At age 14, I was horribly ugly child: very skinny acne-covered worm with a huge head against curves and curves of your teeth. My mom and I eschewed the whole puberty tried to keep me away from family and friends, for the whole summer send me to summer camp.
Pioneer camp consisted of barracks with children, house management and five toilets. Outhouse consisted of a brick hut, pit, closing the pit wooden flooring with holes and g .. VNA with bleach. Shit with bleach stank, so toilets prudently built as far away from residential buildings and cased their bushes.
The girls have long thought that I was a boy. .. In general, not friends with me. In that fateful night midnight diarrhea became my only companion. Diarrhea whole camp: underripe fruit, unwashed hands of chefs and every shit that is eaten with hunger pioneers did their dirty deed. Holes in tubzike obgazheny were upset stomachs four hundred men, and girls went sr..t pairs: one shit, another shining lantern to the first non predecessors got into the products of decay. I have no one wanted to shine a lantern, so that night I vyserivala hodgepodge in splendid seclusion; faded in the light of the lantern were only the outlines visible, and sitting in the outhouse, I'm resigned to the fact that already run into someone - that slippery g..vno.
Suddenly a shadow ran straight at me, I screamed, abruptly pulled fragile body, whose feet were passed on - the diarrhea, and I slipped into a point like a well-oiled bullet. Fuck! Bat drove me up to his neck in a pile of shit on his head could be seen vaguely point, if someone comes to shit right now, that my condition has deteriorated. We must get out!
An hour later, panting and swearing in whispers, I reached for the hand hole: this, shit, it was very difficult - all solid supports were slimy, like snot! Grasping the edge point, I reached up and poked her head off from fresh air dizzy and I kept on with the work positions inherited only the will to freedom. It was tightened further and leaned on his elbows: it is necessary for that - the grasp, so as not to break. Everything was slimy, it was possible to catch only cross a wooden stick two feet away from me, I was trying to superhuman efforts to reach out to her, hissing with the effort: - Well! Go on here! Give me, I'll get to you! ..
Suddenly, I was blinded bright flash of light, then some not sigh, not a groan and a thud - I'm scared ... and fell back. Another hour - and I'm back on the hole. So. Reaching ... there. I grabbed the beam and got out on the cement floor panting with joy. Catching his breath, I decided to go to scrape down the river.
Five meters from the toilet lay director, beside him lay a broken flashlight - podoh what? I wandered down to the river, otmylas as I could, and then she called the people: can not podoh else can save.
On the morning we were told that the director had a stroke, he returned to the camp only at the end of the shift. he could not talk, sit on the porch all day and he liked it when children come to him. I visited him often, he gave me as that poosobennomu loved - because actually I was called to his people.
The following year, we learned that before his death the director briefly regained consciousness. He said that on the night he went from the camp, overheard a strange puffing in the toilet and opened the door.
On it from fetid hole climbed ugly shitty pop-eyed worm, pulled him claws and hissed:
- Well-at ... Go on here, but .... let me dossstanuuuu to you! ..
Over-eyed unpleasant, of course ...