I was sitting in the office in his room, and something pecked listlessly at the computer, work it never came, I locked the door and started on a computer disc with porn. I am often amused, so sometimes liked to masturbate at porn, I do love sex in all its manifestations. And now my friend in the pants stirred and cured on the type of two girls on the screen, relish licking each other. I am married, I have a pair of lovers, not shy and casual relationships, of course, subject to the necessary safety regulations, but even all this with my temperament I obviously do not have. I became often catch myself thinking that I want something more. For example, have your own whore, which did not have to spend time grooming, compliments and persuasion, and take what you want and leave, immediately forget about this trouble-free, sex-crazed bitch until the next time. But all this was just a fantasy for a long time. However it happens and so, that sometimes fantasy become reality, and that reality is better than any fiction.
One day, our office came a new employee, (no matter how corny it sounds like tie), a young girl, eighteen years of age. Our men's team made it a real furor, not very tall, slender, with large breasts and long slender legs, it fired the imagination of man. I do not know why, but as soon as I saw her, I knew she would be mine, and, as it turned out, I did not have to make any effort. From the first day she just hung on me, she wanted me and did not hide it. It has become a frequent visitor to my room, with or without him, he sat opposite and flaunt their gorgeous legs, and got up behind my chair and casually touched my breast. All this was well and hard for me, my cock was almost continuously, he asked to be freedom, demanded that used it caressed. This young beauty was just obsessed with sex, it did not stop anything, nor the fact that I'm married, nor that we are not alone in the room, every gesture, every word she offered herself.
Naturally I could not stand it long, and at the end of the second day she was sitting on my lap, we kissed, and my hands roamed freely over her body. Walking on the back, chest and thighs I got to pisechki. Oh, what she was hot and wet! A member of a torn pants, I asked my new friend to pet him, and she gladly took it. Within minutes he was in her mouth. What's that, and she knew how to suck and it did so with relish as if licking sweet candy. I was at the limit: my cock in the mouth of a young lady, she kneels in front of me, and it all happens in my office, and I did not shut the door ... do not know what has worked more - her effort or fear of possible to be caught, but I finished almost immediately. The girl swallowed all without dropping a single drop, and sucking dick while he is not Opal, for it was evident that the blow delivered to her no less pleasure than I do. After the start of such a tempting me, of course, wanted more, I wanted to get everything.
Young beauty continued to regularly come to me, but now our pastime qualitatively changed, I was pleased with the - here it is, a dream come true. Next to me was a beautiful young woman in the head which is just sex and nothing more, it is like a bitch in heat ready to open your legs as soon as possible. One evening I led her to the back stairs, away from prying eyes. I would finally fuck her in the present, enjoy her horny, hot pussy. On the landing, I just turned it to the wall, bent down and planted it in one fell swoop, it all flowed and squelched. Leaning his hands on the wall it is moaning pleasure took my punches, and I pecked and pecked, spitted on a member of her as the count. At some point she slipped from him, I did not get anything to figure out how she caught him confident movement, sent it to his other hole. I did not have to ask twice, and I went into her tight bud anus.
She groaned and bent, the hand became poddrachivat clitoris. Hole was very narrow, but I probably was not the first who came there. My beauty was just a pleasure to squirm violently nasazhivayas ass on my cock. I moved in it receiving an indescribable pleasure from its elegant, narrow, hot, horny ass. It was a crazy, animal fuck, I knew that for a long time can not stand, and finish, but she had before me. At one point, she arched her back, let out a muffled scream and literally hung strung on my dick, she came long and hard muscles of her anus began spontaneously and rapidly decline, and after her I began to finish. When my friend stopped spewing semen, I came out of it, relish slapped on the ass, and went down the stairs, on the go zastgivaya pants. I did not turn around and not say anything to her, words were not necessary. I got what I wanted, I now had a little lustful slut, and I'll have it whenever I want and how I want.