I was only 17 years old when a friend of mine gave me a red lace panties with a birthday. Slip into them, clothing, and wearing me immediately excited, so much so that quickly soaked panties.
There was a hot summer day, and one of our friends had a party with a barbecue on the lake nearby. Beer is cooled off in water, and after two bottles was urgently I pee. But I did not want to do it all in the bush, as there were too many mosquitoes.
At that time I was still very shy girl, even in my wildest dreams, I could not ever write in front of others, watching me. But after the third bottle of beer my bladder again gave the alarm, but, this time, I had to hurry. What to do?
Finally, the idea was born. I sat down on the grass, slightly flared lifting my dress and just started writing - a little tipsy and in a good mood. What it was unique feeling - just let your urine to flow! My panties dry very well in the summer wind, but soaked again and again.
I drank some more bottles of beer that evening. And every time I wrote through her panties.
After the incident, I did it many times. I enjoy urinating outdoors, where there is always a hidden desire to be caught by another lover of moisture. Getting from this not only zastukivanie, but also strengthen the urine stream, which strongly massaging my pisenku when writing, and I froze in an incredible orgasm.
Another thing that I like it - wear pantyhose without panties, these sensations are so sharp and hot, especially when I let the urine flow. Sometimes I walk, and warm urine flowing through a nylon cloth, ran down my legs to the tips of his fingers.
I think I am very elegant and sexy when wet cloth rub between my thighs. Sometimes I take a drink in the cafe, and then begin to rub her wet pisenku under her skirt. Then I lifted up the back side of her skirt so that the front no one could see what I'm wearing pantyhose booty directly to the chair. And then I wrote through the tights, but only a little. Often I can flirt with the guy at the next table, while moisten itself.
This - so quietly that I still never got caught for it. But because the cafe in which I do it, are becoming more popular, the chances that one day someone will notice me to write on one of the chairs increase. What a powerful and exciting feeling it would be from this ...