I started to get tired and cold. Skiing became heavier and heavier, and I think I got lost. The devil pulled me to go on this walk through unfamiliar woods. On snow or trails or traces of human or animal. A little more and start to darken. What a bad and stupid death, I thought. I laughed out loud and went on.
It took a half hour and I could smell smoke, I tried to determine the direction, and ten minutes later came into the clearing where the house stood, was a light in the window. I took off my skis and walked to the house. The door opened and in the doorway I saw her. Warm, with blond braids.
-Hello, I'm zabludilsya- said I- you do not give me warm.
She nodded and invited me into the house. The house consisted of two rooms, the first hall, where I undressed, and the second, which was a large bed, a table, a stove on which something fragrant hissed.
-My name is Solveig, he said.
-Very nice, Wanderer
-Wanderer, a strange name, she said, and laughed-a seat at the table, I will give you food and hot tea.
After eating, I started a conversation with her.
-Who do you live with?
-I live alone, my grandfather died six months ago. And since I live alone. He took refuge here in the woods with his family during the war, and since we live here. We had a large family, but all died. Someone died himself, someone killed, someone went to the people.
-And where did you get the supplies, tea?
-My uncle comes here sometimes, it helps bring the food.
-Why do you, too, will not leave the city?
-There's bad, my grandfather told me, everything is not good, much better than I am here.
-But here it is incredibly depressing, not the people, not entertainment. This girl like you probably think about guys.
Oddly enough, she did not even blush.
-People sometimes go like you when I get lost. So I'm not here all alone. Wanderer, you probably have not yet warmed up. Do you want to tincture?
Of course, I wanted to, but forced her to a drink. She's drunk.
-Look, Solveig. You probably have never been intimate with a guy?
-No, my grandfather told me, he said it was a sin. So I even think about the guy did not dare. Once, we had a boy, he lost his way, beautiful, I staring at him, but my grandfather saw it, and when he left, whipped me properly.
-But now is not the grandfather, and you can try it.
She laughed:
- No, you, Wanderer.
They drank again. Solveig flushed and laughing loudly.
-Oh, Solveig, I think otmrozil afford it, I cried.
-What is it?
-Well ... this ...
-As may be, show me.
That's what I was waiting for what she was kind and naive. I got rastegnul pants, pulled them cowards. My dick, really, was a pitiful sight. Wrinkled, with little frost.
-Yes, I otmorozil- wailed.
Solveig came up to me and knelt. His warm, soft and sweaty palms took it and began to slowly rub, he immediately reacted to it and started to get up.
-You saved him, three more-I croaked.
Solveig happily began to masturbate me.
I knelt before her and kissed her on the lips, some unfamiliar taste. Solveig tried to shove me, I threw it on the floor and pressed the body to the floor.
-No, she -zakrichala.
-You will like it, you'll thank me yet.
I pulled up her skirt. There was nothing under the skirt. I saw her crotch which is densely overgrown with blond hair. I went into it ...
When I had finished, I told her to undress and get into bed. Her face was swollen and blubbered, with a huge black eye. She undressed, I saw poured breast with large dark nipples, large and wide ass.
-Spread your legs, -velel I ...
I fell asleep next to her, the last thing I felt like it tart smell of her armpits.
I woke up late in the morning, the sun shone directly into the eyes. The snow sparkled, was wonderful weather. Solveig was not there, I called her. Silence.
I got out of bed, I picked up the pants, pulled them on and went into the hallway. Solveig was there, she was hanging from the ceiling, sticking his swollen tongue. I went back into the room, dressed quickly, went out and looked at Solveig. And he ran on skis. Snow crunched nice, the sun was warm. House I was waiting for a warm bath.