I first visited the Turkish bath, when I was 20 years of his life. It was in Turkey in Alanya, a resort village Avsollar. I went there on their summer vacation. What I experienced, having been in the Turkish bath, I probably will not forget for the rest of life. If there is a heaven, I have already visited it.
On the first day I came to my hotel (Jasmin Garden ****), in the evening I was riding in a car with a Turk, who drove me to a Turkish bath. (More on the way to the hotel guide advised me first to go to the bath is to be cleansed from dirt, dead skin cells, to tan went smoothly and smoothly) .Ehal it very smartly, somewhere near 120 km / h, and all the time I afraid to break. When we arrived at the place and went to the room itself a bath, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere that reigned there. The room itself was not so great, but it fit:
2.massazhnye cabins
4.finskaya sauna
6.malenky pool (depth where some 1.5 meters)
7.parnaya (like a Russian bath, but without brooms)
8.komnata rest (it was possible to sit quietly, drink tea, watch TV, that is, to relax after all procedures)
9.samo room Turkish bath (marble bathroom with a protrusion in the middle, where you had to lie down and rasslablyatsyaJ
Immediately I ran to the Turks and asked gesturing to follow him. He led me to the locker room, where I changed (to me were alone smelting), I was wrapped in a towel and taken to the sauna room. When I went inside, I felt a very strong heat, I felt better than ever, I relaxed and went to the upper lounger. It was so good that I even worn out, and I almost passed out. I came to what felt fresh stream of air from the opened door. The sauna includes two charming girls 13-14 years old. They were wrapped in towels. When they removed them, I saw that they were completely naked. They are not yet fully developed body strongly aroused me. Their small nipples, hairless pussy - all this drove me crazy. My penis began to gradually increase in size, and a moment later was standing upright under the heat. I'm a little embarrassed, and threw himself on the thigh towel that was not seen my sticks out of the heats member. I thought, if I do not open the circle right here "skillful hands"? But he concluded that it was still too early. Meanwhile, the girls began to do at each other massages. One of them fell on the bottom shelf of the abdomen, while the second fell in behind, sat her his crotch on the ass and began to drive hands down her back, making the massage movements, and with it the beginning of the move rhythmically on her anus, making the reciprocating motion of its by a pussy. I saw how she gradually began to be wetted, and the girls started to make sounds like moans.
-Oh yes, Olenka, deeper otymey my ass - I uslashal soft moans
-Now finish - said another
Sauna room began to fill moans ebuschihsya two girls. They began to fondle her breasts, pussy each other. I could no longer hold on and opened the club "Skillful hands" right there. I started to play a banana with full force, but since I was on the limit, then a lot of the time I did not need, I finished in a minute, and my sperm got one of the girls on foot, as I lay on top, and they are at the bottom. I thought that they did not notice this, but one of them looked at me, smiled and said something to his girlfriend's ear. A minute later they both got up and began to leave the sauna, at the exit leaving me only one sentence in Russian "You can refresh?". I said I'll go now, and soon went behind them. And they went in the hot tub. I came out of the sauna and climbed into the hot tub next to the girls. They sat directly under a strong stream of water and it was like they were getting one orgasm after another. Their pussy is directly under the jets and I could clearly see how their vagina greatly expanded, they were bright pink with the bead at the end of the clitoris. I could not stand it and threw one of them with cancer and went into a small vagina of a depraved whore. She spread her legs more and started strongly podmahivat his ass. I thrust it at the most not spoil my cock rested in her womb and then I began to finish it right there. She twitched more of passion than almost broke my genital organ. The other girl, meanwhile, began to fondle the breast of his girlfriend, what led her to another (fifth row) orgasm. We were finishing and kolnchali ......... our bodies intertwined in the most perverted sex postures, I was in one or the other has 5-6 times, and I finished in the ass and pussy and mouth, shorter in all available slots on their bodies.
I do not remember exactly when I woke up, but when it happened I was on some sort of couch with standing up member, I caressed it one of the Turks (bath attendants). It was simply unforgettable, and then I had finished, the Turks drank all my nectar to the last drop. And then he motioned for me to roll over on his stomach and put forward my ass. I am happy to do it. He came at me very gently and only a few minutes of continuous fucking, I felt a pleasant itch in my ass, I was glad I started podmahivat him, and he became more and more stick his penis into my anus. I could feel his cum in me 30-40 minutes of this sweet torture (you can imagine how much to fuck, this is not any suckers who end up on one kind of bare telaJ. When he took his dick out of my vents, it was all in the semen, and out of my hole I flowed his sperm. it was simply unforgettable. and I passed out again ..............
I came to myself under a stream of cold water, I was in the shower next to the two girls, who were with me in the sauna. They held me by the hand and caressed my penis, making it once again began to grow in size. I decided to talk to them and get to know their names, but ini ahead of me.
-What is your name, handsome? - I asked one of them
-Ivan - I answered immediately
-Did you enjoy the sauna and Jacuzzi?
-Yes - only that I could say (I have not yet come to sebyaJ
-Do you want to repeat, but this time in an adult?
-What is it like?
-You'll see ........
-Let's go to chill out, come with me - she said, the older
I followed them leisurely ..................
To be continued........