March came to the door and called Basil. He came immediately and stood to "attention" in front of an officer.
-Call Frau Ulrich, and bring the following for punishment - she ordered.
Basil immediately went to execute orders. Despite the limp, he did everything very quickly. appeared older sister honey and Martha stared at the door.
-As there Lobanov - firmly said March - it is possible to continue to interrogate?
-No is no, Frau Lieutenant - Ulrich said - just tomorrow, but for the full program!
-Well, bring it - she pointed to the kneeling women - something to throw, and may continue to engage in this communist - evil has been an officer and went to the table. She pulled on the long arms kid gloves and picked up the whip. I start walking in the basement, stroking tools with a gloved hand.
At this time, Vasili and Aleksei brought in the girl room. She was thin and tall. The hair she had long, braided into a thick braid to the waist.
The girls stood in the middle of the room, and closely monitor what is happening. March went up to the girl and lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Then she turned to the girls and asked ...
- Well, what do we do with this beauty? - She said to the Marina and Lena.
The girls stared at Martha, afraid to do anything wrong.
-I ask you - snapped German and coming up to the girls, both on their backs whipped whip.
The girls screamed and hurriedly, interrupting each other, talking ...
-Punish is not strong, it will no longer be or as you see fit, or flog her heels .. - Marina mumble.
-Perhaps it should be flogged and and and .... - Lena said.
-So what!!?? - Martha snapped back, looking at Lena - what? I'm asking you?
-I do not know Frau March - Lena said through tears.

At this time came Frau Ulrich with two convicts, striped bathrobes and two pairs of cork shale. She stopped at the door and looked at the officer. March nodded. Ulrich picked up the girls from my knees and held them gowns. Then she gathered their clothes and left to themselves.
March came to the table, took the paper lying there, and began to read.
-So, so, so ... - she said, looking at the reduced girl - you poured officer soup, pig!
-I accidentally, I stumbled, I did not mean .... - justified girl.
-Lieutenant, in your grace, is being treated for burns, bitch krivorukost .....
-Yes, the soup was not very hot ... - I began to cry arrested.
March abruptly walked up to her and slapped her a resounding slap in the face. She pulled back and covered her face with her hands.
-On the bench it !!! - I yelled March.
Alex with Basil picked up the girl and almost laid when the officer waved them. They froze, holding the weeping girl for hands twisted back.
-No, hang it from the ceiling by his feet .. - she commanded.
Alex began to boss with rope and Basil continued to hold screaming victim fought back and ..
-Alevtina Listen, you're so vain frustrating punishment you still can not avoid, so take it easy - said in March. But Alevtina continued to scream and resist.
The executioners pushed her to the floor, tied her hands behind her back to the collar, which is put on it, the legs strapped straps at the knees and ankles. The lower belt tied a rope extending from the unit on the ceiling. When Basil began to turn the winch, to attach to the wall, Alevtina, twisting, hanging upside down. The rope held just between the feet of a girl and Alexei tightly tied thumbs her feet to the rope. It turned out that Alevtina pulled the sock. Feet of the girl had big, wide, wide heels and long fingers. Thumbs were slightly curved and the sides of the joints protruded bone.
March came to punishable, and held the glove on her back and buttocks. Then Basil showed that he had picked it up. March went to the girls and handed whip Marina.
-Well, show me how you want to redeem themselves before the great German - with emotion she said - punish her - Martha pointed at Alevtina.
-I, I ... I can not, I do not mind .... I did not get backed away ..- Marina.
-Then you! - Held a German whip Lena.
Lena shook her head in supplication folded her arms and began to cry.
-Okay, once you ve got such tender, I will add to her punishment, instead of twenty lashes she gets forty instead of twenty-five sticks on the soles, which I was going to give her tomorrow, she will receive fifty today. When this creature dies, guilty, will you, red swirls.
-Well! - Hissed March - who?
The girls were crying and shakes his head. Alevtina continued to scream and squirm on the rope.
-Calm this thing !!!!!! - March yelled at Basil.
The executioner untied the hands of the girls from the collar, and tied them to a ring embedded in the floor, and then turned the winch, pulling Alevtina between floor and ceiling. Basil was going, it was to shut her mouth gagged, as the German stopped his gesture.
-Do not let screaming, start, Alex! - Commanded March.
The executioner, with an idiotic smile, took the whip, threw back his greasy hair and swung struck the victim on the buttocks. The skin instantly vzbuh red scar. During the second attack, the tip of the whip went straight on labia girls. Alevtina hysterically screaming. From her cry ringing in the ears. She twisted and shook his head in all directions. Her face blushed. Blows rained down, one by one, methodically throughout the body. The tip of the whip got on the stomach, chest and crotch. At the fifteenth stroke she fainted. Marina and Lena stood behind Martha and wept. Basil called Frau Ulrich and is the usual result is punishable start feeling. The entire back and buttocks Alevtina were scars from the broken nipple oozing blood.
- Now it will end, and you will receive each, for the same amount - said Martha, turning to the terrified girls.
The horror in the eyes of Lena struck even Marina, she moved from her back and thought that she will fall into a swoon.
-I ..... I .I agree, Martha, Frau, I agree !!!! - Lena suddenly yelled.
She fell to her knees, clasped her hands and feet Martha began to kiss her boots. At this time, Alevtina revived, and continued execution. The room was filled with screams again unhappy. March shoved his boot Lena, and she, sobbing, fell to the floor.
-Or two or punish - German hissed.
Marina immediately fell to the feet of Martha and the same start kissing his boots.
-I agree the same - she sobbed.
March stopped ... spanking on the twentieth impact.
-Bring machine for heels, call Ulrich, close the door and get out - she commanded the executioners.
The executioners brought wide wooden board, about half the height of a man. It was quite heavy. The entire surface was covered with protruding metal spikes. At one end was fastened to it U - shaped metal structure about a meter high, and the other three leather strap. They put it on the floor and left, closing the door.
-So that you do not change your mind, my crumb - a gentle voice asked Martha came to the girls and take turns licking the tears from their cheeks. The girls shook his head.
-Then get started!
The camera came Frau Ulrich, she was in her dressing gown, but not in the shoes and in the shales cork on his bare feet.
March came to Alevtina and looked at her dirty from walking barefoot, feet. She continued to hang and sobbed helplessly dangling head. March lifted her head braid, sat down on his haunches and stared into the face of the victim.
-Do you understand their guilt - said the German. She nodded, unable to speak.
-Do you want more lashes - continued to March. Alevtina severely twisted his head and tried to plea to face the officer.
-You will report to me about all in your restaurant?
She nodded in the affirmative.
-But the punishment should be complete, thanks to these beauties, they spared you!
Unhappy, moaning and crying, nodded again. At this time, Ulrich told the girls to wash off the dirt from the soles of Alevtina. What we are quickly executed.
March up and start gloved hands to rub the feet of the victim. Ulrich shook the winch, and the soles were hanging on his chest Martha level. Germany's stroked their hands, then leaned to face them and start sniffing greedily inhaling the air. Dumbfounded, the girls stared for a while. March start breathing quickened, and then undid the bra and threw it on the floor. After that, she began to rub the nipples on the soles Alevtina, uttering loud groans. I lean to the feet and started licking them and kissing, biting the heel and toes sucked. This went on for ten minutes. All fell silent. Even Alevtina to make no sound. Her riddled body hung motionless. March abruptly stepped back and grabbed a rubber stick, which lay on the table. In her eyes was a crazy shine. She was sweating, and her skin glistened under the light bulb. She dropped to the floor cap, and struggled struck Alevtina heels. Unhappy honey agaric screamed hysterically. March lupila heels and above, across the foot. After ten strokes she stopped, and again began to kiss passionately sole victim. So she alternated several times beaten with caresses. German looked distraught, moaning loudly and occasionally screamed something at German. I remember how much it hurt, Marina involuntarily felt the blows, shaking all over, for each of them. All she counted forty blows. Unhappy Alevtina howled, trying hoarse voice, Martha begged to stop. Her feet turned blue due to the fact that it is a long hanging tied by the legs and battered. Most went to the heels, they were almost black, with traces of bites after petting Martha.
German woman threw a stick on the floor and pulling myself to Lena, began eagerly to kiss her on the lips. She unbuttoned her coat and strong girl clutching her chest. Then she pressed a hand to his Marina same unbuttoned her clothing. March took turns kissing on the lips of both girls, pulling and squeezing their breasts. Marina noticed that Lena started to answer the same German woman. She also caressed her breasts. Marina leaned over to Martha and took her nipple in his mouth. This went on for ten minutes or fifteen. At this time, Frau Ulrich untied Alevtina and gave her water. After drinking the water, she lay exhausted on the floor and cried softly.
Marta and girls continued to fondle each other.