He walked along the river bank when he saw a small basket floating on the water from which came the desperate children cry. He took the basket out of the water, and saw in it a little quite tiny novorzhdennogo child. He brought to her baby in the castle, trying not to show it to anyone. When he came to his office, he decided to find out who it is certainly there is a boy or a devochka. It turned out that it was a girl, and then he decided that he recognizes it does a tiny creature who conquered his first sight of his daughter, Sean O'Neill, O'Neill Catalina. 15 years have passed, and Catalina was a real beauty, to ask for her hand men came from all over Ireland but O'Neill refused all, considering that it is too small for that, even though a couple of years it would have recognized an old maid. One day he went to his favorite place, the shore of a small forest lake, to reflect on the future of her daughter. In thought he was sitting on the beach and okusyval blade of grass when suddenly he pochuvstvoal sdes not one over the dark waters of forest lake floated a little light Divichi head, he was fascinated to watch. Swam to the shore she began to come out of the water, at first seemed a slender neck, then gentle sloping shoulders and a strong yunnaya Divichi small breasts with large protruding nipples, tight stomach rounded hips and long legs, not one flaw he had not seen in this fine establishment. He became podberatsya closer to see her face, he was not yet 39 years old of all, he wanted her. And then he saw her face, and stood thunderstruck - his daughter. He wants his own daughter he did not know what to do. And then the little devil dwelleth between his mind began to whisper that it is not the blood with blood, but only adopted child. At this time, Catalina unaware that she had not already become one taken either in the sun exposing herself to him all of it, from the cute little face to slim legs.
It was so much innocence and dormant passions. He could no longer stand in the reversal and watch. O'Neal appeared beside her and she tried to pull her hands under the guise of clothing. The father said to her: "do not spoil tunic, I wipe from the beginning" And he began to wipe her undershirt. Catalina did not dare to contradict his father and stood dutifully waiting until it will wipe it, but he did not hurry, he was enjoying every inch of her body. First, wiped her back rather mundane movements then moved on to his chest, began to wipe her caressing, uschepnuv through towel lightly over her nipples. Catalina did not understand that was happening to her blushed with embarrassment. Then it was the turn to wipe her feet, he wiped them with gentle flowing movements of Fine stapney to the waist. Then came the turn of the golden triangle. O'Neill gently rubbed his hair with a towel and have fluffed their bare hand. Catalina was afraid to move, inside narostalo strange feeling that everything in it is twisted into a tight knot. Shonosmelev nother held between the legs nsomknutyh Catalina. She let out a startled gasp that stopped O'Neill. He threw his daughter on the shoulders of the tunic and cloak and took home. A month has passed but the case on the lake did not come out at the head of ONila, he wanted it more and more with each passing day, he could not remember a time when he was as excited as they are now. One night he got drunk and cause prikozal daughter to his room. A few minutes later there was a timid knock on the door and entered it, Catalina, his cherished dream, the one that occupied all his thoughts. He was ready to pounce on it like a hungry predator, but time kept himself and began to talk to her. He told Catalina that she is not his daughter and nayenysh and it was time pltit bills. She was crushed when he approached her and stared at her lips did not otcheskim kiss. Roughly knocking her onto the bed, force spread her legs chtronye. His flesh was ready to enter into her virginal womb, which he did.
Entering a little into it, he felt a barrier in his mind flashed a triumphant thought she did it and the current one but him she did not have and will not be, and just pulled away abruptly entered her in the full depth of smashing her divichestva borer. She did not utter a sound but only Chirac's wide-open eyes betray her pain. Sean began to move slowly at first then faster and faster. He could not long endure, and with an animal roar began to pour in neё.I then he felt that she had finely trembling in my life my first orgasm, for which he ultimately offer a minimum of effort. Then they both fell asleep. He is lying on her and did not even come out of her. Some time later he woke up and realized that, as before, is the daughter, and his rebellious member is in her vagina. As he was sweet, and he began to move even sleeping daughter is beginning to wake up. Waking finally she put her arms around his adoptive father by the shoulders, and the first time she kissed him on the lips, a long kiss passionately. They merged that night two more times. They could not get enough of each other, she wanted more and more every day. It also woke yunesheskaya force.
It is already fully moved into his father's room and did not hesitate one slept there. One evening as the obyno Sean went to his room in anticipation of another night of love. Quietly going into the room and closed the door, he began to undress when he heard the soft moans Catalina, peering into the gloom of the room he saw at Cravath two intertwined bodies, in a rage, he grabbed the one who was closest to him and proved that it is not a man, he thought, before and nurse daughter Helga. Yarast crushing wild lust, forgetting himself, he put on all fours and Helga abruptly entered her, it was wet and spacious. Because of this, he could not finish. Catalina meanwhile podlezla by Helga and her bosom prisasalas trying tongue Dotyanutsya member walking in pussy Helga, substituting your pussy mouth for Helga. Sean also could not finish, and decided to go to the anus Helga. Ebya her finger in the pussy, he began to penetrate her ass, he heard moans of approval, he added another finger and then another. Very pulling your dick out pezdy Helga he drove with a sweep into the anus to stop. She groaned in unbearable pain and tried to escape but the father and daughter held her tightly and not slip mended. Sean began to have it in a hard pace without paying attention to her moans, Catalina also began to enter into Helga their fingers first one and then all together, and then his whole hand. Helga already writhing on dick and arm pain-naslozhdeniya and then Sean began to finish off this past cramp on Helginym vnutrinney she also received an orgasm, Catalina barely learned from her pussy his hand and began to lick her juices from his fingers. Sean and Helga were satisfied and the current Katklina provoke and she, too, would like to try in the ass. At this time, Helga diligently sucked upavshiyts member Sean. Here in Kaktaline renost I woke up and she began to beat his nurse kicked in the stomach by breast in the face. His father barely pulled it from the unfortunate woman, but she still tried to vyrvatsya out of his hands. young body movements have had their effect on the Shen asleep his dick again and he woke up to stop Catalina movement bent it and drove into her pussy the most eggs. She began to beg him to come to her anus, for a long time did not have to beg, without any preparation, he was stuck in her ass.
Catalina made no sound even though it was very painful, it was filled with a wild pleasure, her father has her as a last whore standing on the floor in the ass. Helga meanwhile afraid to even move so as not to have noticed it. Sean tore his foster child on a dry ass and getting from this crazy fun. After five minutes, he could not resist such a rhythm and began to pour into it the powerful flow of sperm. They then released Helga took her promise to keep quiet, and she was afraid someone to say something, she was afraid of losing love Catalina and be ridiculed for wanting to be with a woman. Shawn also wrote to the pope's request onulirovat adoption and send a marriage license, two months ... 16 August 1015 Catalina O'Neill perfect balance marriage with Sean O'Neill.