hours-D. So, it will be about three hours trying to get to the house (about 30 minutes in view of the output of the offi-sa), freshen up (even one hour), drop in to the shop to buy a bottle of wine (20 minutes - 30 ) and quiet of rules to Jennifer about the beginning of the eighth. He opened the electronic map of the area, in finding scored sale-tsu. Jennifer was the second house from the beginning. Point to address Jennifer Marcus surprised ... it was dvuzhetazh-tion house, no small square and a good piece of land. Yes! Maybe she and the student, but not poor! Well, so much the better. Hopefully that's enough space for two cars in the garage of her ...
Workday Friday flew in a moment. Mark all the time fighting the urge to dial the phone Jennifer, but still decided to abstain. he no ProMED tion went home waving from his colleagues, invited him after working with him in the bar. Everything went according to schedule. Two hours later, he was slowly driving along the highway leading to the suburbs, where Jennifer lived. On reaching the opposite side of the road from her home, Mark looked at his watch. It was five to seven. He began looking mansion, which produced quite a good impression. "Interestingly, where the windows of her bedroom?" he thought. Judging by the width of the garage door, put the inside, from the eyes of nosy neighbors, the second car would not be a problem.
As he beheld the house arrived elegant, but inexpensive "machine". A sort of a female version of a typical, dvuhme-stnye roadster. From a short distance, Mark clearly saw Jen behind the wheel. It is the comfort of the car, opened the garage door and drove inside. Brand Excitement increased dramatically! Here she is, the girl with whom realize their fantasies!
Five minutes later, Mark dialed the number on the mobile phone.
-Hello! - There was a pleasant female voice on the phone.
-Jennifer - Mark struggled to keep his voice betrayed no zadrebezhal.
-Mark ??? !!! - Jen's voice sounded astonished joy-notes, - Where are you ???
-I stand in front of your house - already slightly playful Mark said.
-I opened the gate, drove more - with a fair amount of impatience said Jen.
Mark "hung" tube and almost immediately began to climb up the gates. Gently turning on the road, Mark pulled up to the garage, looked closely inside and again neatly parked his car next to Jennifer cars. When he got out and took the bag from the top came the impatient festinating sound of heels. Garage door closed, and at the same moment the door in the wall opposite flew Jen ...
For a moment they looked at each other. Jen was in a short black evening dress with long sleeves. Black stockings (Mark realized that the warm summer weather ... no woman will not wear tights) and the ink-WIDE bright shoes. "Very symbolic!" He smiled to himself and Jennifer. He himself was wearing a sports jacket and pants that emphasized its physical virtues. With a smile on his face, he walked over to Jennifer.
-Hi, - he said softly.
-Hi, - I said Jane and somehow shyly lowered her eyes, immediately blushing slightly.
Unexpectedly for himself, Mark lifted her face by the chin ... "In life, you're still prettier"He said, dropping his hand.
-Thank you. You, too, - said Jane, barely trying again downcast eyes - Come into the house.
Marc gave Jennifer bent at the elbow, she took it. Without looking at each other, they silently climbed the stairs from the garage up. Mark looked a spacious hallway.
-Like - Jennifer asked.
-You beautiful, - he said. Jennifer spent Make a spacious kitchen ... "Today you had dinner?"
-No, and frankly, terribly progolodlsya.
-That's good! I'm something to do for us - how Jennifer said the last word, made Mark flinch.
Sitting at the table and looking at the kitchen, Marc constantly looked at Jen. Her figure, kazashayasya ideal-term in the photos, in fact, was even more attractive. Especially the part with which the pre-meet him stood closest ...
-I wanted to ask ...- Mark paused.
-What -? Jen turned around with a slightly embarrassed smile, realizing that all his attention focused on her.
-Your photos ... They did a professional?
-Yes. One of my ex-boyfriends - no smutishis, Jane continued her efforts.
-They're really good. This is a long shot?
-Six months as. And ... what? I do not like - with a playful smile Jen turned around again.
Mark smiled back ... "Do not like ... You look even better"
-Thank you. I go to the gym - Jen began to gather at the table.
During the meal they are at ease talking about everything that touched their lives ... Jen - about themselves, Mark - currently. Uniqueness-vennoe, what they did not recall - it's about their common interests. Bottle vmna devastated by two-thirds ... With food it was finished and there was an awkward pause.
-Maybe you show me your house - Mark the first find a way out of the situation.
-Oh, yes, of course! - Jen nervously jumped up from his chair.
Mark stood behind her. Jen was headed for the stairs leading down, then changed his mind and stopped.
-Well-at ... there, on the ground floor there is nothing interesting ...- she mumbled a bit shaky.
-Large rooms, sofas, television, in general, almost the entire first floor is occupied by a garage, storage area, and a living room.
-Clear. And where are these doors - Mark nodded toward the door, along the wall. Jen smiled slyly ... "Come on, you'll see". She opened near and they got into a huge bathroom. Although, as it is called vat would be too modest ... bathroom, equipped with all that mankind invented only for washing and on-board of natural needs!
-Wow! - Mark sincerely admired - great live!
Jen shrugged slightly ... "Rich parents bought her favorite doll house". "Yeah, baby doll! And do not know, old people, what thoughts in the head in this chrysalis!" Mark thought, and said aloud ... "Well, why not do it for your beloved child. And that behind that door?"; of toilet through the wall he led another door. Jen and silently opened, making a mysterious person who beckoned him. Behind the door was the bedroom. Again, not just a bedroom, but a real boudoir. The room is twice as wide bathrooms, between two windows, was huge bed, the laid maroon satin underwear. Over the bed canopy towering red on the sides were tables. Coming closer, Mark saw that the wall adjacent to the back of bed, mirror. And when he looked up and saw them with Jen's reflection in a mirror ceiling. The outer door to the boudoir was in the corner near the door to the bathroom. Against the wall opposite the bed was located exactly a huge home theater. "You probably watch an interesting movie, E-lai is my!" It flashed through the mind of Mark. Screen size is not less than 40 inches. He came up to the system to more closely examine it. At the bottom of the cupboard that housed a DVD-player and other appliances, you could see the boxes with disks on the bottom shelf. In appearance it was possible to immediately determine that this is not "baby" cinema.
-She's so soft - and half-whisper breathlessly said Jen.
Mark whirled. Jen, without removing shoes, crawled on all fours in the middle of "seksodroma". Edge dresses climbed up to the buttocks. Obtyanut dress ass beckoned like a beacon firefly! Jen One leg was bent at the knee, and she relied on her. The other was stretched out, and you could see the delicate edge of both stockings and drawn-pazhikov coming from the belt. The upper body is stretched out on the bed, stretching his arms forward. On the pull-pazhikov and outstretched arms associated with Mark direction of its further actions.
-What do you mean - Mark naravitsya slowly to the bed.
-Come - know ...- Jen gently put one hand on top of the buttocks, that was at the bent legs.
-I'm all in the desire to know ... - Mark was in the bed step.
Jen, looking straight into the eyes of Mark slowly began to lift up the edge of the dress. Marc made the last step and stopped on-course for its manipulation. His eyes appeared a wonderful picture ... red thong cut deeply Intermedia ripe, appetizing buttocks Jen, framed in the bottom stockings and a black top with a belt Hosiery strained the pages kami, stripes in black and white is "bull's-eye".
Mark threw pizhdak silently on the floor.
-Like - Jen second hand helped screw up short skirt to your waist.
-Oh, yes, pussy! Live, it looks a thousand times better!
-Murrr - Mark Jen played along - pussy loves to lift up the tail.
-And it is not just bullying, but also show what is hidden beneath it, huh? Mark Jen fell in the feet.
-Certainly cute! Do you want to take a closer look - it is slightly askance looked into his eyes.
-Yes, very close.
Jen got up on his knees, arched his back, leaving his hands stretched forward, and lowered her head between the hands This has placed his knees a little wider, so Mark could see the swollen crotch, covered with a thin strip of panties. Abundant evidence of the wet spot volumes. Mark stroked the first right, then left half rear-Jen Tzu, slightly squeezed them. This took up a position so as to be exactly behind.
-It is so soft and elastic - as if to himself, he said.
-Yes, and ...- elastic Dumb with a trembling voice, uneven breathing quietly added Jen.
-And from it probably good ...- bounces back, as if thinking aloud ... Mark said.
-Oh ...- moaned Jen - how! Try it! ...- Already with a certain anticipation she finished.
Mark a few times with both hands felt Jen's ass, and then, leaving one hand on the buttock, the other swung and slapped strongly. She let out a low moan, without even motionless. Mark was surprised that her ass was so smooth and smooth skin. So, it is not necessary to permanently remain traces of flogging (or torturing-ny). He swung and slapped his hand on the other side. She moaned again, in the same key and the remaining non-movable. Jen, taught self-torture experience, completely relaxed buttocks. Mark made a few strong slaps on each half. Jen groaned louder, and finally even a couple of times yanked his head. Expression-tion of her face could not be seen, but increased in size wet spot on her panties speak better than words. Despite the strong nervous excitement (member stood as a bayonet, and did not think to fall), especially Marc watched with interest the change Jen buttocks color. Grasping her hips, he jerked with the force pressed her crotch to the Mount on the pants. In response, Jen felt it "stake", Izro hard not to "come off".
-Pussy ready? Or is it more like ... bounces?
-And you - Jen looked up, glanced over her shoulder and looked impressively sparkling eyes.
-You goes red.
-And what is he now?
Mark pulled back and slightly pressed on the lower back Jen. She obediently lay down on his face, looked up at the reflection-of ...
-Pink ...- bit disappointed, she said.
-I have an idea - Mark got out of bed, - Where is your "collection"?
-There - Jen's hand stretched toward the door - outside the window cabinet. In the bottom drawer.
Mark quickly jumped out of the boudoir, instantly found "instruments", From the table, standing right there at the window, I took a few pieces of paper for records and a pen, and picked up his bag from the hallway. Also he swiftly returned to the boudoir-Xia. Jen is not without curiosity watched his preparations. He laid before her line, rod, D-Men, paddle. Then he took from his bag whip.
-This I bought yesterday - he with a smile, showed a novelty.
-Oh, how wonderful! - Jen looked admiringly at the whip, then looked at Mark ... "And what is your idea?"
Mark wrote the names of the six pieces of paper spread out items and then put them pile.
-Without looking at the title, you will drag them one by one. I immediately zanumeruyu them on the reverse side. It will be smacking dock usage and number of strokes. Are you interested?
-Highly! Just multiply the number of beats in the two - Jen even smiled.
-Wow! I did not expect - Mark gasped - then so. You pull or turn. I'm also not looking numbered. Then, both of us are looking for that 1, you get two strikes. Enjoying 2 - you get four ... and so on until the end! There is?
-Mark! Do not pull! I dry up - Jen had even pleaded uttered these words.
They have done pretty quickly numbering procedure.
-Well, let's start - he turned the piece of paper with 1. Sam read the title and showed it to Jen ... "Lucky you!" He picked up the rod, measured the distance between him and the ass Jen took the position. Jen just lay in front of him, burying his face as before between the outstretched arms forward, with legs together. The tip of the rod straightened Marc dress edge, pulling it higher on the waist. The touch of the rod Jen flinched.
-Do not worry, Kitty, I have not yet started.
Flog this beautiful, magical ass so cruel tool! But bargain and lots more. Mark swung and struck the first blow ...
-A s-aah! - Howled Jen. Taking a break, Mark struck the second blow, aiming a little lower than the first.
-A-aaa-yyy - Jen wailed more shrilly. He bent down to her face. From eye Jen vyteli first tears.
-You do want to double the ... - as if apologizing, Mark spent his fingertips gently on the cheek Jen - Do you want to cover by-second number itself?
-Yes - harshly she squeezed Jen and turned trembling hand lying on top of the stack "deuce"Then pro-demonstrated in silence what was written there. Mark took a ruler and leaning on bent knees, sat down on Jen feet over the shins. She again turned her face into the mattress.
The first blow came in the right buttock, close to the hip. Second - symmetrically to the first, but a little weaker. Both times Jen almost did not react. The line has a length of about half a meter, steel and flexible. Mark quickly, one after the other, struck a blow to the remaining two most "the tops". After this execution Jen she reached the third number.
-Wait. Are you sure you want to continue - Mark grabbed her hand.
-Yes - Jen turned 3 and involuntarily shuddered. Mark also read the title ... "Give me some tools". Jen over himself handed him a wooden paddle. At this time, Mark felt much Uwe-nal. He tears down Jen stood near her head and pressed her left hand behind his head down.
-We are consistent - he said, holding a paddle tunes, and struck the first blow on the diagonal, covering part of the thigh. Jen let out a muffled groan and jerked ass. The second blow Mark pripechatal area near the fast track from the first blushing. Jen bucked once, but did not try to escape. All the remaining surface of the right buttock was closed third strike.
-And now - for symmetry - Mark struck near "separator" halves. Jen already twitching in both directions and growled in pain. Mark knocked on the head with a paddle. Ass Jen jumped up like a ball, followed by nepotreb nym squeal. Finally, Mark pripechatal underserved portion of Jen ... with the last blow jerked several times and grew quiet. Mark boldly took her by the hair and not much pulling up, forced to lift the face. Jen's eyes were after-Zech. He let go of her hair.
-My little slut even able to jump - not bullying, but Mark asked with interest. Jen zasope la, sniffed and nodded her head vigorously. She meekly accepted the game.
-Discover 4, - already with malice in his voice he told Mark.- You understand what will happen next is not sweeter ...
Jen turned the piece of paper at once, silently turned her face back. Mark looked at what was written there, and took the whip. At this time, it is located behind Jen, legs apart and leaning on his knees, and feet ass sat on his victim. To heighten the effect, it is several times sharply from side to side, waved his whip in order to feel the tool and give Jen hear the sound of cutting air. Then, swinging from side to side, he began to strike tangentially, with short intervals of not more than 2 seconds. The ends of the whip, lash tender flesh torn Jane, gave her unbearable pain. She began to twitch from side to side and Mark nearly flew off her feet. Although flogging took less than a minute, but the 8 short sharp shock whip left very visible traces of the bottom-WIDE buttocks, where in the ground and tried to get Mark. Jen vengeance cried and howled until her consciousness gradually reached pain impulses, and hot ass ... has been red-hot to the limit.
-Now, my little Jane, we'll get to the end - said triumphantly Mark.- reverses the last two-set paper. Jen dutifully followed his orders. Under 5 belt was under 6 - Leather paddle.
-I'll give you a choice. The first and last time. Where to start -? Jen silently, without hesitation held out a piece of paper with 6.
-Well, fine! Now we're done. Perhaps I'll do what you do with them not even tried - on Jen's face manifested a curiosity that was difficult to see because of the strongly distorted expression.
Mark, standing on the side of it, firmly took Jen's hair, holding her head and began to methodically obstukivat paddy scrap her thighs. paddle itself was narrow, in the form of a highly elongated trapezoid, which made his work surface well skirted legs bend and reach to the inside of the thigh. After the first two strokes Jen pleaded ... "Mark! Mark! What are you doing? We do not agree!"
Mark was hard to answer her, so he said shortly ... "Shut up, bitch! Your ass has already received sufficient-but". Jen realized that begging flushed male, entered into a rage, was pointless, so she just continued to shout that there is strength. Having put five shots at him near his thigh, Mark Jen grabbed the hair at Dru-guyu hand and moved to the other side, then continued obstukivat, but on the other thigh. The strength of the shock to la large Mark pounded steadily, rhythmically, so each of the 10 strokes were obtained on a feast for the eyes. After them, yes, through the black stockings, despite the poor lighting, the redness was visible on the hips and thighs Jen.
-Are you ready to get what you deserve, little bitch - Mark immediately picked up the belt, a soft leather, but very narrow - Answer!
-Yes ... - Jen's breath was heavy, - I want you to give me anything that I deserve, ... that I had everything that I was supposed to ...
Belt, inter alia, be sufficiently long. Even folded in half, it reached a length of more than half a meter. Mark stood up again near the head Jen pinned her neck, and struck the first blow along the right foot.
-Oh-oh-oh! - Jen tried to lift her head, but she did it badly. Mark struck a second blow, more pressing in her head into the mattress. Jen began to squirm and even collapsed to one side. Mark struck a third blow, obgnuvshy hip and dos tavshy both thighs. Jane jerked harder.
-If you're going to twitch, I'll whip, which have - ominously warned Mark. Jen slowly lay back, stretching the body and keeping the legs together. She clearly did not want to get hit in the crotch. Mark struck the fourth blow. She mumbled through his teeth, but carefully not overturned. Fifth! Sixth! Mark alternated strikes on Stora us, Jen was trying not to spin, knowing that more warnings are not followed. She was just crying silently, and just shakes his shoulders betrayed her in this. Seeing humility on her part, has accelerated the pace of Mark. FOLLOW-of six strokes, he struck for 1.5 minutes, no more, and let go of her neck. Jen and lay shaking with silent sobs, but Mark, realizing that no longer able to tolerate very quickly threw the rest of his clothes, jumped on the bed, lifted jerk Jen hips. Keeping one hand on his stomach, he strongly and sharply shifted to the perineal soaking wet panties strip Jen.
-Upris and simple, whore! - Jen squeezed covered his hands and put her in a bare vulva Marka.Mark barrel member has entered the penis easily in her vagina, and then, again, grabbed her by the hips, abruptly pulled over.
-Ohhh - they are both at the same time felt the heat of each other's bodies. Jen flushed ass nice warmed Mark stomach. He Nava on her body, and without removing a member, lay down on it from above. His legs were placed in this, and we all Jen also brought and bathed in abundant member of the lubricant was heard champing and sniffles. Mark, rhythmic motion Gaya pelvis, took Jane by the hair and forced to raise his head ... "I'll fuck you, whore! As last pozabornuyu damn! Your pussy will trickle for a long time after I finish!"He whispered to her passionately.
-Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Exactly! I'm a bitch! Bitch, you must have the full! Hurt me, to delight! - Jen finally got what he wanted, he gave vent to his feelings.
Mark and Jen finished almost together, without changing his position, and lay still for 20 minutes without moving. Hot ass Jen pleasantly warmed both lovers. Being much tired, sweaty and wet, and they fell asleep, only lightly wrapped in a maroon blanket.