lunatichki Letter
Today Katkin benefit today from the top down, it all looks.
The moon will rise - it will go and everyone who will meet - love.
I do not regret the lucky one who will meet on the street suddenly the fire
With the eyes of a wild cat and the Bitch soul ...
D. Lennon. All for the sake of a benefit of Mr. Kite

Surname as their homeland, do not choose, but if you wish, you can, of course, vary both ... And the thought which at the same time get to? Therefore, it was in order and live. Well Russian "Schwartz" Alexander Nevsky! In any company is not a shame to be presented.
Not bad be Ostap Bender ... everywhere you are in the spotlight. However, with a career is more difficult ... neither the president nor the mayor even some zachuhannoy Nedomorshanska for anything you will not become. Yes, and the auditors, "traffic cops" and tax inspectors increased and morbid attention constantly have. And if you are Eugene Onegin, Natasha Rostova or Pavel Korchagin ... I'm here to ridicule and jokes somehow already used. Oh, sorry, I'm so still so far not presented.
So, before you Katyusha Maslova. It is true that funny? My dad thought so, too, at one time. Thank God, read now become smaller, and not that. But sometimes come across more literate. Just imagine how to respond ... "Dmitri Ivanovich Nekhlyudov!"
Best humor. I really know how to put these in place. No wonder the two universities teach at once. So I can look and smile besiege high-handed "petrosyanchika"That will not find it. All my life is my patronymic dignify with smile of Chekhov's official. I did, among other things, a woman from a prominent himself, God looks not hurt ... the eyes, lips, figure - all, as they say, with me. Shortage of suitors and compliments never had, at least in his youth, though now when "berry again". But none of them, I never gave any maleyshe hope. My husband, baby and unblemished reputation Shtirlitsa.
While I'll get to work, the whole dream as a hand. Because I long to go to work, especially on the distant settlements apartment bought, can not live in my heart ...
Vitya long courted me, while I was not chosen. I then was normal, like everyone else. Then what happened? Childbirth heavy, after which hardly oklemalas? Or is that a stupid accident, which after six months on the bed and lain still sometimes slightly limp under stress? Working with halfwits-students and friends of the sworn Babskii gadyuchnik-chairs? I do not know, but in the end has long been living a double life ... cultured woman, a mother, a wife, a respected teacher of the clock. But one day of each lunar month, or rather night, I turn into a ...
I re-read a lot of literature about the moon, tides, lunatics and especially the full moon, its impact on people and animals. I have a whole house "selenoteka" was formed, and the film "Wolf" I have seen so many times that a sense of the werewolf in a night quite imagine. Remember how Jack Nikolsson transformed ... ridge, neck, hair, teeth, teeth? And I? I'm a werewolf, too, just do not kill, but rather make people pleasant, sweet, and they run away in horror. But, after some reason not to.
Why? I guess I'm still damn good!
Victor, of course, all understood for a long time, and as long ago ceased to fight it. He just learns in advance the date of my crazy nights and even sleeping pills do not accept. When I tumble in the morning in an apartment, all torn and dirty and tortured, he calmly undresses and puts me in a bath prepared ahead of time where I was gradually turning into a cultured woman, a mother, a wife and a respected teacher ...
The next morning I did not remember everything, are some fragments, fragments, details and a general feeling of wild non-human enjoyment. And there are no serious consequences! You understand that in this "harvest" not to contraceptives. I checked monthly by the private venereologist, and only three easily treatable gonorrhea picked. And not once, I imagine never met anyone of your friends. Only Fools and Horses? I do not think God just keeps poor and foolish.
Vitka I'm quite happy ... I earn good order in the house, the child is dressed and fed, and in the marital bed, I'm good. A couple of days of rest per month even necessary. To my "rebound" he relates quite philosophically, as a precipitation that "easy to fix with the help of an umbrella". He has never by word or even a hint is not recalled unpleasant for both of us. And I pretend that I do not remember anything, not even imagine it inspired.
Although something in memory remains forever. I remember a young Caucasian, I waylaid near the cemetery. Scary ... it was night, the cemetery wall, not a soul - and suddenly out of the ground pops a smart blonde, naked to the waist below. I tore his shirt and showered kisses on his hairy chest, all hands tearing trousers, he opened the legs, heaped over and stabbed him with a hot sleeve bridged. I Dolby his insides like Stakhanov mine. His eyes were burning, he could not speak, only hummed and puffed. When he ejaculated in me a fountain of sperm and barely breathing, I got up on his knees, took him for a man by the ears and began to rub his mustache stuck to the slot. He nearly choked with saliva, jumped up and ran "faster than a hare from the Eagle". And I followed him ... "Genatsvale where you stand, I still want to suck!" And then I was funny as ever. I rolled on the grass, ikala, sneezing and perdela as the last knot. And I told her at the time and it was! And on the way home, I for exotics "shot" some bluish alcoholics who have long could not do anything. So I made him that promise jigit.
The day before the full moon, I feel some anxiety, I can not find a place. In my day, I go home after work, have supper and prepare myself thoroughly. There must be taken into account all the ... Clothing, underwear, or lack thereof, "goddamned" makeup, perfume, a wig. Sometimes I paint the body with honey or phosphorescent paint and glitter. In winter, of course, worse than it has to go ... "to deal" in the car or restricted blowjob. Although the front is possible in the winter, if lean forward and back Headers. But the real "perduha" achieved only in the summer! Then I feel a Bedouin in the desert. All men - my!
I like to lie in wait for them on the paths, alleys, jumping out from behind a corner and languid-languid or brazen-fucking ... "The man does not want to relax for real?" Few refuses. Some take over "professionalka"Money shoved or link to their absence. Then I smile and say ... "Today, communist Saturday! Working on materials savings!" And once something or I throw open strip naked. Here it is only "blue" fold. Even retirees agree and the most exemplary husbands. Who are "rough"? They are the ones who "nest egg" or no one for nothing does not give due to appearance and clothing. Or impotent.
Do not believe me? Give me ten minutes of "iron Shurik"And I am his brvnyshkam roll out, "already gai zagude"!
And I do a little, all is not enough! Once hooked the boy, and behind him were pals, right away, I did not even notice. Just got Przewalski's horse as their crowd, and the basement. Man seven. Or nine. Who thought of it? They to me "train" staged guys are young, have the power, some for the second or third circle "riding"While I do not uhaydakala all. When I offered them a "traditional" blowjob, small birdies they were scattered from me ... in different directions. That was a night! Barely I got to the house, but remember for the rest.
And those four with the last tram? They offered me "Boeing 707" Not heard? Cool option ... I "cancer", One in front, one behind, and the two hands I "before u". Wow's, it was cool! A two in one mouth? "Normally, Gregory! Great, Constantine!" I called them and before and after. The kids liked it, even offered to meet. I felt ridiculous. Fulmars do not you first, not you last. It can not not like it, if not a coward. Many want "propihona with povtorinom"But this can only happen by accident. After all, I "I am working" only once in twenty-nine days, more precisely, in the twenty-nine and six-tenths. According to the scientific, every synodic month.
In the full moon.