Hello, my name is Anya. I have long hesitated to publish his story here. Firstly, I am ashamed to say that we (me and my mom Lena) did. Second, I do not want to make such intimate things to the people. But reading stories on the site, I realized that people like me a lot. And I decided to share what happened to me. Especially since I just needed someone to talk to.
I lived since birth in the city of Tver. The one-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor. The exact addresses can not call, you know why. Together with her mother, and even the cat Murka. The mother gave birth to me in 18 years. Father, I have not even seen. He died in a car accident before I was born, so my mother said. Maybe it was. I have with my mother always had a great relationship. Although she and strong woman, but I love her. She's very beautiful. Figurine - just shine, of course, do not know how to score 90-60-90, but I believe that it is not worse than that of any of Claudia Schiffer. I probably went into it just me lower and a little thin. We're both blonde. As long as I can remember my mother when there was not a man. It can certainly were on the side, but the home she did never bait.
And so, it all started when I was fifteen more years. By this time I had almost been formed. The figure has become like a big girl. I'm just dying for joy, because in the end I grew up. I spent hours standing naked in front of the mirror and stared at her breasts, hips, shapely legs. Pussy hair started to grow in my twelve years, so now it was all covered with black hairs. I considered myself very attractive, and I'm not alone. Almost all of the guys in the class offered to meet me, but I felt that it is too early (probably because I brought my mother). Yes, I have none, and did not like, I was not even interesting to talk with the boys. Around this age, I began to experience a strange sensation just below the stomach.
It was a sunny spring Saturday morning. The sun lit up the whole room. I no longer wanted to sleep, and wake up too. I always slept in a nightie, my mother would not let me sleep naked. Why i do not know. Murka was lying at my feet. After lying about ten minutes, I still decided to get up. Murka also opened her eyes, meowed and ran to the kitchen.
- As always I want to eat - I thought aloud, and went into the kitchen, too.
On the dining table was a note: "Lunch at the plate, feed Murka. I went to the World. I will be in the evening". I strongly do not upset it because I loved to be at home alone. Pour Kitiket Murka, I went into the bathroom (coincident with toilet). Washed, start brushing your teeth, and suddenly realized that very much want pisit. I immediately pulled up her nightgown and sat on the toilet. Because I poured a stream. I was so happy that I closed my eyes. I have something ached at the bottom. Only now I realize that I was very excited! I guess I looked funny on the toilet with a toothbrush in his mouth. I graduated pisit, tore off a bit of toilet paper and began to wipe her wet CIMS - so I call her affectionately. When I held the paper on my lips I felt such a pleasure that can not be compared with nothing.
I stood up from the toilet removed her nightgown and sat on his haunches in the bathroom, because it was necessary to undercut my pussy. Turned on the watering can to blow between her legs, I began to shake, wave of pleasure born in my pisichke and went all over the body, nipples grew and I whimpered softly. Putting aside the watering can, I began to fondle her breasts, nipples, and then the hands themselves were pulled down and began awkwardly massaging my pussy lips. I almost fainted with pleasure. Popa itself began to move in time with the movement of the hands. I kept the pace increased. Suddenly, as if the discharge has passed through my body, I could not resist squatting and fell on his back in the bath, my butt was rising up and the hands continued to finger pussy. Such a buzz I could never have experienced! After a minute I just lay in the bath and thought about what had just happened. I do not know whether it is good that I have done or not right now. So I experienced her first orgasm. Mom, I did not say anything.
After this incident, I began to frequent massaging her pussy. Waking up in the morning, I climb a hand under his nightgown and stroked between her legs. If the mother was at home, I quietly put your finger between my pussy lips and slowly moved up and down. Well, when my mother was not, I undressed, I took some cream, becoming the mirror plastered CIMS and rubbed until not begin to moan and shake with orgasm sliding to the floor.
A month passed. During this time, I read a lot of literature about sex, and learned a lot. Now I knew what masturbation, clitoris, vagina, and a lot of interesting things. I started shaving her pussy, I liked when she was bald, I'm excited. My mother did not know about it.
One day I returned home from school, it was hot. I was in a beacon and a skirt. I bought a Pepsi. After finishing, I felt that I wanted to pee, not betraying any special significance, I went on. The house was still about 20 minutes walk. Going into his entrance, I realized that much like the toilet. Pressing the elevator button. Elevator did not budge.
- As always broke - I thought - how wrong time!
We'll have to go on foot. But easier said than done. Climbing up to the third floor, I realized that I no longer endure. The bladder was ill and the pressure on the pussy was unbearable. I put her hands under her skirt and began to squeeze her pussy. So I went up to the fourth. And I stopped. A thin trickle of escaped from the pussy and soaked panties. More endure, I was not able to. Picking up her skirt and panties sliding to the side, I ran to the span between the fourth and fifth floor of the garbage disposal. I was running and warm urine flowed down my legs, I could not believe that I have described. Tears flowed from his eyes. He ran for the garbage chute, I sat down and relaxed. Urine escaped from me gurgling stream. I felt her scent and delight. I began to masturbate with your fingers. From pussy pouring jet and I rubbed her clit. All hands were in the urine, but I like it. I could see anyone, but I enjoyed it. Podomnoy a huge pool. The urine flowed down the stairs. I forced a last trickle. And then I heard footsteps on the ground floor. Someone had climbed to the top. From such excitement orgasm swept over me and I moaned softly and sat in a puddle of his own. Panties and skirt were soaking wet. I could barely stand up, because I was shaking all over. I'm still coming! Steps have already heard from the third floor. After collecting all the power I ran to him in the sixth, it was hard to escape dizzy, shoes squelched in urine, skirt stuck to the pope, and wet panties Turley of CIMS. Running up to the sixth, I listened. Someone is still up top. I opened the door with the key and ran into the apartment. Closing the door quietly, not Razuvious I ran into the bathroom, turning the spirit I started to pull her skirt, then pants. Suddenly I heard someone open the front door. Then I realized whose it was footsteps on the stairs, it's mom was home for dinner. Closing latch on the bathroom door, I turned on the water, pulled off his shirt and bra. He gave up all the clothes in the washing machine.
- Annie where are you? - My mother asked when she came into the apartment.
- I bathe - I said, continuing to rub her legs, hips and pussy washcloth
- You have budish? - My mother asked in a gentle voice - warm up on you?
- Yes, just a little bit I'm not really hungry.
I realized that my mother did not suspect anything, in my soul I feel better. I can not even imagine that it would be if my mother saw I Ssali ... moaning and rubbing her pussy finger. Thank God nothing happened. Although part of me still wanted to be that mom still saw me in the doorway. And it scared me. I was clear that I was excited when long endure and after doing a wee, but it turned out that mess oneself more pleasant. I am also excited that that I could see someone naked, undisguised see hairs ssuschuyu pussy. From these thoughts, I started up again, but the couple had to go.
Vytershis dry with a towel, comb your hair, I wore a robe over his naked body and walked out of the bathroom. Going into the kitchen, I saw that the dinner is already on the table.
- Daughter go there! - Called mother - but it will cool down!
- Now, I just get dressed
- Eat and then will dress.
I sat down at the table. Lunch was okorokcha with spaghetti.
- Mom how are things at work?
- Everything is good, as always, promises to add salary. - Mom said sarcastically - as you like in school?
- Too fine, I received today, five on the Russian for dictation.
- Well done. And you came a long time?
- Yes probably already an hour at home.
- By the way we have again broken elevator!
- He was tired - I told wary.
- And someone else pissed floor entrance, probably some drunk!
- Yes, probably - I finally felt better in my soul as well Mom did not notice anything.
Doev I washed the dishes, folded in an oven.
- What is the assistant I have grown up! - Mom said with a smile.
I wanted to get dressed, but as luck would have caught a bathrobe for the refrigerator handle, he swung open and showed my mother all my charms. My mother immediately replaced with a funny facial expression on the stern.
- Why have you shaved pussy? - Almost screaming mother asked.
- I like it - I squeaked.
- You pussy like a slut, can you guys leads the lady when I do not have and they fuck you for your money?
- No! I just like it - tears flowed from my eyes.
- Sit down on the table and spread your legs!
- What for? - I wondered why.
- Sit down, I told you!
I sat on the table, opened the robe and spread her legs in front of her mother as a rosebud opened May naked pussy. Mom walked looked at my girl and I stuck her middle finger into the vagina. I was scared, yet not every day mom daughter puts a finger in her pussy. But the wave of excitement spread through my body. And when mom started to look for something a finger in my vagina, I even moaned a little bit of pleasure. This went on for fifteen seconds, then my mother took out a finger.
-Hymen in place, look at me! Go get dressed!
I burst into tears and excited, I went into the hall, put on his shorts and tracksuit top. Mom went to work slamming the door. Without thinking twice, I closed the front door on the latch, and thrown off all that just to dress. Me mastered lust. I constantly replayed in his mind what happened. I touched the pussy. She was wet, slippery and warm. I sat on the floor and spread her legs. Suddenly, he ran up to me Murka and began to lick my pussy. I removed it from my Kisochka. But she ran again and buried her muzzle into my pussy. I had no choice but to be measured, the more I started to like it even. I am no one had ever licking pussy. I felt like Murkin rough tongue licking my lips, caressing the clitoris. I moaned and writhed. Hands, I stroked her breasts, fingering her nipples and crumpling. Murka licked my grease and flowed out of me more and more. there was a small stain on the carpet. Orgasm is not long in coming, because I pulled out a loud groan, the body began to squirm, throbbing pussy. Murka I gripped her hips and grabbed her head and started rubbing on her pussy. Grease poured out of me, Murkin head was wet. At that moment I thought of my mother's hand on my pussy, Murkin about language, about how I piss in the stairwell. I jerked on the floor of an orgasm like epileptics, moans escaped from me. And then I probably lost consciousness. Because only remember woke up on the floor naked, podomnoy was spot squeak ached. And Murka but what had happened was asleep on the couch.
In the evening my mother came home from work. She called me to her.
- I'm sorry I shouted at you during the day, just for me, you're still a little girl. But you have grown. And I did it and not noticed. And almost adult woman you have to take care of themselves. I will not forbid you to shave your pussy. Just promise me that you will not budish sex: You're too early.
- I promise! - Glad I said and hugged her mother.
All the same, I have a good mother!
Engage in sex, and I was not going to, I'll understand that this is all the more dangerous in our time. I did not want to fly or catch some disease. But masturbation yet no one died. So I continued to masturbate whenever and wherever possible. The school toilets, in the elevator, in the park in the bushes. When the mother was at work or somewhere else was leaving I wore underwear. I take to the streets in the skin-tight mini skirt and tank top. I was excited that that under the skirt I have nothing. Only bald kisya. Sometimes I rubbed CIMS even on the bus. I sat on the back row, and if the people were few imperceptibly slips his hand under her skirt and drove her finger on the clitoris. Also loved pisit in the hallways, in the bushes, houses in the sink, on the construction site. Climb to the roof of our house, completely undressed and standing at his feet pisila brutally rubbing her pussy. After orgasm, I dry off, I put on a skirt and top and went for a walk. But a most interesting happened somewhere in June.
I had a vacation. I did not go anywhere, stay home. Mom was at work. I wanted to experiment. I wore jeans and a T-shirt, went bought a two-liter soda. I wanted to know I can drink two liters and not mess oneself. It has brought me this peculiar race of endurance. Just in case I removed the carpet, put a chair in the center of the hall, and without removing the jeans and T-shirts sat down and began to drink. After I drank a liter, I felt that I want to have a little bit to the toilet, but very few. After drinking half a liter more, I realized that even much want to pee, and is not likely to sustain more glass. jeans belt became painful bump me in the stomach. Bladder strongly bulged. Pussy all shrank. With great difficulty, I drank another glass. I've hated that soda! I knew I could no longer endure. One hand gripped pussy through the jeans. And the second poured the last glass. According to my calculations, I had to drink it quickly and run to the toilet. Stand was no longer in mogatu. I started to drink the water in big gulps. And then the first trickle of escaped from the pussy. I stiffened and stopped the flow. There remained another drink half a glass. I looked at the jeans. Between the legs blur, and on the chair were visible droplets transparent. I quickly finished my glass and got up from his chair to run to the toilet. But too late. From pussy poured. The urine flowed out of my leg. Jeans at pussy all wet. I pulled her jeans down and squatted in the center of the room. On the floor, spread out a huge puddle. Hands climbed to the pussy, groped the clitoris. I whined. And at this time I began to open the front door ....
- I forgot to close the latch - Anya thought. But it was too late.
And here I was struck orgasm unprecedented force, I fell into a puddle, moaned so that the neighbors probably heard Polly moved from spasms going up and down from the pussy was flowing urine. Mom looked at me dumbfounded eyes. And I continued to rub her clit. And nothing could not help himself. My mother came to me in silence. I have stopped writing, but only trembled all over. She sat on the floor beside me, brushed my hand with Kitties and buried her face in her mouth. She started licking my clit, her hands she caressed my body. Her hand crawled under my shirt. I could not believe it. It seemed to me that everything is going like a dream. I moaned with pleasure. We were sitting in a puddle of urine and my mom was licking my pussy. Then she got up and undressed in silence. I enthusiastically looked at her body. Breast she was so beautiful that I wanted to lick them. When she took off her panties, I saw that she had as I have all the clean-shaven.
- I also shaved pussy, now we both bald pussy.
- Mom what we do?
- That is what you and I have always dreamed of in his heart. Is not it?
She came to me and helped before the end remove the jeans, and beacons. I still continued to sit on the floor in the center of the room. She stood in front of me, so that her pussy was inches from my head. And then something happened that I did not expect. From her pussy poured urine on my face. Mom moaned and poked my mouth in her pussy. I began to lick. The warm urine flowed into my mouth and I licked her delicious, slippery pussy. Mom start I podmahivat. I'm all up and down was in the urine. I licked her clitoris and middle finger fucked her vagina. When she finished the piss. She told me to lie on the floor, and she fell on me just the opposite. She licked my pussy and I did. We were on the whole lake. Then I heard that the mother began to moan heavily, her pussy began to throb, her thighs clamped my head. When I realized that I bring my mom to orgasm she felt the arrival of orgasm. We ended up at the same time. Orgasm is stronger, I no longer felt.
- And now to the bathroom - my mother said, and lightly slapped my pussy went to turn on the water.
Yes, this I could never have expected from the mother. Perhaps it is the same as I do.
That is all. I tried to describe with precision what happened to me. Maybe a bit of spice. But I describe what I felt. What happened next I will write later. Who was let to communicate in such a situation. My Email: [email protected]