We stumbled into Vera's apartment with the rain, soaked to the skin. Marinka just pouring, and she persuaded Vera to allow her to take a shower and dry clothes to give her any gown.
Vera completed Marinin request Marinka and ran to the bathroom. Only then did we realize that we Marinka held shower and dry clothes - is the best thing a person can desire after such rain.
Faith took off his jacket. Beneath it was a white shirt - all wet. A cloth peeped large breasts with firm nipples. Verka as if would be embarrassed, but then he suddenly turned to me:
- Like?
- Like - I said.
- Do you want to touch it? - Vera smiled and approached me. Her mouth fell open and she glared at my lips a long kiss. - Come on, suck my breasts and play with them.
I put my hands on the balls Verkin. Tits were warm and almost solid. Then I pulled her shirt in hand - and the buttons flew in front of me appeared Verkin Teles. I squeezed a little bit with their hands and then took in her mouth right nipple. Verka purred and clasped his hands my head, began to stroke it gently.
- You're good lick, - she said to me, let me lick you, too.
She took off my shirt and began to lick my nipples: first one, then another. Her face was sinking lower and lower, so she already bore his nimble tongue my navel. I confess, I'm pretty excited, and her hands were not asleep - walking through my body language she could unbutton my jeans and panties to get from swollen member.
- Oh, what's your fat pussy! - Growled Verka. - It is, I suppose, and still delicious!
With these words, Vera moved the foreskin and looked out into the light head. Faith licked her from different sides, walked his rough tongue on the bridle, and finally took it in his mouth.
- Mmm! - Vera moaned and her disheveled head came back and forth on my cock as the axis. Now she stood in front of me on my knees in some tights and doing blowjob intense. Feelings are fantastic, and even its rocking healthy breasts rubbed against my legs. I lowered jeans and pants and was standing completely naked. And Verka all carnivorous lowed and shook her head, only occasionally letting my cock out of his warm mouth, and then only to lick my testicles, which she kept massaging hands.
I took her head by the ears and began to set the pace, which I like. At some point, we have merged, and I felt that now finished. I quickly pulled out of the mouth of the greedy Verkin his stick and shouted:
- Open your mouth!
Vera just leaned back, opened his jaws and grabbed my fist already ready to burst body and began to masturbate furiously. At the same time she moaned as if she was going to finish.
Finally, I screamed and threw the charge three thick thick white sticky sperm. The first two were almost entirely Werke in the mouth, and only a couple of drops on the upper lip and chin. But the third shot a little lost sight of, as Vera wanted to again suck my dick cums her mouth. Therefore, the third stream spattered Faith entire forehead, eyebrows and even a bit of hair on the left eye.
And I have not reached again until my lips a member, Vera suddenly fell back in an easy chair and ran both hands under the tights. She furiously rubbing the clitoris and almost screamed with pleasure. She did not even feel like I pulled off her tights and panties to her ankles, to see how she masturbates. Finally, squealing, she also huddled in orgasm and her wet hands helplessly overhang on the sides of the chair. Her face was in the sperm, below the knees shamelessly spaced legs stretched wet pantyhose and slits between the legs of a chair dripping slime.
I realized that at least for a while Vera remain uncommunicative, at the same time feeling that I need to pee. Forgetting that I was in the buff, I went to the toilet, when suddenly out of the bathroom, which was nearby, wiping his head with a towel, in an unbuttoned robe came Marina. Startled, she screamed, dropped her towel and wrapped herself in a dressing gown. I also felt awkward, why I already dumbfounded. Marina's eyes fell on my dick grown weak, and her face was highlighted resentment.
- You do that, I really do not want to? - She said, and suddenly took off her robe. Its clean just washed the body was gorgeous: a small firm breasts, a narrow waist, a tremendous ass, long slim legs.
- Oh, you're impotent! You must be punished, - suddenly said Marinka. - You've got to kiss my feet, but as it should! Kneel down!
Somehow, I obediently sat down, reached for his lips to her feet and kissed her.
- Without a soul kiss - Marina offended - let's passionately!
I obeyed again fell wide open mouth to her skin and slightly plunging a slightly tongue caressed. Marina's skin was smooth and tanned. Marinka barely audible moan, and her hand involuntarily dropped to pubis.
- That's better. Now suck fingers - and she just raised her leg. I readily complied with her request: sucked her big finger, and then took in her mouth her whole leg. Then I began to do the same movements as Verka when I meet her mouth. Marinka rolled her eyes and began to gently caress you. It was evident that she was already wet between my legs.
- Cute, yes, even like this - quietly she moaned - caress me.
Right in front of my face its long middle finger completely gone in slippery sex gap.
- I'll finish - breathed Marinka - please, lick my heels, so I want this ...
With that, she never stopped to fondle himself, lay on her back and lifted her legs. Directly in front of me on the floor lay a naked girl, just out of the shower with wet sprawling on podstelennomu gown hair, and shamelessly to fondle himself, substituting me for greater self-delight pink heels. Well, I began to lick them passionately, describing her feet unthinkable zigzags, as already and I wanted her to cum sweeter.
Finally, Marinochka bent, noisy breath, and all her beautiful body went limp. Legs bent at the knees and fell to the floor themselves parted to the side. Her silk, framed by blond hair kucheryashkami cracked open, inviting me to feel the taste of its juice. I bent down, put his hands under her ass and dipped his tongue sticky mucus. In the body of Marina ran some momentum, and I realized that she wanted more. Then I began to lick her pussy, causing oozing slits mistress writhing and moaning, as if nothing was a couple of minutes ago.
Soon she was sat on my face and helps my fingers tired tongue, rubbing the clitoris. At the same time Marinka shook her hips, and her slippery wet crotch rubbed against my face from the nose to the chin. The taste was salty and Marina a little sour, and now it flowed more abundantly than ever masturbate herself. And she was screaming in a loud voice, like Vera, which I remembered only in this moment.
Finally, break into a gallop on my tongue like mad and squeak "Mommy!", Marinochka repeatedly poured into my mouth, making it possible to fully enjoy her wonderful refreshing taste. After that, Marinka I fell on my stomach ... and froze motionless, panting and moaning.
Then I came up with an interesting idea: that he finished only once. And this despite the fact that I was in an apartment with two lovely naked women. Then I turned to Marinka:
- Well, did you like?
- Yes ... - she drawled a faint voice.
- Then you have to help me, too! We go into the room and you with Verka Serve me as it should.
I got up and helped her up and Marinka have noticed that my penis nalilsya forces and is ready for new pleasures. When we returned to the room, Vera has recently moved away from the sweet shock, but it was still sitting on the same chair. Now she has removed her tights and panties and was completely naked. Her hands stroked her nipples, which are resiliently protruded and urged me not to waste time.
- Oh, you libertines! - Flirt tone she greeted us. - Only turn away - they already mated!
- Do not worry - I went to Vera and started to pull her down to sit on his protruding count - now I have to fuck both so that will not find it!
Vera sat on my stomach and we began to kiss passionately like a real lover. Marinka settled between my legs and caressed a member of the mouth, then his hands. Finally, she cleverly tucked my body Verkin slit, and she began skakt me.
It was a wonderful cunt intended only for love. I slid into it, pushing the head warm flesh, and Vera literally howled with delight. Marinka also wasted no time: she lay down so that when Verkin ass soared to the ceiling, to keep up to lick my dick flushed, and if this is not possible, then at least their rough tongue to caress the eggs.
Then I sat on my cock Marina and Verkin pisechka moved my face. The girls writhing snakes, groaned and expired juice: one on my stomach, and who is right in the mouth. Verka taste was not like Marina: she was with bitterness and slime itself was thick. Marinka and Vera sat facing each other, and this gave them the opportunity to lick each other's face, neck, breasts, and even just kissing. In short, it is one that others try to deliver maximum enjoyment to themselves and me. We lick, suck, kiss and caress once lacked imagination. Girls licked my hands, feet, and kissed passionately and licking the anus and testicles. Their tender hands stroked my body and nimble tongues did not know tired. Half an hour later I was all wet from the girls' saliva and secretions, and their asses, tits and genitals a curly pubic boiled down into one solid dance erotic.
Then I put devchenok nearby and became by turns dryuchit them in the ass. Vera has long been its earn one "spare hole"As she called it. But for poor Marinka it was the first time. We put her on her knees, Vera climbed under it, placed his head between her legs and began to lick her hot wet pussy. I at this time greased untouched maiden ass mucus from the vagina Verkin, put the tip of his penis to the hole and began to apply pressure slowly. Marina began to moan, half-pleasure, half pain, tight ring of her anus was slowly succumb. Then I pulled her hips and pushed in all the poor thing a member of the most eggs. Marinochka howled, but Faith has become very quickly to lick her crack, and soon all three of us to adjust to the same rhythm. But even then I did not finish in the Marina. I left her ass and began Verkin anus. Forcing her pretty postonat, I returned to the Marina, and ordered Werke and stand and wait their turn. The girls groaned, but each of them after a break willingly prepend me his flushed stretched anus, and I stuck them in his swollen gun. At the same time I stroked the legs to them, sometimes taking treated the girl's ankles, as if lifted the stretcher, poshlepyval their buttocks, and from time to time launched a free ass two or three fingers at a time, that no one was bored.
Then I felt something that will soon be over, and much more savory than the first time. I do not know who I most wanted to fill his seed: slavnenko sultry brunette Faith, or a gentle almost virgin Marinka, whose butt I have developed today. Then I took a compromise decision: I put the girls to one another, so that both of them pisechki were available and began to masturbate on them.
For a long time I did not have to work: semen flows poured on groaning body like a waterfall. Seven shots made me shudder, and seven times seven times squealing girls, feeling the pubic as their curly hairs falls in large drops dew stringy white matter ...
Then, resting, my dear mistress cum smeared over the bodies of each other, licking particularly large fragments, stroking my balls and took turns sucking dick started become soft, to extract from it the remains of bliss, he has brought them today.