Hello everyone, today I tell you how I fucked her uchilku.No start in order, I am 15 years old, I live a small town. It was like this: I was studying in grade 9 and we had a class teacher and the teacher of Russian litreatury who looked her age 48-51, an increase of about 185 thick, but nice tits and ass so cool moves when she goes past me. .. she wears glasses, but not always, it is not such a bitch as normal the teacher, it is normal in principle. How to - once we wrote dictation on the Russian and I flunked it, and he greatly influenced my annual that I was very worried. A couple of days after that, after I fizre gave it me calls to her after school. I came into her room, it was not large, oval table in the middle, near the wall of the closet, and on the right standing luxurious white sofa.
I went, she said: you know what you nepoluchitsya a good estimate of the year because of dictation?
I said, yes I know, but I can already fix anything.
She: And if you had the opportunity to correct, would you fix?
Me: Of course.
She: Well then consider that utebya have such an opportunity.
I: What should I do?
Silently, she stood up and walked to the door and closed it on klyuch.Skazala me to sit down on the sofa, sat down next to me.
She: I'll tell you straight - my husband became very rarely perform the conjugal duty, and I do not have sex, if you want to have at the end of the school and Russian literature, five, you'll have to fuck me every time I ask you, do you agree? - She asked, patting me on the knee.
Without thinking, I said: Yes.
She: Well, then proceed.
I started to undress, and she also started. We slowly approached each other, and passionately potselavalis. Then I lay down on her and squeezed her fleshy boobs. Then I sat on the couch and she sat on me. Finally I lapnul her for her beautiful big ass. She slowly began to descend to my penis and began to masturbate, then took it into his mouth and sucked with diligence. Then we changed postures, and I licked her sweet pussy. Turning her to his ass, I'm going to have to put her in the pussy your dick, she said I was tired there, come on in the ass! Hearing this, I to right his uncle Sam to undeveloped anal.
Lick it up to complete purity, I tried to stick to your finger, but it was too narrow, and said, you have no lubrication? She replied: Take in the bottom drawer.
Taking the lubricant, I rubbed her ass and began to develop his fingers, then slowly and precisely placing your dick in her ass, drove the most eggs. She gasped loudly in pain and pleasure. Then she tore a last whore, cum in mouth, nipples drew heavily tweaked for meaty ass. After 2 hours, we put the blame on each other. After resting for half an hour, I started to dress, and she told me: for dictation Teb I put five, but one year, you earn buduesh pyatnitsu.Potselovav me passionately we said goodbye. These fucking continue until the end of the school, and at the outlet, I secretly gave her a very expensive vibrator, she poblagodarla me and said that the student will not forget this ever ....