Police Commissioner summoned the Inspector Fish.
- Look, Alex, I now have brought a curious letter. I would like to make you acquainted with him - and Commissioner inspector held out a thick envelope.
- What letter? - Asked Fish.
- It says everything. Read it carefully, and then look again to me.
Inspector locked himself in his room, lit a cigarette and began to read.
"Since I met Farid on affairs of the firm. And I do not be surprised when he invited me to her house. The evening began quite banal - a table, talking. His wife was krutobedroy blonde. Then Farid offered to smoke weed and I agreed. Warm waves came at me, I felt good and indifferent, but my head is so empty that I heard a noise in the ears. Finally, emerging from intoxication, I looked around the room, eyes cloudy.
We Farid sat on the couch, and in front of us his wife undressed under viscous eastern melody. According to his lips, I realized that he had me saying something. Straining, I heard his voice, but could not catch the meaning. Looking at me intently, he laughed and began to poke a finger in the buttons of my shirt. Apparently something occurred to me, and I began to unbutton them diligently. Unbuttoned his pants and in passing, I looked up. Luxury wife Farida has danced in front of us almost naked. In addition to her bra and panties she wore a narrow belt with long rubber bands and transparent stockings.
For some reason, my eyes are full of her thighs, which crashed into the edge of the stocking.
- Listen, Irene, and you do not shake stockings? - I asked. She laughed. I turned to Farid: - Why did she laugh?
Farid, smiling, patted me on the shoulder:
- What matters, when in front of you this magnificent woman, - he said. I nodded and looked back at Irene. At this time, she languidly pulled down her panties. My eyes appeared clean-shaven her womb.
- Bravo! - I said, and applauded.
Irene laughed again and walked over to me. I wanted to ask why she pulls off my clothes, but my mind rested in defiantly sticking out of the slit between her legs puffy lips. I undressed, she sank to her knees and took my penis in her mouth. I would again ask something Farid, but he suddenly appeared behind her already naked. Finally it began to reach what is happening to my mind. The first orgasm came as a surprise to almost completely sobered me. I saw a face of Irene with my cum on her lips. She looked at me with cloudy eyes and swayed in time with the pitching Farid. But her husband immediately fascinated her on the carpet. Putting her on her back, he sat on her chest and gave his cock in her mouth.
- Parked - he told me, pointing to her bosom smooth. I crawled on all fours to the mat and sat down between her legs, began to stroke the thin silk, slinky soft caviar.
- Do not be shy, sweetie lick her pussy. She loves it, I heard the voice of Farid.
Her full lips were hot and humid. They quivered under my tongue and excited me. But Farid everything changed again. Now I'm lying on my back and me on all fours was Irene. I towered over my face her plump ass.
I again began to lick her lips and clitoris, and she at this time made me a blowjob. And at the top there was a huge member Farid. He fell down and finally ran into the anus of his wife. And suddenly slid easily inside. After just a few strokes he was twitching and drove a member in the ass completely wife, finished it. Then he went out, and then disappeared from my sight. Anus still twitching, then slightly shrinking, then re-plowing. From it flowed a thin stream of semen. She went down to the lips and clitoris, and I licked her, spellbound by the unusual views.
Irene stood up and sat on my face. Her anus was open over my mouth. I fell greedy kiss up to him and began to suck their juices out of it. At the end of Irena and squeezed tightly into my mouth abundant semen clot.
Irena smoothly rolled over and was on top of me. Her wet vagina swallowed my member tense, and her face came close to mine.
And then she whispered fervently:
- Darling, Farid and would like to fuck you in the ass. Have you ever tried it already? - And, not waiting for an answer, she continued: - I'll give you a dildo, you're at home with it will spoil, and next weekend, come to us. You will do as I ask you, dear?
I nodded, fascinated, Irene smiled and kissed me on the forehead. And then I finished.
At home, I really found a briefcase dildo. Undressed, I took it and went to the bathroom. Smeared it with cream and put one foot on the edge of the tub, I gently introduced it in his anus. It felt strange and uncomfortable at first. But I remembered the hot whisper of Irena and then, like magic, it became easy and pleasant.
The following weekend I went to Farid. Everything was like the first time, a drug no longer had an effect on me so much. It was good, but I was aware of everything. Farid, putting Irene on all fours, warming up, and I'm thrilled, looking at them from the couch. But Irene beckoned me with a finger, and I crawled on all fours to her. Somehow she again spoke in a whisper:
- You did as I asked, my dear?
I just nodded.
- Then rise up next to me.
I silently obeyed, continuing to look at her face, which varied in time with the shock. She smiled at me, her head when stopped rocking. And then in my anus I began to come thick member Farid. I groaned fascinated, still looking into the eyes of Irene, and soon the pain was replaced by pleasure. Inside of me a mighty move the piston, and it seemed he gets to the stomach.
- You're nice, dear? - Whisper asked Irene. I nodded, as always. It seemed to me that I'm drowning in her eyes. But piston twitching in me, and my insides began to flow pushes hot cum. I was all twisted and twitched, and I have nothing around you is not seen.
Farid went to the bathroom, and I fell to the floor exhausted. Irene touched my penis.
- Mokrenkaya, - she said, smiling, - then you really were nice.
I looked at her hand and saw a sperm. Lowering his eyes down, I was surprised to see that my cock dripping wet. I did not even notice as finished. Then Irene moved close to me, and her face was hanging above my.
- Darling, you really felt good - she whispered - but my husband like the castrati, and next weekend I will cut off your testicles. You do not mind?
I nodded.
- Take a vacation, tell everyone that he was going to distant relatives and come, I'll wait for you.
Houses in the shower, I masturbated, recalling the magnificent body of Irene and her eyes. Big eyes. I smiled, I was well ...
Drug me relax. I slowly masturbate, watching Irene gently lowered to the member Farid how tense her calves as she strokes her big breasts. As the gum is stretched, then weaken in time with the movements of her hips. As she smiles at me and languid gesture beckons. She pointed a plump finger down, and I'm leaning towards it is devoid of hair pubis, and see how her soft moist lips move along a smooth barrel. Her hand goes down and takes out flushed vagina cock and the other pushes me to him.
- Suck - I hear her whisper hot and obey. The head rests on my palate, and I begin to diligently move up and down.
- Come here - once again her voice. She shifted a little further still, on the face of Farid. - Sit down on a member.
And here I am in front of her. She smiles at me.
- You're nice to sit on horseback - whether asks whether claims Irena. Its handle goes down and groping my testicles - today I'll cut them to you, my dear, do not you agree.
I, as always, the only nod in response.
- Masturbate - and she takes my hand and puts down, making it several strokes, and then I go on myself.
From such acute pleasure - a huge member, tearing my anus, and masturbation - I quickly ... finish. Tired I I fall on the carpet. Irene gets on all fours and Farid vigorously enters first into the vagina, and then in the ass. Soon all the strains and cry startled. Then, at some time it freezes gradually relaxes and now slowly rises and goes into the shower. Irena attracts me to him:
- Lick and suck all of my popochki, darling. Farid a lot to me to naspuskal.
And I fall. Her red, wide-open vagina oozing juice. Stretched huge member Farid anus sperm expire. Irene moaned at the touch of my tongue, and trembling all over. Licking her hole, I was excited more and more. Irena noticing this, began to masturbate my cock. The second orgasm as an explosion deafened me. As soon as I began to finish, Irene tensed and sperm from her anus become clotted drain into my open mouth. And I eagerly swallowed this love cocktail.
- Now come with me, dear, - as if from far away donssya her voice.
Waking up, I saw Irene, sitting in her robe on the edge of the bed. She handed me a cigarette, which was smoking, and I dragged out of her hands. I again was warm and good. Drug waves flowed through his body. She smiled at me and gently tossing edge robe, showed the edge of the stocking, crashed into a plump leg.
- Do you like? - She asked softly, - pat, darling.
I reached out and touched my fingers cold nylon. At that time, she put her hand under the blanket and began to knead my soft cock.
- He did not get up, - whisper she said, and her hand in the confirmation of the words squeezed my empty scrotum. For a moment I froze and asked:
- I did not notice anything. When?! I do not feel anything.
- You lain there for almost a week. But all is well, is not it, dear? - And I nodded.
Irene got up and left. She soon returned with Farid. He just took off his robe and lay down next to me. He put me on his side, and immediately, strongly and fully entered into me. He drove a member in me, and Irene, are widely outstretched legs, wanker her clit, greedily eyeing unfolding in front of her action. My soft member hanging in tact approximately ins and outs of my anus member. Bryznuvshaya me cum gave me pleasure, but not the same as before. Irena also moaned and twitched, her big lips moist and she went limp.
- Oh, it was great. I want to see it again and again, - she whispered.
When I was about to leave, Irene came up to me and gentle voice said:
- You know, dear, Farid sometimes likes to have fun with the stiffs.
I nodded.
- Dismissed from work, eating the apartment and tell everyone that he had decided to move to the north of the country. And next weekend again come to us. After all, you priydesh, dear?
I nodded again.
- Come and do not be afraid. You and did not notice how all of this will happen.
But it happened otherwise - my boss went on a business trip, and the specifics of the service did not let me go to work in his absence. Therefore, the next visit to Farid and Irene had to be postponed until next weekend. But apparently, those charms that bewitched me, Irene, were not designed for two weeks, because yesterday I was able to recover and, looking back, though how many critically assess what has happened to me this month. And I'm certainly not the first nor the last victim of these terrible people.
Today is Friday. The clock shows ten o'clock. Now I will add this letter, I will put it in an envelope and write on the envelope, it was handed over to the police. Tomorrow morning I said goodbye to the neighbors, the receptionist offered the keys to the apartment, and he will go into the house of Farid at ... ". And just below the signature - Leonard Humphrey.
Inspector Fish rewritten address to his notebook and folded the letter in an envelope and casually tucked into an inside pocket of his jacket. For a moment he looked into soulless box, and then resolutely rose from the table and went to the Border Commissioner.
- Well, how? - Once I asked Commissioner.
- In my opinion, it's dark. When did it happen? - I asked the inspector.
- New tenants, who delivered a letter, moved into an apartment two weeks later after Humphrey had left her. A letter, according to the author, was written the day before.
- What do you intend to do, Mr Commissioner?
- First, let's start searching Humphrey ... or his corpse. He could not disappear, like a needle in a haystack. Secondly, Irena and Farid. I entrust them to you, Alex. I have navl them some help. So - Border Commissioner looked into the records on the table - Farid - a successful businessman, grown rich on some dubious enterprises. His wife - a lady with obscure past, besides any of it go dark rumors.
Oddly enough, both go into the very highest levels of society, although it is unclear how they did it. So with bare hands they will not take ... - Commissar thought. - Well, then. As yourself appear in their house to you there is no reason - it is their only vspugnt. But what if you roll up there under the guise of a merchant having to Mr. Farid business proposal?
- But I do not know anything about anything in commerce - said Fish.
- It's okay - Border Commissioner said - Farid at this time is usually in his office, the hostess herself. Go there right now and talk to her, maybe you will be able to sniff something. Just be very careful - it is in anything you should not be suspected. Good luck to you!
The inspector sat down in his old "Jeep" and went to the address that was removed from the letter. The door opened a charming blonde. She looked questioningly at Alex huge expressive eyes.
- Good afternoon, madam. I would like to see Mr Farid.
- Farida is currently not at home, but soon it should come - answered the blonde languid voice - if you do not hurry, you can wait for him in the living room.
The hostess spent Fish in the living room and sat in a luxurious armchair.
- Just a moment, sir ...
- Fish. Alex Fish, businessman.
- One moment, Mr. Alex Fish, now I'll give you coffee - and the hostess draped disappeared behind the door.
The inspector looked around. Colored parquet, high molded ceiling, luxury wallpaper, a huge tiled fireplace, antique furniture, heavy chandelier. It was evident that the rich people live here.
The hostess returned, carrying a tray of two fragrantly steaming cup of coffee. The inspector took a sip, and pleasant warm wave moved onto his consciousness. He suddenly felt good and indifferent, but my head is so empty that he even heard some ringing.
- Alex - suddenly spoke insinuating voice hostess, gazing at him - you in the inside pocket is a letter ...
- Which letter? - More Fish tried to resist.
- Give it to me - just as the woman continued affectionately, - be so nice.
The Inspector nodded and pulled out a letter from his inside pocket Leonard Humphrey. The hostess immediately set it on fire and threw it into the fireplace. When the letter had burned down, she again turned to the inspector:
- Dear Alex, I like you so much. I beg you, come to visit us this weekend. After you come, right?
Inspector quietly nodded and took another drink of coffee.