Hello! My name is Regina. I grew up in a family of prestigious businessmen. She studied at one five, had anything you wish. The problem was the same, although I do not think it's a problem, I'm 16 years to terribly wanted sex, and not just sex, but the most depraved sex. I lost my virginity is very simple at the prom in the toilet cafe where we walked. A classmate Nick was experienced in all these matters, he first pulled me drunk in the toilet, climbed into his mischievous little hands under my dress and then put me on the sink began to lick my chips, so much so that I flowed in torrents, then he aroused shoved me his handsome. And lastly, I sucked his dick and he came into my mouth.
Then institute, student parties, the sex with the teacher, then with fellow students, then some sort of guys. So I passed my carefree life until I got a job at a construction company. The girl I was a prominent, 176 cm, long-legged, long black hair down to his shoulders, beautiful figure, though not 90-60-90. in general, all that a woman needs I have. I got a job as an economist. It causes me to his director. Fat guy with a thick wallet.
-Well, my beauty, how are you?
-Great, and you?
-everything seems to be fine, but I have one problem, come to me today, investors, and you and I must do everything chiki peaks, so that you will have, after a meeting to go and have dinner with us.
I already knew what the outcome of the meeting, and gladly agreed, because despite the fact that Ivan was more of me three times, I really wanted to jump on it.
The meeting took place wonderful, and my IV kindly offered to take me. My parents bought me an apartment, I lived alone, and why not invite the kind Director for tea.? Tea was no brandy was !!!
- and I want you otsosu- I said after a long pause.
-I want to go here!
Dropping to her knees, I unzipped his pants and saw a huge dick.
-suck slut!
From head leaking clear liquid, I gently held by a member of the tongue and then swallowed him completely, delicious with a nice tart smell, I sucked and sucked it, and my pants got wet, my pussy was ready to take this monster.
He turned me into his ass, and I was expecting a sharp insight into the fold, but he began to lick my separation with his tongue, sinking deeper and deeper, his tongue appeared also very large.
Alternately licking pussy then the ass, he thrust his tongue in the ass, my ass is not sustained, and I farted in his face
-OOOOOOOO you blissfully smell, do so again!
I tensed, and did it again, then he jumped up and squeezed his penis in my wet bosom, which squelched and enjoy this penetration. In this position he had finished. He left satisfied, and I went to bed satisfied.
In the morning, he called me.
- Zaya now, I'll fuck you every money. H and is a gift to you!
He held out a box, and in it expensive earrings.
Pomgnula and retired.
Next to me sat in the office of the GL. Buch. Helen Too beautiful girl and I could not help glancing at her, she went every day to the director, an hour and a half, and come in a buoyant mood. Now I knew what it was.
-you and gl.buh immediately to my office!
-already going well.
After rising to the office of IV We looked at each other and sat down at the table.
-You are what you are doing, who are instructed to pay the money bastard. He threw the paper on the table. He went to the front door, I shut eёё key. - You for this otvetite.- undress.
It is not strange but we decided to play this game. Helen came up to me and the first to unbutton buttons of a dress. I took off her skirt. Stripped to the goal, I had put Lena on the table, he leaned in yo chest and inhaled the scent of expensive perfume.
Nipples inserted upright, I start to bite them, spit on them, twirl. Going down and down I got to her pussy and began to suck her clit. Wet from my saliva and their secretions Lenusik moaned and writhed on the table. M reversed. IV Lence came to her and put his finger in the ass, first one, then another, and then e-five. Lena pleasure even bit my clit.
-bitch, tender. I said.
-I'm not special.
-spit lick bitch gently to spit, shove his tongue deeply filthy.
IV Lenka already been carried away by a pussy, it is so hard it was part of his cock, that eggs, too, first flew into the bottomless hole.
- and now both suck me my anus, and put your fingers to your. Do not be afraid to cry I will not. Licking ass alternately director we kayfovat. poked his finger and moaned with pleasure. I..V masturbate his penis is charming and suddenly groaned, and then abruptly ended on the table on which rested. We lapped up the sperm Lenka together. IV He buttoned up his trousers and went to the table.
-you have punished a girl go to work.
He never gave us finish. But we're not upset with Lenka now we have something to do in my office !!!