This story took place in the New Year's Eve. My wife and I went to celebrate a holiday Katya to her older sister Masha. It happened that the festive libations for the holiday table went accelerated pace and Masha and her husband George in the excited feelings, immediately after the fight chimes pushed off the central city area to communicate with the people.
We were provided with Katya and myself went on line in the shower per prepare for loving pastimes. At that moment the doorbell. At 01-30 hours approximately. Katya in the shower, I'm going to open, on the verge of sporty unknown man about 30 years seems - "Shamil," said a neighbor on the landing in front of the apartment. Explains. He was alone in the feast, he alone is boring, and since he is familiar with our family decided to invite himself to visit. I invite.
Shamil passed into the hall, it unloads of package brandy, fruit and "Raffaello". From niglizhe soul returns to this point, Katya, who admittedly was already in fair fun. Shamil pretends not to notice casus hands her a bouquet of flowers, congratulates. Katya, immediately assessed the situation is suitable to him and kisses. I'm under the "left" pretext leave the apartment and go to the smoking area. After smoking two light cigarettes are absolutely Nakuru me to bear a hefty pause quietly not rattling input locks back into the hall. It's dark, the only light from the TV and electric garlands on the tree. Sounds festive telecast choke occurring sounds.
But here everything is very exciting: my own sitting on the lap of Shamil (he is buried in a corner chair holding under the supervision of all inputs). He did not react to my appearance - Kate probably already explained what was happening. Noticing my appearance with two wine glasses of wine in his hands near them, Kate commanded: "Dear thank you, lick my pussy, I'm all CURRENT". She turned and went back to Shamil, spread her legs by placing them high on the armrests. I slowed down a little, I could not understand how to react to Shamil our games. But after some hesitation, I decided, and knelt in front of the chair. Then right before your nose in addition to shaved swollen from the excitement of my Katie sponges I found something resembling a medium-sized peach. Kate already unbuttoned pants Shamil and played with his cock while they kissed.
I began to gently, slowly licking Katya's charms, after some time, I felt that her hand was, as it were accidentally move up peach Shamil to his pussy. I continued in the same rhythm lick monotone, as though unaware of what is happening, but my tongue is increasingly concerned different parts of our dick mountaineer. In the end, he broke down and put his hand in the trunk Kate pussy. She arched her back and began to fidget on it, while continuing to kiss him passionately. I had to hold the bolt Shamil that he jumped out of Katie and I both increased range of motion language bottom-up, from the base of the penis to the clitoris. At that moment I felt something inside me started to happen, I'm terribly excited and greatly greatest desire was for me now to feel dick in her ass Shamil.
Kate offered to move to the couch. We stand for a second took off with everything. Shamil turned out beautifully folded athlete, especially me captivated his spherical fleshy buttocks protruding back nicely.
Katya Shamil lay down on one side, so that I could freely serve their language. It was felt that Shamil all happening like crazy. I kissed his scrotum that strained to tingling with pleasure. Took turns his testicles in his mouth filled with saliva, so that Shamil began to moan louder Katie. Slowly but surely, my tongue approached the cherished goal - the owner of luxury chocolate eye loaves.
And here I am on the spot! First I kiss the buttocks when Shamil voltage falls gently push the arms begin lush halves. Licking the crotch up until Shamil he did not start to push the wider legs slicing my tongue awakened his erogenous zone.
Then I take his buttocks in his hands as much as possible of their breed and my tongue starts to snake its way into the hole. Shamil loud something incoherent says, distinguishable only coarse expletives: bitch suck, whore ... Apparently it's great getting through. Katya too excited by this and they end up with Shamil once, a long time shaking in convulsions. Shamil sits down on the sofa and takes a breath, this time I did not miss the opportunity to lick his dick very sweet, he does not mind.
To be continued.
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