A month ago, I started going to the pool. I preferred to walk in the evening, when few people and you can swim without fear in someone to crash. The best way I did it to float on his back, even though the style can not see where plyvsh.
That evening, I felt sorry for that at all learned to swim. I swam as always on his back and looking at the glass ceiling, thought and did not notice that hit the back of the head of someone. My head went under the water, I hesitated and table pounding on the water hands trying to grab something to swim. It was a beautiful buxom blonde, I accidentally tore the arm off her bra and blindly threw it aside.
She was big and beautiful breasts, I began to apologize in a hurry and, with some effort, caught in the water her bra, but she began to cry, and her hands covering her breasts popped out of the water. I dropped her into the dressing room to give her a bra. There were several women and two little girls, almost all of them were naked and shrieked, and some fat woman, who has not yet had time to remove the swimsuit, chased me. I threw her bra and hid in the men's locker room.
There's next to me dressed some guy solid build, all in headdresses, apparently "bub". He looked at me with an evil and somehow frightening look and I decided to quickly change clothes and go home to avoid possible trouble, especially since there was nobody else in the locker room.
But I took melting as he abruptly pulled my bag with clothes and pushed me in the chest and threw me on the floor. In response to my startled look, he said: "You louse, polapat my heifer, she ran home all zarvannaya. And I was going to pull out of her evening in all holes. How do you compensate me for the loss?" I'm trying to get up, mumbled: "I'll pay you:". "Of course you pay - chase a thousand bucks, bitch" - he said. I turned pale, say that I do not have that kind of money on it, grinning, he said that he do not care. "What do you suggest then?" - He asked me for some reason, looking at my crotch. "Maybe you offer fuck your bitch or sister?" - he asked. I lied that I had no girl, no sisters.
He laughed and said: "Then you have to suck me, bugger !: Come to my knees!"I tried to run away, but he caught me at the door of the locker room, which, as luck would have it opened inward. He threw me on the bench and began to take off his swimming trunks. Then he plugged his swimming trunks and my mouth hurts grabbed my testicles. "If you scream, I'll rip your balls, understood cock?" - He told me, and then asked: "You will listen to me, like a faithful dog?". I did not answer, because my mouth was wet and smelly it melting. He squeezed my testicles and I groaned and twitching on the bench. He opened my mouth without weakening grip and I whispered: "Please let go, I'll do what you want, I beg you, do not squeeze my testicles so hard!".
He loosened his grip and pulled my face to his penis, which stood as a bayonet. I touched his lips and became a member, holding nausea, licking his tongue. I felt the salty taste of urine and something else, probably lubrication. He suddenly put his penis in my very throat, I began to choke and cough.
"Suck better, bitch, worked his debt:" He said he firmly clutched in his fist my scrotum. I quickly moved his tongue over the penis, sucking the head. I felt sick at the thought that it would end in my mouth, but the worst was yet to come. He pulled out a member of my mouth and told me to be cancer. I fear that it will again compress my scrotum, obeyed and went to the breast on the bench, his arms apart buttocks. "Do you know what to do, what are you really fag?" he asked. "No"I said, licking his finger to lubricate his anus and alleviate pain, but did not - he abruptly put in my anus his phallus. From a strong and sudden pain I cried, of course he immediately squeezed my testicles and pulled them over, once plugged my mouth with his swimming trunks. "Once again piknesh, I'll rip your dick on them!" - He threatened.
I nodded and clutched in his teeth trunks, trying to think of things of abstract. But this did not help, as with every movement a sharp pain pierced my anus and surrendered in the intestine. These ten or fifteen minutes seemed to me the clock, I never in my life so humiliated.
When he finally pulled out my penis priests, I slid from the bench in frustration. "Come lick my dick, whore" - He said, and pressed my foot genitals. I barely kept shouting: the pain was such that previous sensations in comparison with her seemed slight discomfort. I immediately got on his knees and began to lick his own feces my member, surprisingly, I did not throw up. Somehow, all of this I became a member of the climb itself. He certainly noticed this and said: "Yes, you like it! That bugger! Fingering, fag, masturbate while I again do not you moved on mudyam!".
I began to fondle his penis, continuing to lick his penis. He came into my mouth, I recoiled in surprise and part of semen splattered on my face. He forced me to lick the remnants of sperm from his penis, and at that moment I reached orgasm.
Unfortunately, I'm splattered sperm his leg and had to lick it too. "And who will lick the floor, I'm what?" - He was indignant, and I had to lick his own sperm with tiles. Then he dressed quickly and left, telling me at last: "Say thank you, that does not cut off your balls, fag, because they do not need." I've been lying on the floor and could not get over the pain in the groin and the anus, but most of the shock and awe that I experienced.
The next day I passed the tests in skin and venereal dispensary. Fortunately, he does not infect me, so I think it lightly, but a week after that I was in pain and had to take a crap anus lubricated with petroleum jelly.