This incident happened to me long ago, I as always walked by itself (as I often walk because I like to be one alone with his thoughts) along the busy streets I walked and thought about her, and I look at the appointment is not for me bad friend I once presented as if she looked naked in bed next to me, so I strongly wanted her to fuck on hard, the thought I have pleasant ache somewhere out there in the abdomen, the girl was very beautiful, wearing a very stylish, expensive and with tasteful, well, one of the most wealthy spoiled little daughters, his hair just below shoulder length black, even though the weather was cloudy and they glistened and sparkled it was immediately clear that it closely monitors his appearance.
I was not timid in relation to the girls but that one step up and meet ... well, in short, I do not know how and when did it always was unfortunate not know why I complexes when I'm alone, but it has always been, in general, I still decided I turned around and went to follow her:
- The girl I'm sorry, I said to her, but it seemed to me that she did not hear me because they do not even got off a step and took an eye ...
- Girl, I appeal to you, said in a louder voice, my voice already sounded notes of confidence and more aggression (I always fast winds when I ignored someone nebudu)
little girl slowed down, casually turned and willfully arrogant voice asked:
- You that to me?
All the buzz was broken .........
I did not know what to say.
- Yes, you do not know how many hours today?
- No.
She said and went on .Suka me all boiled blyadina I had seen how she just got off the phone -time she does not know. I wound up in earnest, I had to be punished for its arrogance.
- Sorry, I said, and went on, but this bitch again pretended not seem to hear me, in me was burning blue flame ...
I overtook her pretending like I really needed to know the time and not looking back on it went on. But after going somewhere about fifty meters, I went to the shop, what to buy cigarettes by buying a pack, I pretended as if considering a showcase counter (I needed to stretch the time to bitch passed on) to see that it has gone, I went out and walked slowly walked over it a little behind, she wrapped a turn in the yard, it began to drizzle rain.
She went to the entrance, then I quickened my pace and pripryzhku ran over not her, seeing me, she anxiously looked at me what do you want from me, she said, should be - not so arrogant tone, silly, I love you, I said, evil smile, I'm scream, she said in a trembling voice, well try it, I said, and squeezed her chin, she jerked, I let go and sharply slapped her, strangely she did not even cry, but simply rubbed his cheek with downcast eyes down like a guilty child, it makes me very very excited in his head struck the blood, I said to her blue jacket, no she said it sounded very plaintively at me even harder arose, I took her by the hair and walked to the elevator, causing the elevator I her there by force Zavoloka and pressed the ninth floor .
As soon as we got up I it took the elbow to the stairs leading to the roof and then it showed that it is not intentionally go there I started it to weigh a slap for slap in the face, and probably too carried away because it noticed that the nose and the corner of his lip is bleeding, she again became short as a lamb, I have it pressed the power to himself and stared at her lips, but the scent of her expensive perfume and the smell of the hair has turned my head, I almost did not finish right there she tried timidly push me away but I squeezed her neck and she I stopped struggling and only intermittently breathed. After enjoying a kiss, I took her up the stairs once I have ordered it again on the roof that she took off her jacket again, but she pretended not to hear, and looked to the side,
And then something I truly angry, oh you bitch you are who they say they think blyadina I shouted and struck in the face with his hand she fearfully looked at me and it was evident that even ready to do anything, but I went into the excitement and again with full force I hit her shot hit somewhere in the neck she fell and started to cry, ah you scum -zakrichal I undressed and hit her in the stomach with leg but she was not able to do anything but I do understand that a little bit hot, I got a cigarette and lit it slowly which would give her time that she came to, she was lying and moaning piteously sobbing and muttering something I could not make out.
I finished his cigarette and walked slowly to the neutron well that the princess you understand that I'm not with you in love to play? She made it to the likes of a nod, I made an angry face and gave her a slap biting, so I knew she said, looking at me with frightened eyes. So it is better, I said, now take off your clothes. She got up and began to gingerly remove his expensive sweater, I stood and enjoyed the spectacle, I was excited, it was difficult to breathe, and now bitch takes off his jeans she hesitantly reached for the lightning of his jeans, you do not hear the filth I cried and she quickly He began to pull them from themselves, and here she was standing in front of me only in white lace panties and bra.
When she undressed, I was ecstatic at this kitty's body was perfect so I could not even imagine, the skin was smooth as silk, long, straight legs, his chest was a third the size it is exactly, but pedigreed female. I slowly walked over to her and touched his chest, she started, I smiled and said not to be afraid of me and gently her clenched she sighed, I approached to her lips and kissed it did not even try to pull away (apparently well-learned my lesson), then I stepped back a little bit pulling her lip, turned out something like smacking my sweetie - I whispered in her ear, and I ache in the abdomen, a strange pleasant feeling of something like love, she stood in front of me so beautiful and obedient, I had a surge of emotion, head spinning.
I kissed her again and have a little harder, I let my tongue into her mouth she did not resist she had a sweet tongue, I began to stroke her flat smooth tummy and then I started to lower his hand lower and lower until she was on her pubes I began to grope her lips sex yes they were cushy and slightly damp, I felt her body stiffen, I began to gently them to stroke and pinch, I felt her clit and began to him slowly massaged gradually her lips began to be wetted is stronger, and I noticed that she began to moan, I pulled away from the kiss and smiled at her. If you do not like I'll be more so do not tell me, she was confused and nodded his head, strange but her eyes did not look already scared, but I still rinsed a bit her small pussy because he knew that she wants, though not recognize.
Yes, in my opinion she was ready, pressing her little shoulders, I began to crouch, and she, along with me, we finally stood on his haunches, I grabbed her by the waist, lay down on it. I began to pull off his jeans, my cock was overexcited, pulling it, I began to drive them on her wet Kisochka, it was very hot, I a little caressed the head of her clitoris was his slowly entered, she was not a virgin but it was evident that the men she There was not much as the chink she was plump and narrow because of this I had the impression as if it is straight it sucks, and then I plunged into it until the end, I began to move slowly, and she began to moan, frantically gulping air.
I began to increase the tempo, and her moan passed in the cry, I became her tightly pulled on his cock and it was evident that she is really like, it pisechka became still wet from my base of the penis was cool because of its juices, the head was hot cunt was unearthly pleasure and then I felt her body shudder in orgasm was yes, yes, it was the end, and even began squeezing my back to him with their feet, I could not go on for so long, and also felt the sweet sensation that occurs ... before orgasm, and I began to finish, I finished it seemed to me that I lost consciousness last drop I uttered not moving, just dipping his dick until the end !!! It was something !!!
After I graduated, we were still lying about a minute embracing and my cock and continued to be in it. I kissed her on the lips and at the same time pulled his dick out of it was very sweet to the soul, but it was sweet!
I lay on my back, she lay motionless.
- What's your name? I asked reaching for a cigarette.
- Christina, and you?
- I am Kirill.
- I first thought that you maniac. She said, taking my cigarette out of his mouth.
I smiled.
- Really it was impossible for a human being to come to meet?
- Well, if you did not notice at first and I was going to do, but you were probably too good for me? I Said I wind up slowly, taking another cigarette from the pack.
- To be honest, I thought that you're unsure of himself bore you I'm sorry but the girls end of hate and try not to mess with these, but now I see that you're a real male .Skazala she smiling gently.
Then I could not resist pulling her bra down, I took her breasts and glared at her nipple with his lips she strongly pressed my head to his chest, I felt that I had started to rise again .and we all repeated again anew. After we finished we got dressed and went down to the bottom, the sun was shining on the street was a pleasant scent after the rain that circled his head .I hugged her waist and said - I do not know you but I'm hungry like the wolf can bite?
- Yes, I now would not have refused. She said.
And we went to the nearest cafe, tightly bite, we went outside
- Well Kristina I have to go. I said.
- Yes, me too, I still have a girlfriend need to go to the hospital, by the way, I went to her, she smiled she said.
I could not still believe that this girl has recently engaged with me sex, I hugged her waist and pulling her to her stared at her lips, and already she I launched into his mouth his sweetie tongue it lasted about a minute and then she slowly drew back making itself the most Smack!
And the future Kirill my advice to be bolder with the girls we like bold and decisive guys, not timid boy, because not all the girls have to get acquainted because you are with me today met, although it was the most amazing of my acquaintance, and I did not when I I do not forget, she said, and she had already dug into my lips.
So we parted .After this I saw her once again when walking along the street but not very well with my new girlfriend, we just looked at each other with her cute smile.
In conclusion, my advice to you guys be a little bolder because heifers like it, do not expect that they will be glued to you this does not happen, the boys have to steer themselves !!!
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