Dasha - My odnogruppnitsa, a third-year student of one of Russian universities, a good student, sociable, sympathetic (more on that later), cheerful, happy family and everything, in short the usual young girl. Now that what promised later. In general, too plain, not a fashion model, but there is in it something ... A nice attractive face ... blonde hair is not very long, big eyes, plump lips, a word adorable. She was not thin, but not thick. She attended just the very fullness that only decorates the girl. That chest was really full, which, combined with a slender waist and broad hips gave Dasha a special charm. In general, in her manners and appearance attended by some children's cheerfulness and charm.
I have often noticed that her stare adult men. And I must say that it was not deprived of male attention. It is often called on parties, birthdays and other student party, where she was actively involved. She hung out and my company ... on holidays, in nature. I've never heard of that she had a boyfriend. "He lives his own pleasure without any problems," - So said her friend. Yes, it is nice, but somehow not to my taste, so I never even thought about how to stir it. I had a little bit different preferences in appearance and behavior, but that's another story. So, I did not think of her as a sexual object, and I must tell you, nothing ...
Sometimes I took her videotapes of movies. It happened at this time. Arriving home, I immediately put it into a video recorder, a good thing that the house was empty. But instead of the film there appeared amateur videography. Some unknown apartment. The operator went through a dark corridor and found himself in the kitchen. That is now something familiar. The kitchen was the same with a few boys Dasha. I knew them, they learn from our faculty and always hung out together ... Vova - blond, tough guy of average height, he was not a Don Juan, but the girls liked him; Denis - the same constitution, only the hair was dark; Gene - a short and skinny ... Well guys were right on every taste. I knew them by the faculty ... not thugs, but just normal guys, but I did not hang out with them, they had their own office. They drank, ate, laughed, pinned in front of the camera ... as usual. - That damn - I thought, - mixed tape. I was getting boring to watch, when Dasha together with Vova went into another room. The camera followed them.
- Well on, Dasha, come on - I laughed - and then I thought you were shy. The spectacle has been of interest to me. They started kissing. And I was surprised by the activity and the ability to Dashi. The room was light, so it was clearly visible. He began to caress, knead it - she liked it. The room went Gena and Dasha hugged from behind began to kiss her neck. Vova kissed her on the lips and caressed the thighs and Gene squeezed her breasts. Then his hands slid under her sweater and continued their business is already there. Now Dasha thrilled already in the hands of two boys. In focus camera, they almost did not pay. Only izredko Dasha looked at her and giggled.
- Well you give, Dasha !!! - I thought. The spectacle captures and turns me on more and more. Meanwhile, a sweater on it was not, she was left in a bra and jeans, while helping to take off his shirt Vova, and then Gena. Vova took off her bra and pressed his lips to the nipples. Hands Genes walked on her stomach, neck, caressing his chest. A chest she had hoo !!! Vova put his hands on her shoulders and pulled him down. She sat down and pulled off his jeans. Before her face shot up member of Vova.
I must tell you that by this time my penis has also rushed outside. This video has brought me better than any porn. they treated all this time with Dasha very carefully, and she was obedient.
Dasha was going to get down to business, but Vova lifted her and laid her on the bed, which by the way was quite large. Then Vova lifted her legs and pulled off her jeans and then her panties. The camera took the close-up of her pussy, she was wet. Vova climbed onto the bed and sat down at Dasha's face, at her feet turned out to Gene. He took off his pants (it was a longer term than Vova) and raising high the legs Dasha entered her. She gasped. Gene began to rhythmically move her hips. He entered into it the entire length of his gun, which is why Dasha softly cried. She resisted his movements, her breasts spoke to each push. When she stopped moaning, probably getting used to this rhythm, Vova, turning her head to him, he plunged his penis into her mouth. She began actively sucking smacking loudly. Lying, her head movements are constrained, therefore all movements made himself Vova. It turned out that he just has it in his mouth. By squishing between his legs to add sound smacking her lips. During all this fucking camera close-up took the buttocks Genes its members to work as a piston in the Dasha, Dasha's lips sucking gun Vova. One thing I can say - it was cool. Vova started to make jerky movements ready to cum, he finally deeply thrust his cock in her mouth and swallowing movements Dashi throat became clear that he had been poured into it. Later Gene also made the last four sweeping impulse and by holding his cock inside little Dasha released her.
The boys sat down on the bed happy. But Dasha has not yet finished. She gently held out their hands to Picea and began to fondle herself. And where is the third. So now it appeared Denis. On it there was nothing was hanging nehily sized dick between his legs.
- Dashechka, what more do you want? - he asked.
- Lick me, please - she almost groaned.
Sitting between her legs and put them on his shoulders, Dennis set to work. Camera approached quite close and you could see his tongue running around the clitoris, then taken by mouth, licking ass hole. Dasha moaned in bliss.
- E Nooo, girl. Wait. Sooner you finish - with these words Denis pulled away from her, pulled her hands to her, took her hands behind her head and just planted it on his penis. Dasha almost choked, but grabbed his lips his gun. Denis made a few movements, and said ...
- Make it better wet.
- Well Denis !!! - As if indignantly exclaimed Dasha. She guessed that now will be in a pose cancer. And so it happened. Her voice was more playfulness than reluctance.
Having disgruntled attractive face (well, and actress) stuck her ass up. Denis lick her hole, actively moisten with her saliva, and was attached to the ass. Dasha smiled, but then he sighed and closed her eyes when Denis planted it on themselves. He waited a bit and moved back dick. Dasha moaned, but not removed ass. He gradually picked up speed and began to rhythmically fuck Dasha in the ass. Probably the anus widened because Dasha moaned occasionally. While Dennis had her back, she sat down on the bed and offered Gena a member of the Dasha under the face. She took in her mouth and began to move his head up and down. I wondered what her full lips and he just did not finish. And I wound up in earnest. She sucked with such diligence that I myself wanted to fuck her.
Denis pretty fast in it finished and pulled out his penis. Here in this orgy broke Vova ...
- Guys, what about me?
- There is an idea - Gena said.
He stopped sucking Dasha, who too was fascinated blowjob and turned to his back. He asked her to sit down and planted a booty on his penis. His weapon was thinner than that of Denis, so a member of the most eggs in the anal ... plunged without problems. In addition to this he had been in his mouth, and Dasha was wet. Then he lay down himself and put Dasha back to his chest. Content Vova settled between widely divorced feet Dashi and entered her pussy quite sharply and the entire depth. Dasha screamed and closed her eyes. Still, two members were in it. Gene and Vova began to slowly move her hips. Dasha still turned a blind eye, but did not scream, only occasionally moaning. Now Dasha as it sat between the two boys. She, too, had relied on his legs to get up and perch on the members. Simultaneously with that she kissed Vova. Gene squeezed her breasts, and Vova supported by the hips. Vova leaned back a little, and above all the trio stood Denis. Dasha took her hands over his buttocks, she has another support. Dennis winked kid and they are pretty sharp at the same time planted Dasha, so she closed her eyes, opened his mouth wide and exhaling once got into the mouth piece of Denis. He held her by the hair, so it was not easy to suck, to the same at the bottom of it tossed two more members. She is constantly releasing member Denis mouth. When he had finished, all the sperm spattered Dakshin person's chest fell slightly. She was not paying attention to it, because it was coming and her orgasm. The next Genk finished and pulled out his penis, Dasha left alone with Vova. Now she had more freedom and she is just beginning to ride a Vova. He probably did not like its activity, and he knocked her on the bed, lifting her legs up. It took a few more pushes her to shudder in orgasm. Vova did not torment her again and pulled out his penis and began to masturbate him. After some time Dakshin stomach was filled with sperm.
The camera took the close-up Dasha. The picture was drop dead. The large bed is ... Dasha on her face frozen sweet smile, eyes closed, legs apart (probably she had no strength to bring them), all in the semen that dripped down his cheeks and glistened on his stomach and chest.
I thought my cock would burst. I rewind ... closeup of her lips sucking cock, she loudly smacking, chin, and a member of the saliva flowing. I stopped by Vidic. I wanted to finish. No, I did not just want to finish, I wanted to fuck Dasha. fuck it "innocent" creature who once raped three moreover several times. I called her, we chatted for a while and I invited her for tea (I used to do it). For a long time it did not have to persuade.
To be continued...