"Mom, do not!", Whimpered 4-year-old Christine, sitting on the pot. Panties girls were pulled down to his knees and a white T-shirt lifted her up. "It is necessary, my daughter! Do not be afraid, it will end quickly! Come to your senses do not even have time to how things will be done!"She replied her mother. In her hands she held the enema bulb, which gradually filled with water by sucking it from a mug. "I myself poop!", Continued to object to the daughter. "No, dear, you're not very pokakaesh! You tuzhishsya for half an hour, and nothing you do not get!". "Tomorrow will succeed!". "That's what you told me last night. Then I even agreed to wait. Today expire two days, as the last time you cocoa. You can no longer wait! If she can not, then pokakaesh enema!".
Mom chose balonchik full of mugs and smeared it with Vaseline tip. Then she put her enema into a pocket of his robe, walked up to her daughter and took her in his arms and put him on the couch. "Turns on the flank, Kristinochka!"She ordered, but she did not become her slushati. "I do not want an enema! Do not!"She roared and tried vyrvatsya from his mother. "If you're resisting, it will be hurt! Listen in an amicable way, Kristinochka!", My mother continued to persuade her, but in vain. She left hand grabbed her daughter's ankles, bent her knees and pressed them to the tummy. Right hand she first took off daughter panties hanging out at the heels of the girls, then pick out of his pocket and began to shove the enema tip into her anal hole Christina. It was very difficult to do, because the girl twisted ass all the time to the right, to the left, thus changing the location of the anus. "I still proklizmuyu you, Christina! Your resistance is futile!"Angrily shouted mother and gently push the knee of his left leg to the daughter of a breast. The girl calmed down for a moment and these neskolno seconds for the mother was enough to tip enema okazalsyaby inside the anus Christina. The girl was very unpleasant to feel a foreign object in the rectum, she cried: "Mom, come on, it hurts!". "I told you - do not fight it, and you did not listen. That's why it hurts!", Said the mother and squeezed balonchik. Water gurgling entered into the intestine poor Christina. The girl suddenly felt an acute distension in the abdomen and a strong urge to bottom, because the bulb was pretty impressive size - holds up to 250 ml of fluid, that 4-year-old child was even more than enough. "Oh, Mom, I want to take a crap!"She wailed piteously. "It is commendable!"Said the mother, and chose the tip of otverstvija girls hold compressed enema Balon. Then she index and middle fingers squeezed anus daughter. "Lie down, Kristinochka, quietly, a couple of minutes and then go to the potty and prokakaeshsya!", My mother said the girl. "I now want to take a crap!", Christina replied. "No, now you're not going to take a crap!". "Why?" "Because we have to wait until Vodicka dilute your kishechki. Otherwise, you're still not vykakaesh and enema have to do again. You do not want this?". "No I do not want to!!!". "Well then postoraysya a little patience!".
Two minutes for Christina lasted a couple of hours. Belly she was bloated and seemed so crowded, that is about to burst. She was having trouble breathing through the nose and it started to do mouth. "Clever!", Praised his mother, "like this, breathe mouth, it will help some water to penetrate deeper into kishechki!". "Mom, wait for a long time yet?"."Not for long! Here, look at the clock TLS! Now she is at the top, then go down! When she will rise up, go to the potty!". Christina started looking at the arrow. The girl thought she creeps terribly slow. Polzyvy on bottom all amplified and daughter's mother had to clamp the hole hard, so that she does not obkakalasby there also, lying on his couch. Finally, the hour hand once again reached the figures 12. My mother again took her daughter in her arms, lifted her off the couch and sat on the potty. Cristina there also with a loud bang vomited the contents of his intestines. Hard stool pieces blurry enema water like stones hit the bottom of the pot. Harsh, obnoxious smell filled the room.
The girl, meanwhile, continued to vykakmvat all new portions ispryazhneny. Tummy she quickly diminished and bloating gradually disappear. Five minutes later, she told her mother: "Well, Mom, I think pokakala!". "Not so fast, my daughter! Soaked through to the end of everything!" Christina a couple of times clenched muscles, but most of her nothing came.
"All mothers, I squeezed everything to the end, more than I Kaki no!". "Well, okay, I'll see!". Mom painted the index finger of the right hand cream and the way it has introduced in the asshole daughter. "Yes, Kristinochka like everything is in order!", she agreed. Then she took her daughter to the bathroom, bathed her perineum and anus with warm water and wiped everything dry cotton wool and put the girl to bed exhausted, and she went to wash enema and pour the contents into the toilet pot Christina.