In a room lit candles, play the champagne bubbles and floating rose petals in the bathroom. We swim with pleasure, our bodies intertwined ... In anticipation of ecstasy I caress your lips, neck, chest ... Then, washing of each other with water, we wipe with a towel. You tipping me on the bed. My nipples harden, you take gentle hemisphere with his strong hands.
I feel your lips on his chest, abdomen, and then below ... Your face is between my legs, and I feel like hot waves run through my body. I want this to go on forever, I can not hold back the moans, I hog, I almost cry ...
But this feeling acute pleasure rapidly decreases. I see in your face my juices. I breathe hard, but you do not want to stop, and that's my head, submitting your hands, it is in front of your body. I hesitantly covers his mouth, but it is imperative you guide my head forward and I swallow it - but only half, so it is great. I feel like he is moving in me, and now he strained ... and the jet hits me right in the throat. I try to swallow, but it's beyond my strength, and your juices flowing in my chin and dripping on his chest. I struggle with the attraction, but you really can not stand it. You tipping me on the back and go in ... I cry out in pain and pushes you out of bed.
All sex is over. The first time is always lumpy, do not worry ...-)