Allow me first to introduce you to her. She is the older sister of my mother. This is a fairly tall woman, medium build with dark hair and a beautiful body. Her large breasts and wide hips were not given to her as a woman 43 years old with two children. When it happened, I was 14 years old.
Her husband often worked for days on end. And today he was at work and my aunt came to visit us. But, unfortunately for her, my parents went to visit and promised to be home very late.
I just took a few cassettes and aunt offered to stay, to relax a bit and watch a movie with me. She gladly accepted.
I quickly ran to my room and prepared for all to view.
My aunt went to the kitchen, prepared for juice and we went to my parents' bedroom to change his clothes at his mother's home.
I quietly crept to the bedroom and looked into the room through the door is not completely closed.
"OU...!" and only managed to say, when I saw her amazing breasts. I was fascinated.
Seeing my confusion, my aunt laughed and said: "What is expensive. You've never seen a naked woman before?"
The sight, she takes off her underwear even in my hands sweating. It was the most wonderful seconds of my life.
Even later, when we were watching a movie, tremors did not abate in me. My aunt grabbed my attention. I tried hard to watch a movie, but I think all the time passed on it.
I was sitting next to her on the couch, transfixed. From a strong inner drive, I could not watch television and how to shut down.
Suddenly I felt something warm and soft pressed against my arm. I thought it was an angel playing with me and I sleep.
Opening my eyes, I saw that my aunt clung to me with their delightful, warm chest. From her mouth sighs of pleasure escaped. Thinking that this is going on my sleep, I began to caress her breasts nipples fingers.
The more I caressed her breasts, the louder she moaned. She began to take off her clothes.
Nude it with one hand pressed me to her, while the other hand took my hand and pressed it to her clitoris, gently pulling it.
I could not long restrain themselves. My cock would burst from the strain.
I opened my eyes and saw. That all this is not a dream.
Aunt really clung to me. And she was wearing no clothes.
I passionately kissed her, and my hands clutching the huge breasts.
I threw her on her back on the sofa, and took in his mouth breasts began licking the nipple. She moaned with pleasure.
Lowering his hands below, I caressed her yagodnitsy.
"Oh, they like silk pillows, aunt!"
My hands moved to the labia, pushing the clitoris. I felt like a labia suck my fingers.
Slowly parted her legs, I introduced a few fingers into the vulva. My aunt shook and cried.
I started to accelerate and dive fingers together with these movements quickened breathing woman. She was burned.
I asked her to open her mouth and stuck to his penis.
It is a few bit my penis, but when I started to suck it passionately, the pain was replaced by a delicious feeling. She sucked passionately and fervently!
I continued to caress her breasts and she moaned her mouth filled with my cock.
I could not restrain myself more and sperm flows surged into her mouth. She continued to swallow cum and sucking dick hard.
I was drained. She released a member of his mouth, continuing to kiss him.
What energy for a middle-aged woman !!
I placed between her legs and lifted her hands thighs. Clutching the language of the clitoris, I squeezed his hands thighs. My face was clamped in a vise. I felt the scent of her juice. I slowly kissed her vulva.
"Oh, you're so sweet!" she whispered.
I slowly immersed in palm vulva and my fingers penetrated quite deeply into the juice oozing pussy.
My cock was again ready for battle.
I lay down on it more convenient and giving his horse on the field, I drove it for the most eggs.
My aunt continued to gasp and hunting. I drove all the more vigorously his dick into her. And she asks for more and more!
"Ah ... deeper, my stallion" I heard her whisper.
I felt that will soon be over and continued to fuck her hard.
When I had finished and a powerful jet of sperm watered vulva, aunt shook in orgasm. Through her body she ran wave and she fell exhausted beneath me.
I felt so relaxed!
For a while we were wrong. Our breathing came back to normal.
Slowly aunt got up and went into the shower. I lay there and watched as her beautiful ass away from me.
I have decided that we can take a shower together, and went to her. Opening the door, I saw through the curtain of her body. He is pushing the barrier I went to my aunt.
Youth makes itself felt!
My cock was standing!
Slowly I squeezed her waist. Then one hand went to his chest, and the other lay on the fluffy hair between her legs. My cock pressed against her soft yagodnitsam.
As our bodies flowed streams of warm water, causing even more exciting feelings.
Slowly I put my hand to yagodnitsam and introduced a finger into her ass, deep and strong.
She cried "Oh ... it hurts me!"
But I continued to masturbate finger at this wonderful ass. Soon her screams of pain gave way to sighs of pleasure. I continued to caress her breasts nipples under the warm jets of water.
As soon as I pulled my finger, I immediately decided that his place should take my cock.
I took from the shelf some cream and smeared it on the head of the penis.
Tilting her aunt to the wall, I sent my dick between yagodnits.
Pressure ... I literally fell in the ass for the most eggs!
Those aunt was pink with the effort apparently, and her lips were whispering "More more!! Deeper favorite !!"
I fucked her like clockwork for about 20 minutes.
Finally spasms rolled through my body and I finished in the ass, filling her with his sperm.
God, what a pleasure it was!
On this evening, our adventure continued. We did not lose a single minute wasted and fuck anywhere.
This cute fucking his aunt !!