I'm with some unknown to me girlfriend decided to work out a little workout in the gym. For me wearing white athletic shorts and the same quality of black T-shirt Close-fitting to the navel. At the feet of my white socks and such the same color shoes. The hair gathered in a ponytail. We were having fun, playing music, we are stretch marks, something about the guys chat (You know, the girls :) To stretch the muscles of the arms, we do exercise mill with small gantelkami hands. And suddenly I feel that behind my leg just above the knee sank warm hand and strong fingers began to move up to my ass, and firmly grabbed her. Not straightening I put the dumbbells on the floor and turned to look at that bugger who so unceremoniously grabbed my ass. And at this moment of happiness swept over me a wave - it was you. The thought of the strangeness of your penetration here flashed in my head, but there also I forgot her, as she was too happy to see him. I straightened up and turned to face. For you were wearing shorts and sneakers and on the neck somehow hung a strange thing resembling a medal.
there were no shirts. One of your hand touched my shoulder blades and the other slid between his legs, and we kissed. I felt like my pussy is filled with warmth and badly you wanted. Oh, we forgot about my girlfriend. She stood smiling in some confusion, but realizing that we do not need it decided to retire. - Something I'm tired a little bit; - Said the girl. Annie, do you mind if I go to the dressing room to change clothes already? And I understand that I am not against it out the door. We were alone in the small gym. But look around the sides. One wall is occupied by the Swedish wall lie in a corner of the bus passenger cars (like 6 pieces), apparently to train running, getting into their middle. Then two shells on each rod by rod sizes. In another corner of the mat, on the third wall of the other simulators leg press, arm, but will return to us. The evening, we in the room alone, the light is not very bright, and why do we need to include all the lights, and so we see each other perfectly.
Your hand caresses me between the legs. Mostly warm and warmed me as I was sweating a little, the aura around us was filled with the smell of deodorant, which became operational on me. Your hand was already in my panties, and you feel that I'm there is not dry. Your finger penetrates me why I'm losing my head. My lips dig into your neck and I kiss you passionately. I hug your waist and both hands to climb in shorts and you reach for your ass. Oh, yes to you as there is no panties! In each hand down my tummy, which I greedily squeezing fingers, me they like ... Also, not getting out of your shorts, I am drawn to the sides of your body. But what? You will not let me touch him. You catch my hands and squeezing them tightly deprive movement. You decided to play? You want me to tease. It gets me even more, I'm just craving to squeeze in the hands of your beautiful cock. You kiss me on the lips is very hot and I suck your tongue and very eagerly grab your lips, you're a magician, you make me terribly aroused. I pull my hands out of my shorts and behaving in a sucker rod shells and put on the edge of one of them. To the bar fell on my head you shoot it and you put on the floor, and I was on the sunbed.
On each side is on a small bedside table, so that I was lying with his legs apart on the bench. You lift off the floor with a bottle of water, prepared me for a drink, but before he could take a sip I pull you to his neck, to continue kissing. Then you dial up a mouthful of water and poured it into my mouth, the water flowing down my cheeks, and you passionately kiss my wet lips, it's so nice cold water and hot skin. Then you lёsh of water bottles on my chest, nipples arise from this shirt and stick to the body. A stream of water pours over my stomach, but in the meantime you through a T-shirt kiss and nibble on my nipples, her hands wiping the water from my stomach. Then, a portion of the water poured on my panties causing tissue becomes more transparent and visible track hairs on my pubis. Hand caressing me over the panties, and her lips kiss on the lips. I stroked your back with wet hands, neck and shoulder blades. You, meanwhile, pulls off my wet white panties. I dabble, splash water from bottle on your head while you're kissing my clit and stuck in my fingers. On my left shirt, hair elastic and shoes.
I press you to my wet body. You're so hot, I like it a lot. But you did not let me touch your penis. - Give it to me, I shout. But you're not citizens. Step back. More, more, and here we are with a laugh, run by the sports hall. Suddenly you grab my outstretched hand and pulls me back against the wall bars. I feel like he pressed against my stomach through the fabric shorts, so I want it. And you me down on my knees and folding my hands behind my back, and then took off the neck medallion you tie them to the bar. I can not quite escape. You're standing in front of me and I can kiss your lips the body through the fabric. I pull teeth, gum, but I did not take off, and you're helping me. Shorts are falling down. A member of your already tense, but not quite hard, it is half and I eagerly swallow it. Not for anything in the world I do not want to part with it, I suck it, running his tongue along the bridle. I swallow as deeply as he put in my mouth.
He grew instantly. You lift his hand and I can lick your balls. Lick the barrel and again bow in her mouth turn each of the two balls. You watered my face, and a member of the water, what else was left in the bottle. As it turns me on. I want you so much! On my leg dripping a drop of moisture. Blood rushes to my pussy. You're getting in front of me on my knees and kiss, and they can drive my pubis and abdomen. And, as if teasing taking my head will not let reach your playful tongue. I can no longer tolerate. - Put me! I silently beg you. I want you to distraction. And pity me. I untied. You pulled one foot out of the tire and having untied my hands told to stand on it. I dutifully got on the bus with his legs apart on its edges. You bent my face to the wall and his hands tied to the back crossbar. At this time, the droplet has come already before my shoe. Now I'm a cancer on this bus. You parted my buttocks inserted member head between my sexual sponges and small teasing thrusts began to sink into me. He slipped inside easily on wheels, and of the long-awaited pleasure I moaned. You began to move faster and stronger leaning over me caressing my breasts. You pulled my wet beacons and now they were shaking from your shocks, and you with one hand stroking them, and the other from the bottom caressed my clit. Then, holding his hands over my ass began to move more in me. - Ah! Do not stop! Fuck me! More more! choking with delight, and knowing that you are in me and cried I whispered, moving her ass to the highest amplitude, which allowed my position.
You move it faster, then slower for a long time, until I felt that in my cock stiffened particularly strong. And then you pulled it sharply and hot stream flooded my ass back and pussy. And you came back to me and a little more wiggled it in, giving us calm. So slippery, warm and pleasant. I do not know whether I had finished, but it was very good. I looked left and saw that the door is not completely closed tightly, and curious looks schelochku glazik. Noticing my opinion that the owner of the eyes slammed the door. It turned out that my friend did not go home, and spied on us? And we have not even noticed. We have given himself up, dressed and gathered things together took to the streets. It was winter, falling snowflakes fine, and we walked up the path to my house and made fun of the way spied on us. I fumbled in my pocket ... your medallion.