The working day was coming to an end. You and I talked to the agent. You asked the question:
- When we meet again, my kitten? I recently have not seen you?
I smiled, but you did not answer ...
You did not know that I decided to surprise you. That I had a dream in a dream today, and I decided to make this a reality.
I told you I'll move for a short time, and yet you imagine me next, and write you to do with me now.
I left the agent enabled you to think that I am on the spot.
But she quickly packed up and went outside. I hailed a cab and thought about what I will do with you, and apparently himself smiled in sweet anticipation, because the taxi driver and then looked at me in the mirror.
I paid and went quietly to your office. And when I was in front of him, I took the phone from her purse and dialed your number. At the end of the line, instead of rings, I hear a nice melody, which is so like you and me, then I heard your voice.
- Hello, my bear, - I said.
In response, I heard thy voice of joy
- Hello kitty!
- What are you doing now, my teddy bear? Probably very homesick? Tired of waiting for me there?
- Yes really I missed, where you gone? - You said
- Well, then we meet, I'm here, look out the window - I said, and hung up.
After a few seconds, in the window, I saw your surprised face. I smiled and waved his hand. Your face has changed.
After some time I saw you at the door, it was not clear, you were glad to see me, or vice versa sorry my visit, but did not expect that's for sure.
We quietly went to your office, you missed me forward, closing the door with a key. I was silent all this time, however, as you are.
- Are not you happy to see me? - I asked.
- No, you, it's just somehow suddenly - you hesitated.
- Should I leave? - I suggested
- No, well, you're a kitten, of course not - you said
And immediately he ran to me and hugged, took the pen, and gently carried and sat me down on the sofa. And he sat down and gently started stroking my leg. I brushed your arm and suggested:
- Maybe you sit down at my desk?
- And you? What will you do? - As if nothing, not realizing you asked
I just smiled in response.
You puzzled silence proceeded to your workplace, I sat down in his chair, and it was obvious that you felt uncomfortable in it. I look made it clear that I want to see you on my knees. I walked over and sat down on my knees for you. You immediately embraced me and pressed me.
- I wonder, I wonder, look at what you wrote to me, - I said, opening the agent on your computer. And she began to read aloud:
- I sit in a chair and you gently and quietly come to me from behind, lozhish her hands on my shoulders and begin to gently massage my sheyu.- I read, stopped, turned to you and said:
- Do you really want me to do you a massage?
You nodded, smiling modestly. I got up and was already behind you. You waited. I quietly took off her blouse and bra for you. Waist I was naked. I put my hands on your neck and began to stroke her from top to bottom. You closed your eyes and simply enjoyed. I started to make gentle massaging motion, changing stronger. Suddenly I felt your hands on your feet, you're stroked me gently, starting from the knees upwards. Then my hands moved lower and gently teased your nipples. You startled. Then I started to unbutton your shirt, one pugovichkami slowly. Then I throw open your shirt and start passionately stroking your body.
At the same time, I passionately kiss you on the neck, caress your ears and whispering about how much I want you right now. Then I step back, asking you not to open my eyes, and I have in front of you.
I press your body to your body and feel that you notice that I'm naked. You retaliatory move your body towards me, to feel the warmth of my body, but I'm just teasing you, I ask:
- So what happened next? Let's read?
You nod
- Your delicate hands sliding along my neck and gently massaged. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed, thinking to himself: "Oh how good after a hard day's experience is bliss." As I relaxed, you are quietly shifted to stronger movements. Then he stopped suddenly, once again came to me and sat down on the edge of the table. I smiled as mysteriously, as if hinting that the next will be something interesting.
And I decided to obey you, and just closed his eyes, showing that I give full freedom to your actions and fantasies. And what are you doing, I would have to guess at their feelings. I felt your hands on your head, you're beginning to stir my hair, gently stroked his fingers, my ears, thereby arousing me. Then your hands moved to my neck and went down below to my nipples and froze there, I somehow also froze, thinking what you will do next. I feel your hot breath on his face. You gently touched my lips my lips, I said, you kiss, eagerly digging into your lips and hold you tight. You did not pull away. My hands started to wander around your back, climbed under your blouse and I undid your bra.
Then just stroked your back, all the while our lips hungrily dug into each other. You pulled back a little, giving the freedom of my hands, and I was under the blouse squeezed your breasts, I wanted to take off her blouse to you, you understand everything. I slowly began to unbutton buttons of you, too, reached for my shirt. I decided not to take off your shirt, you too just undid all the buttons of my shirt on and released it from the trousers out. Then you start gently stroking my nipples, one of them took in her mouth and began to flex tongue with it, the second nipple at that time you also toyed with his two fingers, then vice versa. At that time I gently caressed his hands your breasts, squeezing them. And I felt like your tongue began to descend along my belly getting lower and lower. You sat down in front of me on my knees and was completely under the table.
I stopped and said,
- So that means that you want. Well, sit back, I will give you so much pleasure.
You smiled, sat down, closed his eyes in sweet anticipation.
I sat down in front of you on your knees. I pat your thighs from the inside. Then my hand went up and began to unbutton your pants. Through the fabric of trousers, I felt tense your boyfriend, he wanted to get out, and I have helped him in this. In front of me out of his trousers appeared in all its glory is your friend. I love him, it brings me so much joy and pleasure. I smiled and touching your friend, kissed him, and he, as you moved me to a meeting. I'll take it in my mouth as deep as I can, you groaned. But not so fast, I want you to torture. I let your cock out of his mouth and took it in both hands.
But she is in the start mouth to caress your testicles, I tried to load them gently one by one in her mouth, licking them, sipping for hairs. At the same time with one hand I caressed your friend. Then I wanted to give affection to your pal his mouth. I plunged into the mouth of his head, tickled her with his tongue, then plunged it into the hole, again licked the head, then walked along the trunk latch, at the same time, I never stopped caressing the handle of your testicles. Then I plunged it into her mouth and began to stick my mouth on your cock that you had the feeling that you just have me in your mouth, not forgetting to help handle. You are at this time suddenly grabbed my head and gently helped me to move so that you were especially good. Feeling that you're just about to finish, I plunged it deeper, and I felt the release of your sperm, I swallowed every drop. And you took it and lifted me up off his knees, sat down at her feet and kissed ... smiling. We sat for some time, and you said:
- Thank you, my kitten.
He hugged and kissed me again.
I asked:
- And what happened next? What have you written?
You answered:
- Who it was better. Now I want to please you. Lie down on the table.