Hello! We are swingers. And we are glad!
The topic we are a year and a half or two, but that's really all happened a month ago, but, all in order:
I have had the experience of meeting with a married couple, and these meetings were remembered for a lifetime. Becoming a family man, I could not stop thinking about it. And how happy I am that my beloved wife was a woman without complexes. I read a lot of stories, and I want to tell you how it all began:
So. Seeing that for my Natasha in sex There are no restrictions, or almost none (except anal sex), I began to hint at a desire to have sex with another couple.
We are happy to look at a group of porn, and generally non-standard porn. It all started with questions "Would you like to be in her place?". "Here you now have a second dick in her mouth!" etc. All this occurred more than favorably! We told each other about their fantasies and desires with ease. And can be tightness between loving people? Or distrust?
About a year after these conversations gave Natasha "green light" to search for potential partners. She had to take was one man, a colleague at work, and she wanted to try to start with him. I was not against his nomination, he also gave his consent. But that's just all of us it was impossible to meet. I hope we are still ahead! Among friends, buddies there was no such couples or singles who have loved us enough to invite them to his bed. But among friends was found a pair. She - my colleague, he - a colleague of my wife. We know each other for many years, but, unfortunately, only for work. According to some reservations in conversations and correspondence, I realized that they were trying to swing. Natasha and I discussed it, and find out what we like, all discussion is over.
And so we left for vacation in Mariupol. The sun, the sea! Beauty! Bars, discos and: sex, and on the way home. Night in the Ukraine dark-dark, you know that. Under any tree ready seksodrom! We especially liked to fuck cancer right next to the sidewalk. But where we just do not fuck! On the benches near the entrances of shops and night, under the open windows along the roads: We especially remember Fucking on the square, close to the night club "Cleopatra"! It was enchanting!
At first, Natasha sucked in the middle of the square, and the area covered, and the part can see very well what was going on. Then we moved on to one of the benches. Natasha lifted her dress and got cancer on the bench. I sat down and began to lick. Admittedly, both of us is very, very like! When he finished, languid voice asked Natasha "Dima, pussy, fuck me!
Stick in my pussy dick! I want to dick!". What I gladly did. And here we ebemsya and close in the dark woman moans and groans man. It seems they passed by, saw us, and decided to see sex. And the way the signals are heard cars driving past: we got tremendous pleasure !!! We fucked in "Seaside park"And five meters away from us a man masturbate. Natasha like to watch drochat, and we would have to call a stranger to us, but he ran away crank. It's a pity! But one evening. We are in a bar. Natasha liked one of the guys, and she invited him to slow dance.
They got to talking and it turned out that he drew attention to Natasha as soon as we entered the bar. She offered him a threesome. At first he agreed, but then suddenly refused to fuck outdoors. Again we bummer. Arriving after the holidays, we went back to the discussion of the topic. It all happened suddenly: it began with a scandal. My colleague invited us to visit her husband went on a fishing trip, and she was bored. The evening began wonderfully. We drank wine, chatted, danced. Soon the conversation turned about sex, jokes, first, and then about sex in nature, etc. And here again we are going to dance. Natasha goes to the balcony and we Anya dancing. And dance we begin to caress each other, we kiss passionately: Natasha, seeing all this from the balcony, is enraged. "How could you!? I'm here with you, and you:?" etc. Anna in tears "Guys, are you not agree? I thought you are together, and decided to support the game!". About 40 minutes left on the showdown. It turned out that Anna and her husband have already tried such a relationship, but the relationship soon ended in failure. Anya in my speaking and writing, too, realized that we are looking for such a relationship, and decided that it was in the evening we decided to try it. Natasha was ready for such a relationship with this couple, but first had to warn her. And I have all happened spontaneously. There was a belief that the wife will understand correctly. She understood, but first there was a scandal. In the end, I dispatched the wine. When he returned, I found my women in the kitchen kissing passionately. I nearly dropped the bag of wine! This is a turn of events !!! After drinking for love and understanding, we went dancing. And then it began this !!! Anya and Natasha weaved into one ball. They writhed and caressed each other in the dance. Natasha kissed passionately, Anna took off her shirt and pressed her hot mouth to her breast. From novelty sensation Natasha moaned softly. I sat on the couch and thought feverishly
- "What to do?". The answer suggests itself "Get dick, masturbate and do not bother me". What I did!
The girls saw this and went further. For Anya blouse flies to the floor. But both the bra fly to me. Another minute, and my fairy in shorts! And here already and no panties, they are on my face. Anya kissed Natasha's chest, her hand caress Natasha's ass. Natasha with one hand stroking the back of Anya and the other squeezes her breasts. It seems that the cute girlfriend forgot about me. But no, they remember! A moment, and I'm standing in front of them. Another couple of minutes, and all my clothes on the floor. Anya and Natasha sit down on my knees, and took turns kissing my rampant dick !!!
Then I was knocked to the floor. Anya sits on the penis and arranges wild ride! Natasha is attached behind, kisses and licks ass Anya and I eggs: And Anya moaning comes, she gets up, and immediately falls on the couch legs wide apart. Before I knew it, and as my Natasha settled down between the legs of these wonders! I did not expect this from my wife! What a pleasure, eagerness with which she began to lick Anya's Bud! That was something! Anya started up again, she arched and groaned under Natasha's tongue. I joined up to Natasha and began to lick her from behind. It took a couple of minutes, and my Goddess roughly finished. I put in my dick Natasha and finished as soon as Anya went to a couple of times and Natasha licked my balls. I finished in Natasha Anja sucked my dick, licked all that followed from the beautiful caves of my wife. And then the ladies exchanged a kiss so hot that I wanted to fuck them again! But the girls were limited to that sucked, licked and jerked off my dick in turn and together. I finished on their chest and they licked each other, hugged each other and went to sleep. I am unlike them could not sleep, and for the next hour masturbate, and finished each in the ass:
Then there were a couple for a couple of meetings: If you are interested, write to be happy. There is something to remember! By the way, we are grateful for the description of your meetings!
Do not you think that it's great erotic correspondence !?