Once the fall, I went for a walk with his little girl Anya. She's a pretty blonde of medium height. We walked along the dark street, all around us there was not a soul.
-I'm scared, - said Anna.
-Do not be afraid, 'I replied Ya-A quarter will be our territory.
I must say that I am one of the so-called "gray cardinals" urban society Nazis. We have a lot of enemies, so I was a founding father, but the leader has made a dummy person through whom I all headed. It is clear that we were full of enemies. But now I'm not thinking about it. We leisurely walked and chatted pleasantly, when suddenly jumped out of the gate ten people. I immediately recognized them. Our sworn enemies, a street gang fighters, who are my guys recaptured territory.
-See who granted us, -usmehnulsya their leader.
I was taken aback: they were afraid to approach a kilometer to the street. Insolent dogs.
-The hour of reckoning? -merzkim Voice asked this moron.
-Fuck off, ya replied, You are our out of the ground would get.
-Oh well. I've been waiting for this moment, fucking Nazi. I want you to insert a knife between her legs while looking into your eyes. You'll pay !!!
-I fuck you, 'I answered, thinking "Heck! How not to die hunting!"
-But I'll give you a chance to survive. But it would translate into reality your friend!
It should drink 10 liters of water for one hour and not mess oneself. Then we'll let you go.
Oh, my God! -Think Ya-He's crazy! Damn, it's impossible! Anya same burst, it is necessary to urgently call for help.
At this time, the two dragged me ten paces from Anna, so I can not help it.
Then, from somewhere came the five-liter bottles of water.
Glavr handed one of them to Anya:
-Drink, whore!
She obediently began to drink. The first bottle is easily mastered, the second already struggling. Sipping a few sips from the third, she prayed:
-Please let us go! I can not do it anymore! I'm bursting!
-Drink, whore!
She barely mastered a third to half the bottle.
It has been difficult to breathe, her bladder was about to explode from the unbearable pain. In her eyes filled with tears.
The leader took off her pants, and everyone saw how her bladder bulging like a ball.
I do not know how, but she is also the third bottle mastered.
Anya cried on her forehead sweat, she could not stand anymore.
Her legs gave way and she fell.
-Oh, you nit! -vzrevel Leader and kicked it with his foot.
Immediately all came down to the poor girl, and started beating her.
Anna could not stand it any longer, and the golden stream gushed from her crotch. He filled the sidewalk, lowered jeans and botnki girl, beating her.
Using the fact that my guards beat my friend, I quickly rang on our mobile.
Two minutes into the driveway ran fifty razerennyh Nazis.
Brawlers scattered, but they were caught.
-What to do with them, Oberst? 'Asked my boss.
-Kill, -short said Ya-Why is this trash was on our street !?
-Sorry, Oberst. It's our fault. We are all correct ...
-Anya okay?
-Yes, Oberst, a single fracture. Lucky girl.
-Okay. Next week we'll raid their street.
-Yes, Oberst. Now you anything you want?
-Yes, the car keys. I'll take Anna home.
I walked arm in arm with a battered and wet girl to the car.
-Tell me, are you afraid of? She asked.
-If only for you.
-I love you.
-I, too, but you are now a lot better not to talk, and to wash and go to bed. I'll take you home. Do not worry about anything, the guilty will be punished.