- You to their headmistress is - going to the class, said Masha.
- Always change selected - reluctantly getting up and going to the director, I mumbled.
Passing through the corridor and pre-knocking, I opened the office door. In the director's office was very headmistress Svetlana Pavlovna, curvy women of forty years, and matematichka Alexandra Alexandrovna, a little younger. The teacher of mathematics has always looked very strictly, but it was awesome and slender figure dressed pretty sexy. We are always discussing in the classroom, how great it would be to fuck her.
- Hi - I have tried to be as polite.
- Glory Come, sit down, - the headmistress, sitting behind his huge desk, pointed out to me on the sofa, which was sitting matematichka. - Well, that's what you have already finished school. I was very pleased that such a student studying in our school. I remember your good performances at the Olympics in chemistry and physics. That's just math you have not rescued - she nodded at Alexandra Alexandrovna.
I turned my head and smiled at me matematichka.
- And yet, you say to the girls cling, pristash to him, grabs his ass? - Headmistress stood up from the table and leaned on the table.
- Well, I also still seventeen Svetlana Pavlovna, I have the same spermotoksikoz still.
- On your success while studying, I'll tell the ruler, and now I want to have a drink with one of the best students in our school, - with these words headmistress pulled out of the fridge, standing in the corner of a bottle of champagne, and printing and poured its contents into three glasses.
We clinked their glasses and drank. Bulka struck in my young brain, and consciousness floated. It was nice.
- I also reported that your manhood very large - from this issue I have already caught his breath.
- Well, as you say, I do not know - thoughts became confused in my head.
- So maybe you'll show it to us, - Svetlana Pavlovna closed the door with a key. The bell rang. - Get it. Do not be afraid.
I was trembling with fear. Seeing this, the headmistress came up to me, and, having fallen, unbuttoned my pants. She abruptly pulled the pants and underpants. A smile lit up her face when she saw my cock.
- Beauty, - it was her comment.
But she did not stop. Sitting between my legs, she began to move the hand skin on the penis. Exposing the head immediately wet.
Svetlana Pavlovna happy to masturbate my dick getting up and was glad it produces action. She licked the head of the penis, walked through the bridle and then began to lick the entire member, trying not to miss anything. Reaching the eggs, she carefully licked them, and then, zaglotnuv, began to roll their tongue in your mouth, not forgetting to masturbate barrel. I was in seventh heaven, receiving such unearthly affection. My classmates were not as adept as they headmistress. That's really really feel the experience.
I closed my eyes and throwing his head back, trudged. A. Alexander got up from the couch, went and sat down on a chair near the table three meters from us. She spread her legs slightly. Her hands began to move slowly toward the pussy and breast. Svetlana Pavlovna had already swallowed the end of the term and strongly sucked it. Then she began to move her head down, trying to swallow it completely. When she did, she began to suck strongly at first, and then move the mouth to get here, nasazhivayas on my dignity. I ached from such heavenly caresses. I did not want to finish, and with great difficulty restrained. Lifting his head and opened his eyes, he saw the full happiness headmistress eyes.
Svetlana Pavlovna got up and sat on the sofa and took off all my clothes including underwear, asked me to fuck her. Standing in front of her, and with his huge dick in the vagina and began to peck her. I held on to the huge thighs and drives the his friend on the eggs, watching the jumping in a mad dance of large breasts. They are so much fun riding the body of the headmistress, she noticed this and took them and began to knead his hands. I also grabbed the chest, and my hands were drowned in their flesh. A member of the continued furiously gimlet hungry pussy headmistress.
Turning my head, I saw Alexandra Alexandrovna, sitting on a chair and run one hand his pants, hard masturbating. Second hand she unbuttoned her shirt and fiddled with nipple. And Svetlana Pavlovna, already moving forward, fun podmahivala me. The sight of her hairy pubis greatly disturbed me, and I said, she turned to sing, which she did, kneeling.
Once again, I drove dick in pussy headmistress and began to batter her from behind. She fyrchala with pleasure, and she squirmed hard, steep booty. I began to spank her hands over her big round ass and on her thighs whitish, leaving them red traces of five fingers. She liked it, because she cried out:
- More more.
In mokryuschem and gouging vagina was already very spacious, and I did not feel the buzz. Then I pulled out a member, and attaching the head to the brown ringlet priests, strongly pressed, went there. Oh yeah! The pope was very different. Here is a thrill! Very crowded and warm, but at the same time does not hurt like girls. And most headmistress seems to like it. I felt her hand began to masturbate the clitoris and after several frictions my member in her ass start convulsing orgasm.
Matematichka at that time already stuffed neck of a bottle of champagne from their pussy, and slowly fucking herself with it. She eyes filled with lust, eagerly looked at us. I am spellbound by this picture and that the headmistress of the pope squeezed my dignity, violently ended, spewing a jet of sperm into the rectum Svetlana Pavlovna, from which she greatly trembled.
I pulled out a member, and, flopping down on the sofa, seated, legs wide apart. Headmistress, razognuvshis, ran a finger between the buttocks, and collecting little sperm flowing from priests, sent it into his mouth.
- Tasty - she smiled. - Well done! You are able to please a woman.
- And then! - I croaked.
- Now, perhaps you, Sasha? - And she nodded toward matematichki.
- With great pleasure. - Alexander A. abruptly pulled off her panties, and getting up from his chair, walked up to me, at the same time throwing off his tie, shirt and bra. - Make me well, - she looked sternly at me over his glasses, then lifted up her skirt, lend me your pussy.
Finally I had a chance to accomplish something, what many in our class, and never dreamed of. I pressed his lips to his schlke the teacher, and my tongue involuntarily began to lick the wet and smelled awesome crotch. The smell of excreta mixed with the smell of champagne, and I wanted to dive into it as deeply as possible. I passionately licked and sniffed pubis and clitoris their sexual matematichki, I caressed her thigh elastic hands, nose, I tried to delve into her vagina. When I wet his finger with saliva and put it in the ass Alexandra Alexandrovna, she came, and I felt the selection fill my mouth. She squeezed my legs head, she pressed her face to her pussy, pressing his lips and tongue in his schlku.
- And now hold on ... - with these words detached from orgasm teacher, bent legs and looking me in the predator's eyes, sat up in my rampant, and already firmly standing member.
Startled, I already cried. But blessed tenderness vaginal muscles enveloping my cock, forced to enjoy and feel the thrill. In matematichka it was closer than the headmistress.
Alexander A. bent, snapped his mouth in my mouth, and we merged in a passionate kiss. Her tongue passionately explored the cavity of my mouth, and I played with him, caressing it with his tongue. We strongly suck. Her nipples, hard as a stone, rested on my chest and rubbed on her. I grabbed her buttocks and began to knead them. The teacher was not long in coming, I began to crawl on my penis and clitoris tryas on my crotch. She started to sit up with me, and I felt how nice my arms in her schlke, whatever his love and expect. Sometimes she sat on me so much that it seemed that the egg is now cracked. But getting up, she again gave me the opportunity to feel as nice to feel withdrawal pains. I tossed it, holding the ass fucking and enjoyed for a long time desired by women.
At this time, Svetlana Pavlovna, sitting on his chair, enthusiastically looking at us, and his feet up on the table, licking his fingers with the current of priests sperm. It is also sometimes inserts his hand pussy and then licked it with their juices, sucking each finger separately.
Alexandra Alexandrovna felt that I was close to orgasm, sharply rose high and fell instantly. I do not know how, but the member immediately found himself the right way, completely absorbed in the ass matematichki.
- It hurts, - I muttered through clenched teeth.
- Well sweetie - she quickly got off me, and, taking his hands dick swallowed head, take greedily suck.
That to me is just not enough, for the fact that I immediately had finished, becoming the filling her mouth with warm sperm, which she gladly swallowed without letting spill a drop. Suck everything and lick a little head, she climbed on me again and pressed. She shrank into me and sucked so hard that I felt like she had finished, and it absorbed the waves of orgasm. Alexandra Alexandrovna, podrgavshis bit pulled. Finally, I saw in his matematichka kind, gentle woman. Her smiling face radiated warmth and kindness. That is what is lacking, this seemingly strong woman.
Call on the end of the lesson. We collect and dress things.
- I hope my school years you'll remember forever? - Asks Svetlana Pavlovna.
- Yes. Especially "last call"!
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]