Alarm went off at nine.
"Shit, like the reluctance to get up in a morning" - Polina thought. She kicked off her blanket and began to admire him. She slept without panties and no bra, to dream to feel stiff linen friction of her body. Her gaze slid over her breasts down along the belly, stood between his legs, and slid further. She lay on the bed completely naked, and her slightly tanned skin is beautifully contrasted with white bed. "We must wake up, today dohrenischa Affairs" - Pauline thought. She got up, put on her panties, washed, and began to dress. The bra she wore specially to clothes loomed through the nipple. Classmates today invited her to dnyuhu. Despite the fact that she thought the boys in her class assholes, she still agreed to come. She wore a tight-fitting trousers, and green-striped shirt. Blouse was it is a bit small, so it was fun. The fact that she was in her that is necessary to their fourteen and a half she was not tall, but chest. I do not say too much!
big, but resilient, and because of that it was very low, she stands out, especially in this tight-fitting blouse. Pauline was still a virgin, despite the fact that she was a lot of hanging out with the boys. She wanted to wait a little longer before it becomes a woman, but she liked the way the boy looked at her breasts.
She went outside, came to a stop and sat on the bus and drove to the house Dimka. Pauline went upstairs, rang the doorbell. The door opened to her the hero of the triumph with his friend Max. "Come on, everyone had already gathered. By the way, Ritka called, it will not come and zobolela" - Dimon said. "And with her dick" - Pauline thought. Hmm, Well, it turns out, at this party, it will be a girl among the four boys. She came into the room, sat on the sofa.
- Hey, Paul, how are you? You always like fucking! - With a smile said Lech.
- Hello, hello ... Hey, pour me some wine-ka.
- Without market - said Lech and handed her a glass of white wine.
Dnyuha went its way. Guys fun bazaars, pinned, recalled the history of the school. Over time, the two boys (Lech and Anton) sat down to play on the computer, and Polycom, Dimon and Max sat on the couch and talking emotionally. They had already a decent number of wine and it has hit them in the head. Pauline relaxed, chatting on severshenno fucking theme. Max of Dimon sat and looked at Pauline, and both of them were spinning in my head the same thoughts. They have long wanted to fuck her, and realized that this is now came the most good point.
The boys moved closer to it from different sides closer, in fact "holding" her. She did not notice, continuing to talk about that and about this. Dimon hugged her and Max put his hand on her knee. Pauline was already moderately thumping, so she was already all pohren. "Let him undress" - She thought. Max, move the Rook on her knee, reached the stomach, put his hand under her blouse and began to fondle her breasts, which had been without a bra. Then he grew bolder, became harder to compress the small but resilient beautiful peaches, began gently touching her nipples with your fingers.
Pauline liked it, she did not think about anything. She hugged Max and kissed him. Dimon decided to act more directly and simply took off her blouse. Pauline was in front of the guys completely naked from the waist up. "ohuet" - With both said the boy. They got off the couch, put in there and Pauline started four hands caress her body. Pauline beginning to start, she liked it, she even caressed herself. Guys caressed her belly, belly button, ribs. Then they began to fondle her breasts, fingering her nipples. Pauline has moaned, rubbing his hands over the boys shirts. Max relish kissed her passionately. Dimon led his hand over her stomach and crawled into his pants. "Yes, tochnyak, it went completely undress" - Max said excitedly. He undid the button on his pants Pauline, pulled them with it. She stayed in shorts. "Wait, do not shoot, let's will differently deytsvovat". Gently put his hand on the pubis, covered shorts, put his hand a little lower, and began to rub the panties crotch Pauline and clitoris. It was wet. Paula moaned in full, as the last whore. "Yes, yes, let's, more, more!" - Heard a word from her lips. Dimon could not stand, and ripped off her panties. Pacanam presented her beautiful virgin pussy. Guys spellbound looking at it zrelitse, then spread his legs Pauline Dimon and the boys ran her hands back. The two of them caressing her clitoris, shallow thrust fingers inward. Pauline was flowing in full. Suddenly she groaned and gasped and her body trembled. The boys realized that he finished well, and it excited them even stronger. Dimon moved to face Polinkina vagina, and clumsily started to drive there on the clitoris language. However, Paula began to get even more pleasure from the class of what is happening, and began to groan so that it seemed to have heard the whole house. Max went to the other end of the sofa, took off his pants and pulled out his big dovolgo standing dick. He moved up to Polininomu mouth and shoved it into her mouth. The pose was a little uncomfortable, so Paula was not the suck it and vyunula tongue and began to lick his staratelno first only touching the tip of the head, and then completely. Max mumbled satisfied and Pauline went on his penis tongue up and down, oblizivala head, plucking language foreskin. Then pose little changed, and Pauline began to swallow his cock completely. Especially cool Max blissed out when the girl swallowing penis for the throat. Pauline had never sucked, but it is the first time it has turned out perfectly. Dimon also did not lose time. When you have finished playing with the language of her clitoris, he took out a mobile phone, switched it on vibration mode, and began gently dostalyat Pauline fun in another way. And Pauline herself so zashibennaya sucked Max, that he began to finish, not pulling dick out of her mouth. She began to swallow his cum, but he pulled out his dick, and finished on her face, on her neck, on her stomach, in her hair. Seeing as Dimon fun mobile phone, he said to him: "Yes, Che you soared, ok fuck it!". Dimon praised the idea, but the boys remembered that Pauline said she does not want to lose her virginity yet. Dimon leaned toward her face, relish kissed her passionately, and asked: "Want ??". Pauline, already experienced two orgasms, it was absolutely shit on her virginity, and she just moaned in response, which was considered as the boys agreed. Dimon hands caressed pussy Pauline, put the head of his penis to the entrance pussy Pauline, and with all the dope moved forward. Pauline cried, deprived of virginity, her eyes boil tears. However, Dimon immediately began to pump Pauline, and she again moaned sweetly. "Shit, bitch, come on, come on, fuck me, fuck!". Dimon moved it back and forth, bringing it to himself extraterrestrial pleasure. Then he began to finish it right. He pohren that she can fly, he did not it was now important. He pulled out his cock Paulina, and she and Max are reversed. Pauline began to suck at Dimona, and Max is completely shot jeans, the better to fuck Pauline. Then Max Pauline raised legs on his shoulders, and in this position began to lead his cock between her legs. He it is fucked, he seemed to be teasing her. However, Pauline broke down, cried "Come on !!!"He entered it, and began to fuck her tightly, thrusting his big already a member as deeply as possible. Simultaneously with his hands, he and Pauline Dimon caressed his chest. Pauline moaned like a hundred girls, and Max all speeds up the rhythm and depth. He seemed fucked her for ages, but finally Pauline came, and with it, and Max. He managed to get out of it his cock. Because her legs were on his shoulders, he came to her on the ass. Hands ... he smeared semen to her asshole, then he stuck to the thumb. He moved it up and down, then shoved her to have two fingers smeared with semen. They went a little tighter. He wanted to fuck her in the ass, but her ass is too much tightened and his cock is not got to, then he abandoned the thought. Dimon was finishing Pauline in her mouth, she swallowed his semen, but it was so much that she started zahlebyvatsya. Max at this time Pauline dropped onto the couch, and his lips close to her pussy. As he did not kiss her only and licked! Pauline all bent from the buzz, groan, beat his hands on the back, but he did not stop to bring her pleasure. In the end, she cried out with a loud voice, came. On her scream from the next room came two boys, who were sitting at the computer. First they ohreneli, thinking that they had glitches, but quickly recovered, unbuttoned his pants, began to masturbate, looking at Pauline, stretched between the two boys, and then konchile Pauline on his stomach, and, of course, wanted to repeat the exploits of Max and Dimona. What was it! They have tried hundreds of different items, Pauline even simultaneously sucked Max and Anton, at the time of Lech raped her pussy his huge by a dick, her pussy stroked its four arms, her finishing four members.
Pauline woke up on the couch completely naked, and could not understand where it is. Then she realized that she was at home in Dimona, lying on the sofa, covered in dried semen. She remembered the events of that night, and she warmed up in the abdomen. She reached out her hands to her pussy and began stroking the clitoris with your fingers. Faster and stronger, she even thrust her fingers inward, then found on the floor of an empty bottle of champagne, and began to fuck her the end itself. Her loud moans woke the boys, and entered the room, but that's another story ...

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