This story is true, without any type of fiction: "until she came once, I had to pour it 3 times and still not a member of the fallen" (Nonsense, of course, do not know who believes in it). It was in the early '90s, when the Union had just collapsed and sex have not swept our screens and magazines. It comes once to see me 26 years old young woman asking for help in a case that was part of my competence.
I was a director of a solid enterprise, known in the city of man. And in his '42 decent male dog, try not to miss a single skirt. And as the days were still not as free as it is now, it could not happen often.
She worked in a bank, I often saw her and has long had his eye on enticing round hips and bust of luxury. But to meet the case is not dropped, and suddenly comes to me herself. The request it, of course, I thought, and how to offer the meeting did not find a reason. It does not have the time, the forehead is not offered. After a time she comes back, and embarrassment holds package with cognac and sweets (the subject of gratitude at the time).
Here I was glad that he said, I will not drink if he wants to repay, it is only together razopem. She agreed. I asked if she could come with me on a business trip for a few days, I was just going to Odessa. We drink brandy together and swim in the sea.
A few days later we were speeding to the sea. Kind of a gorgeous woman near the car (the driver, of course, I left the house) did not give me rest. So open the knee, the deep cut dresses lung else something caused my cock to combat readiness.
In general, we have not passed yet, and half-way, a couple of times I still stroked her leg, what stirred itself up to the limit shown in the forest plantations along the road and offered a snack. In Odessa, we waited for a private room in a good sanatorium (director of my old friend) and I could not stand. In general, we only had time to spread out a blanket for a meal, but suddenly began to take off their clothes with each other, covered by a mutual desire. Completely naked, a few meters from the highway, in a rare forest belt, we plunged into the real bliss. I was drowning in her magnificent breasts, tangled red hair, almost choked the nectar of her vagina, obtseloval every millimeter of her magnificent thighs. We finished, we, of course, quickly, very much long-term impact excitation. I, however, even a little scared during orgasm I heard a bestial growl turns into a howling - so my friend had finished.
Two days have passed from the sea like a fairy tale. We had sex with a break for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But on the morning of the third day, visibly tired, tried everything imaginable and unimaginable sex positions, began to gather in the street. We passed the room, loaded things in the car and decided to take a dip in the road.
The morning was on the beach was already a lot of hot and people. The water was very nice, having sailed a little from the shore, we began to indulge. I took off her swimsuit, she told me melt - just childish. I rubbed in water on her naked body, and suddenly noticed a strong erection. I used to think that a member of the water does not rise, and suddenly a desire flooded, as if he did not have those two days. I pulled her to him, in the water light as a feather, and planted in the standing member. She jerked at the beginning, but even deeper dressed him.
- Are you here full of people!
- This is me just starts - I said - pretend that we indulge!
It was something magical, drifting near people turned around and smiled at us, kissing, and there was under water could not be seen. But we rocked on the water and the waves of pleasure.