They were alone in the room. They no one interfered. Tosya got up and decided to act very time he is not decisive. After a few steps, she stopped in front of a seated man, who repeatedly gave herself to his sexual fantasies. Not one night Tosya wanted to make love with this lonely man. Drunk wine and its red-hot passion did pile business. She dared knelt Ivan, grabbed her neck with his hands and lips hungrily dug into his mouth. Startled, he was taken aback, but as Tosin language began to penetrate between his lips into his mouth, I realized that was required of him. Ivan one arm around her shoulders, and the other, lift the blouse, began to stroke and squeeze her full breasts attractive. From a kiss, and from the movement of the hands on "tsitsachkam" at Toshi blood boil in his veins, and control himself no longer had the strength. She slipped from his knees Ivan, quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his "dignity" I began to play with it: a doll is, no doll. After a few movements, Tosya kissed his bald head into the "dignity" then the language has become a driving below the head, touching the lower edge. So she took in her mouth, absorbing a body. Ivan felt that her every move his penis gained combat view that is ready "in operation". He thrust his hand under her skirt and began to stroke her legs, all the time, coming to the place, "where the shoe pinches". When they reached him and moving toward panties, he ran his fingers over it "charms". Then thrust a finger in the vagina and small vibrations became "wind" Tosya. "beauty" Toshi was all wet, and therefore the presence of the finger caused a pleasant sensation. It is with pleasure spread her legs wider, and even slightly crouched. For "ease of operation" Ivan turned Toshu to be comfortable with one hand "play" with her breasts hang down, and the other has plunged two fingers, then three, four fingers in the vagina. Hand quickly became wet, and his fingers began to penetrate deeply into her sweaty decent size "treasury". He became a force to dent inward, and when pulled out, then tried to hold your fingers on the vaginal walls, lightly pressing them to the back, then the front wall. Tosya by "professional work" Ivan then squeaked, then calling the kettle black, but in the end, her flesh, having received "tenth wave"She made her cry out loud, and she collapsed on the sofa. Lying on the couch, Tosya fingered feet, as if she was inside something prevented lie quietly. Ivan approached her and began stroking his hand over her buttocks. Then, when she had calmed down, she lifted her hips, put on her knees on the couch.
Laid back skirt, spread widely on his knees, pushed aside panties, pulled the sponge fingers "charms"And slowly drove his "organ". he is also slowly began to make frictions, all the time, getting deeper and deeper, a few movements of his cock began to rest on its bottom "charms" from what Tosya became excited again. Ivan bent in front and holding hands for Tosin "tsytski" I began to drive his cock firmly on "most have nowhere". In less than five minutes as her "beauty" It became more dry, and he felt the muscles of the vagina grasp, embrace and caress his penis, bringing them both to the top "the buzz". Making a few strong movements, Ivan felt the penis erupts sperm, filling, and moistening the vagina Tosi. that "finish" Tosya he was small, but powerful thrusts "peck" the bottom of her vagina. Because breast Tosin broke some not certain sound, and she fell back on the sofa. Ivan, exhausted but satisfied down next to her. A few seconds later Tosya both hands, took his "boy" squeezed and dragged into his mouth, he began to passionately suck. It was the moment of highest bliss. His heart was racing, my head banging hammers. It was a moment of happiness. Tosin Ivan took his head in his hands turned to him and started kissing: lips, cheeks and eyes. She relaxed against him and kisses just thought that now will never part with it. The first step has been taken!