If you ask her, how and when she became a slave, she sheepishly said he did not remember, and ask you to punish her for it. She-beautiful skinny girl with big tits and shaved pussy, with brown eyes and brown hair.
Sometime they just met. One day, her cell phone rang. She replied and started purring into the phone, very quietly, so he did not hear that walking with a friend and could not meet with him, but "Smack, Smack, see you soon". It is, of course, all heard about and asked her in a second. She averted her eyes and said:
-Sorry. I am guilty.
He said nothing, but not gone.
-Do you want to ... want to ... (she is given difficult) if you like, come on, punish me. Slap on the cheek. Put the peas on the hour. Clamp nipples clothespins carving ... I just ... I'm sorry.
Since he had long wanted to whip her ass, he said:
-Then let's go.
After that, everything was a blur. They came to his house, there was no one, he tied her to the coffee table and slap his cheeks, she said that she did not dare to do anything without his permission. Pussy it gets wet, it was obvious. He undressed himself, pulled off her all. His cock was too. He pulled out of his pants belt and after each stroke said "you will listen to me". "you bitch". "damn you". "will not change". "will be subject to me". "will endure all the pain and humiliation from me" etc., and it made repeated "I agree, dear". After fifty strokes she was screaming hysterically and sodragalas sobs, and he could hardly stand on his feet with excitement. Then he just spread her slit and languidly entered her, and she screamed again, twitched and went limp, and its virgin and exploded on the penis were droplets of blood. Then he began to fuck her faster and faster, and soon they both finished as never ends. Moreover on- therein. Then he also spread her buttocks (she was still privyazyana), and, having greased with Vaseline hole, abruptly entered her. She moaned and fluttered, but then it just stuck in her her baby and left there. Yank it briefly, two minutes was enough to calm. Then he pulled out the nozzle, purchased in advance on the safe side, and has a nozzle with rubber studs fuck her in both passages. Then again he carved it and planted on the penis again and again, in the end, he was tired, and he told her to stand in a pose cancer and put her two employees of the vibrator, and szyazal hands and feet. And then he went off somewhere, where a long conversation on the phone. After half an hour she had succumbed on endless orgasms and prohodiki torn by pain and regular orgasms, but he did not go. Finally, he left the apartment, and after a minute hollow three guys and a girl. Well, of course, it began gangbang, and violently fucked her- she came only blond and only said that she wants and how, and everything was the way she wanted. All alternately changed, pobyla slave in position 69, and two holes, and even three. And that blond anal predpochtitala and yelling. As a result, she admitted that the virgin, but he wants to fuck. Then fucked her master, and she, too, jerked from the pain at first, and then lost track of the orgasms.
Kompashki going frequently, every 1-2 weeks, and the rest of the time lord only seconds, flogged, and raised his slave. She lived now in a cage with handcuffs, and fell asleep with large clothespins on nipples and labia, or he would not let her stay up all night and she stood with weights on pussy and nipples. The rise was five, she made him breakfast and he went to work. All this time he forced her to train your body-choose vibrators more and longer forced to do an enema for anal sex and to wear weights. Sometimes someone comes from Kompashki and punished her and then fucked and abused.
Strangeness began about two months after she became a slave. The mood was changeable, sometimes it was dizzy and vomited periodically. Soon it turned out that she was pregnant. Mr she did not tell anything, fearing that the death of constipation is, and he found himself, when his stomach became so prominent that he took her to the US. After the shock, he whipped her ass, chest, abdomen and even the pussy, so she almost bled. Well, she had finished and ended up ... Soon they were married, so wanted to master. To the amazement of slaves, nothing has changed: it was beaten, fucked and is placed on all sorts of subjects. When the time came to give birth, Herr said that would call all and she will give birth at home on the floor, and everyone will be watching and Leonid (the name of one of them) zasnimet all on tape. Besides, Vadim Gynecology-, and if that would help her give birth. The child will take Masha (blonde) and Paul (her current husband) Napoca, and then, "when you nadoesh me and I will set you out the door because your holes will dyrischami that there is no place to expand, and I'll play the virgin brand new to the severity of her own feelings"It will take the child and let the rolls.
When the fight began, it quickly having spread a sheet on the carpet and put it there, and immediately called guests. They came in: she soon started to give birth. Mr. grmasoy laughed in her face, and when she started screaming, started postegivat her whip. She writhed in agony when Vadim came up and stuck his dick in her ass. Then another and another. It turned out somehow crookedly, because she lay on the floor, but still impressive. A few hours later cries, groans and tears, she gave birth to a boy. Then she was allowed to feed him, but then otebal it directly on the sheet, it has been no and especially not resist, not counting the sighs and groans of her. But what's the difference? Then it was left to clean up after itself and all went to drink tea. Vadim was pleased with the cassette. He promised to show all familiar. Some time later, when the baby is no longer required to milk, it attributed to Paul, and Mary, and they took care of it. Mr. Sasha named it in honor of himself. And everything went according to the new: strirka, ironing, cooking, whipping, toys in ass and pussy and group ebanische. And once he carved it for the last time, I gave some money, baby address and said: "You're no longer needed". Holding the baby in his arms and dropping tears dull pain on him, she stood there and just looked at Moscow. The last time she saw her about three years ago, because Mr. nowhere it would not let go! How has it changed ... from lord was only a lump to his name, priogromnaya hole in the ass, pussy tearing scars on the ass and a couple of hundred dollars in his pocket. Where to go? For parents who have turned their backs on her when she married that "Weird"? So they do not know about their relationship is nothing. Mother certainly whip rope and forgive, father-flog officers strap with buckle and with a rack on peas two hours. But there will be a good kid. Yes, and she is no stranger to pain. But the pain, which gave her lord, she did not know would never. Sweet and long, lingering and pleasant ... But now it is again the man.