All events opisavyemye below - only fiction.
...Today Alka returned about two in the morning. Brother literally dragged her into the apartment. Victor was the name of his brother, he loved sister. It was obvious he was worried. Under eye bags were, iskusanye lips crusted with dried blood, and all the nails bitten and obrgryzany ...
-Where were you, Alia? Are you okay? -laskovo brother asked.
-And your cares! Leave me alone, the cable!
-Alla! Answer me! You've been back to Pasha?
-Ha! And not only! You're still a jerk, a virgin, and I lost it Segond!
Brother pale.
-Alla ... But you just ...
-Only something? I'm already 19 - rude said Alla.
-Come quickly in the bath to wash! Out on his feet a sperm and mascara smeared under her eyes! -ulybnulsya Vitya. A mother I did not say anything, I promise! Only five more days ispravlyaysya- you!
Their mother and father came from Spain in five days.
-Che are you talking about, punk? SchA you have me speak! Speak! Lively burst!
-Alla ...- pale brother and took her hand. -Ruki Off, asshole!
There was the sound of a slap, two, three ... Alla stopped at chetvrtoy.- More poraspuskay hands! And she went into the bath for an hour.
Victor and stood in the hallway with his hands down, with glowing cheeks and a bloody lip. Perhaps Allah while slapping fingernail hurt his crust, and the blood went. Lena exceeds the bathroom in the normal form ... But that's just ... naked ... Victor decently away. She walked over, turned his head to him, and with force pressed to his chest. Victor broke. Alka, matershinnitsa and hooligan, swung again:"Oh, you beast !!!" But Vitya grabbed her hand."Enough!"- He said quietly. "if you do not notice, I'm stronger than you. So friendly advise to go to his konmatu and soothe, and tomorrow we will make it up. I forgive you ... Lena hit him in the stomach. Victor closed his eyes in pain, but did not squeak.
"Enough!"- Angry brother.
"I'm younger than you for three years, but stronger. I will punish you!"
And he led her, naked, into the room, put on his stomach and tied to the bed. "I uplift you."
"Vitenka ... Well, do not, I'm sorry sister!"
"It is imperative to my mother's arrival! And all week you will be my slave. Clear? And you will call me "Mr.". Through nedelyu- brother again, and Victor and I, but that is not never Naham mom and dad and listen to them. AND ME! So, prepare your ass."
Alla twitched. I sobbed.
You have to tell me you agree.
"I agree!"
- Not this way. speak:"I agree, sir, do with me what you want and to inflict any pain."
Victor smiled. "And I repeat, any pain. You said is not true, and you will be punished. He turned her on her back, as the ropes were tied loosely. He grabbed her nipple. And presilno pulled. Alla screamed, but to get out of the ropes did not try.
"Shut up!"- I told Victor. Alla obediently zamolchala.On twisted the nipple with one hand, and the other - the right hand. Lenka dug his nails into the sofa, closed her eyes, and tears flowed from his eyes. But she did not say no words. "Here, umnichka." Victor dug his nails into the nipples and pulled to her. Alla, because the rope is not allowed on a Victor still pulled them over, began to squirm. Victor let go.
Alla bezvuchno crying. "Mister ... You can say?" "Tell me, slave."
"Sir, I have never caused you such pain ..."
"You deserve weeks terrible pain, for all the tears of my mother, my slapping and biting words he addressed to the Pope. And you will get a week of severe pain. You will become like silk, but if not, we will continue it, but not zdes, because there are parents, and Alik apartment, a friend of mine, he will help me. Understood?" "Yes, sir." Victor turned her on her stomach again, took a leather strap, pre-announcing prgovor and demonstrating how it works, on the couch. There was an eerie "hlys! hlys!" Sofa all suffered. "And now we begin the lesson. Do not forget to consider each OAPR after thanking the end. And not a sound, remember ?! I UNDERSTAND ?!" Alla nodded ... and .... eerie whistle whistled in the room. Alla clenched, crying out. She tried to grab hold of the priest, but not, allows to vervnki. She writhed in pain ... Of course, a terrible pain thick belt for officers never bat ass. It seemed ass pink cranes trail.
There was no distinct "time..."
More twenty strokes endured the ass. She was in tears. Popa was red, she probably burned. because as soon as Victor untied her sister, she grabbed her buttocks and began to feel. But Alka did not forget to thank. "Thank you, sir! I'll be obedient slave and ask another million just repeat the lesson, I deserve punishment!" Victor smiled and patted her firmly on the cheek.
"Do you want to eat?" "Highly."
"Until tomorrow, you wait. You punished. All night long you will be at the door, I'll tie you on the leash. When I come in the morning for you, you should already be on his knees, with his hands behind his back. "Can I ask a question, sir?" "Yes, sweetheart."
"But I do not know when you wake up!"
"So stop all night, a slave. If I see you spyaschey- you'll get punished. Very, very painful.
"I want pisya ..."
"Endure all night. Naporish- strong physical pain awaits you. Remember, for every provinnost- whipping, and if I would think that you are very vinovata- it ... However, I say nothing. You'll find out more. You appear to try this several times. A spanking officer belt every day- 20 different prevention. There you will be twice a day, morning and evening, when I let you. Water, and only it, you will drink this week. Her and I will give you as soon as you want to, but! Write to you will be, if I want you to write, and cocoa, however, too. So, do not drink a lot of water. If zahochu- day will endure, but I'm not so cruel ... What else? Vspomnyu- morning will tell, but for now go sleep rest of the night and think about it carefully, how to punish you. And ..." He paused.
"Alia, it is only for a week. I love you, and I do not want to make you a whore and increased paw you all. I'm still learning and you'll make, and the trio are bringing every day. By the way, for the Quartet on the kaduyu I'll flog you and still do a lot of things this week. That is, to punish. Zapomnoi ... Good night."
"Good night, Mr ..."
Victor went to his room.
Alla began to masturbate ... And on the floor ... Oh, my God! She could not resist and wrote!