By a strange coincidence, the story I was told two of her party, who had never seen each other. For one-it was a joke, for another - a tragedy. But all in order.
It was widely known in the Butyrka, the oldest in Moscow remand prison.
It so happened that a friend of mine was detained. The article was an easy charge, after the trial he was released, giving a suspended sentence, but in the cell he had to spend about six months.
Here is his story:
-- In prison, do not fig. Entertainment - zero. This is with the exception of calls to sledak zachitanyh five holes to books from the prison library thirty gang dug, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The times then were not hungry and always remained chernyazhka. It's a re-baking the bread. Because it does not breathe in the chamber. Shybko strongly it stimulates the secretion of intestinal gas. But bread has another application.
The system is simple. Take the crumb, put in a poly Aketi, filled with water, two or three, and spit it all left for a day or two, until zakisnet.
Finished weight falls on Marochko so called Zeki handkerchief and wiped through the fabric. It turns out the paste. His smear a thin layer on the same cellophane and it dries.
From the resulting mass can sculpt anything. Most believers make the rosary. Players - bone. And for those who simply do nothing - mold all monks.
It's such a doll. It should be - like a pilgrim. Hands folded, eyes rolled himself in a cassock. Only naked from beneath the feet of clothes could be seen.
A lift it out from under his robe showing bare legs, and between them sticking a huge standing elda.
So were the women in the next cell. Guys them dorogu stretched and exchanging love notes. Oh, that's a different story! What are the only sexual pleasures did not invent starving peasants! The girls, however, did not yield.
And someone came up with the idea to please women.
Scored chernyazhki and paste from a huge pile, thirty centimeters, a member with a red head. Two ballpoint pens plagued her.
Our masters rasstaralis. And veins made, and all sorts of bumps. The result was as alive.
As soon slipped through the bars.
Even in our chamber, on the walls are thick, it was heard a woman's shriek.
But soon the women's chamber dispersed.
And now, the continuation. Same story, but on the other hand. Women.
It turned out that my friend was in the woman's cell. Recently it was released, and she told me the end of the life of an edible member.
-- I do not know, like the men, but we always have something to talk about. Boredom in prison, of course, the death, but the activity can be found.
Especially when the next guys. They send us little notes and we have almost the whole chamber behind the fictional girls compose replies.
Izgolyatsya as they could.
And odnadzhy guys write, take a present. And pass something heavy, wrapped in a newspaper.
While this bundle through the bars to push through, the paper is torn and we saw that they were sent to us.
The joy of the whole hut!
But stnachala we feared for the intended use. Who knows, razmoknet, it deteriorates. But then emboldened. Even all set.
Each one hour to enjoy. Most fortunate to whom he was caught after curfew. All night the groans but moaning.
Truth got a virago. Schematic. She refused artificial members to enjoy.
-- He's out of bread. It is a sin.
Well, we laughed, and for good reason.
One day we wake up and have that which amused the night, a member of the disappeared. And this, otkazchitsa something hiding under the mattress.
We all pulled her herd, lifted the mattress, and under it - a member of the remains.
It turned out, she waited until the time mistress asleep, and stole it. And while everyone was asleep, she ate it!
Dried paste - strong stuff, but this woman has managed sglodat it almost completely. Just head left and a couple of centimeters.
Furious women almost broke traitor.
At the noise of the guard rushed and broke up our camera.
Same as the member has eaten, then almost died of indigestion. She pumped, but the glory was left. The entire prison was given her nickname: X ... eedka.