It was almost six years ago. A young man named Denis fell in the summer to go to the survey to the district hospital. On the one hand it is not at all happy, because to spend almost two weeks in a stuffy chamber, while all his friends have already left for dachas and vied with each other in the sms-messages praised thence pastime. As luck would have each boasted fresh air, warm river, cool girls, ready for a lot on the river bank under the sun. And one called to stay with him. Denis each promised to visit his summer retreat, although he understood that this is still far away.
But on the other hand the young man had hoped that the hospital probably have practice nurses the young, which could be quite fun to spend time not worse than his friends on the banks of reservoirs. And then came the day of arrival. Denis took shape fairly quickly in the administrative building and went to the body indicated in the map. The hospital was in classic Soviet-style and was a pretty gloomy architectural ensemble of shabby gray-and order of temporary buildings. But the young man did not care. He just wanted to quickly pass inspection and get out to friends. And interns touch would not hurt. However, at the sight of his body he immediately left no sexual thoughts. The building is not clear why, it seemed the darkest of them all. It winds around the thought of the walking corpses in the morgue, doctors maniacs and other horrors. But nothing to do, I had to go inside. Denis pretty quickly got to my floor and went into the office. First he went to the nursing office. the nurse is there looked him indifferent gaze. The young man shook hands and gave her documents.
- Newbie - somehow simultaneously tired and indifferent voice said sister. - Well, there's Chamber. You'll be there.
- Thank you. And who is my doctor?
- He's coming. He was summoned to another building.
- Clear. Thank you, - said in the same tone of Denis and slowly walked into the ward.
There were only three elderly patients. They, of course, warmly welcomed by the young man, however, without much enthusiasm, and most likely with pity. As it turned out later, Dennis was the youngest in the department.
Young man unpacked, when the ward nurse came second. Denis unwittingly drew attention to it. In appearance she was 40-45 years old, but she looked pretty good. With its growth somewhere 165 cm, it was lower by about Denis head. Her breasts third the size of resting in a lace bra, lurks tantalizingly in the context of white coat. Denis logged looked at her blue eyes and said that he will have tonight to be tested and that the necessary packaging today he will receive the same evening. The young man is happy, at least there is hope for a speedy release.
Denis dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt and went for a walk in the corridor. Yet there was cooler than in the House. After a while, he was summoned by the doctor examined and said that within ten days he will be able to escape to freedom. Denis is happy news, but at the same time he gave aware of the fact that he was almost two weeks have to be bored. Although there was a hope that more hooked someone of the guys. And do not come out of the head nurse blue eyes at the same time it. In them there was something warm and kind, as if native. Evening came. The nurse called him and gave a jar.
- You're the only substitution of himself that no dirt has not got - in a low voice she warned him. - And the analysis can not be obtained.
The young man picked up the soap with a towel and went to wash. Going into the bathroom, Denis decided first of all to follow the advice nurse. However, there was a small problem: the bathroom door did not lock. However, it was already quite late, and hardly any of the patients decided to use the bathroom.
The young man turned on the water, lowered his pants and began to lather his penis. When this procedure was completed, Dennis handed over the analysis in a jar. Then I put it in here there is also a box. Then he thought for a moment and decided to be washed away again.
Exclusively in terms of personal hygiene. He turned off the water and began to wipe it was, when the nurse came into the bathroom. She stopped, frightened. Denis managed to hide behind a towel.
- Oh, excuse me - sister guiltily lowered her blue eyes. - I thought you'd already gone. I came for the tests.
With these words she took the box and quickly left. Denis dressed and gone too quickly. From thoughts of what happened in his head spinning like balls in a drum Sports Lottery. The young man walked into the room. All his neighbors already fast asleep. Denis undressed and went to bed. He fell asleep quickly. In the dream, he gently kissed and licked breast nurse and she answered sweetly moaning and whispering requested that he did not stop. Suddenly, someone touched his shoulder. Dennis quickly jumped. It was my sister.
- I'm sorry, I forgot: you still need to pass the analysis, - whisper she said.
- Ida, - I said Denis shocked.
Together they walked to the post and the nurse handed him a new jar.
- How to donate - you know - the sister gave Dennis a cheerful look.
- Of course - and fun young man replied.
As already established pattern Denis turned on the water, lowered his pants and began to lather his penis. When he had washed the suds in the bath she became a sister and went to the young man. Denis stopped in surprise. The nurse stood beside him and looked at manhood Denis.
- Great - she concluded.
- Yes? - Like a fool said Denis.
Meanwhile, sister hugged his neck and began to gently kiss on the lips. excitation wave has rolled to a young man. He hugged the woman and began to stroke her hands back. The nurse finished the kiss and began to take off with Denis T-shirt. He helped her in this. Then the woman took off his pants and. Denis was completely naked. Sister began to stroke her soft arms around his young body, kissing his neck, chest, abdomen, I go down lower and lower to the already rather excited member. Denis was literally on cloud nine. The woman stood up, took his penis with one hand and playfully Dennis looked in his eyes. The young man began to unbutton her coat. Sister helped him and soon was left in the broader health pants and lace bra. Denis clung to the nurse and began to kiss her breasts. Along the way, he was trying to undo the bra clasp hands. Finally, he got the better of her, and gaze Denis brought two succulent breasts. They were so delicious and maternally inviting the young man quickly began their passionate kissing, sucking and licking. The woman started breathing heavily and moaning sweetly.
"Dreamily"- Dennis thought.
He sank lower abdomen began to lick nurse, and was about to take off her pants, but she stopped him.
- No, this is not necessary, - a whisper, but rather she said firmly.
It's a little upset Denis. He straightened up. But the sister smiled at him again, dropped to her knees and took his penis in her mouth. Such enjoyment Denis never experienced in my life. Yes, the girls have done him a blowjob ... but that so sensual: She did it without using their hands, just with his lips and tongue. And the language was so brisk that a second time to lick all the members of the barrel is not only up and down, but in a circle. Then the woman took in the mouth of his eggs and began to lick them then one, then both at once. So she alternated between licking objects. Denis was ready to finish. Sister knew it, and completely swallowed his cock, gently stroking the eggs along the way. The young man could not hold back any longer and began spewing his seed. Woman with smacking drank all the sperm to the last drop. Then she began to kiss the whole body of Denis.
After a while his cock again gained toughness. Sister again knelt down, but this time the nurse squeezed it between her breasts, and Dennis began to fuck her in the tits. Along the way she caressed the tip of his tongue member. A wave of pleasure again came at Dennis.
Nurse cleverly took his penis in his mouth and pulled the young man again every drop. But the woman did not swallow his cum, and her lips parted to show how much he nakonchal. Denis could not resist and started kissing a woman on the lips. She handed him a piece of seed and together they all swallowed. The young man never saw his sperm, but the taste of it in general liked. Then they started to dress and get to know at the same time. Nurse named Ekaterina, she worked at the hospital for almost 10 years. About your age, she delicately maintained silence. Dennis told a little about yourself. Later, they became friends. Ekaterina is on duty twenty-four hours, so Dennis tried to sleep that night, while on duty longer be with her. Naturally, none of this night did not pass without excellent blowjob. Sometimes I had anal sex. But then the case never went. Denis thought "aunt Kate" just I did not want to fool around, but do blowjob and oral sex - it's a very specific treason. Denis has repeatedly tried to ask Ekaterina about her family, but the nurse for some reason did not want to talk about it, and to direct questions just smiled and replied evasively.
For the past eight days. On the eve of departure I was to watch Aunt Kate, but for some reason it does not appear. At her sister's substitute Dennis learned that Ekaterina ill. Naturally, addresses that did not know her to visit one of her colleagues, and perhaps did not want to talk.
Hospital Denis left very upset. He wanted at least for a moment to see Aunt Kate, but he knew it he is unlikely to succeed.
Although nearly half a year, walking close to the hospital, Dennis met Ekaterina, but that's another story.