Let me tell you here such a case that happened with me. I am 14 years old, called Serge and I have been wrestling judo know President VV Well, with me practicing a remarkable girl. More precisely girl, and even more precisely any woman, you know me in general. I know it for a long time, 4 years and have always dreamed of it otperdolit. She was 16, named Julia, slim, an increase of about 168, and a small chest zashibennaya ass. The elastic like a trampoline and so desired. I Kaneshno her paw, but always got a slap, it is not possible to make a drunkard well, and here he could not think of it as the same breed. It happened all by chance.
I was sitting in our rocking-locker. Tobezh in one corner there are all sorts of simulators and other hangers and benches. I just sat and pondered on this and not have to compete post. The simulator such that all of you know, just a place for lying and hanging rod over you, well, I was sitting, sitting, everything seems to have gone, and I had to sit the keys suddenly went Julia. We had been in neochen druzheih relationship and she even did not look at me. She returned just out of the shower and she smelled so nice. When she was about to leave, I asked her to practice. And she had 8 years of tennis more engaged, right now, 4 years judo, and power and excellent shape (in the sense of there stomach, balls, ass) Well, she agreed. She lay down, took hold of the bar and began to push it up and down. With each thrust her chest expanded and protruded sosski stronger. I could not just look at it, and my friend got up to full combat readiness. I started to hang up her noodles on the ears, they say everything is so and so.
- You must be tired?
- Yes, today was a tough workout.
- A shower you not relax? (I guess that she's masturbating, she loves it, we have seen tomuzhe)
- No.
Probably not finished, I thought. So I decided. Without thinking twice I walked up to her feet to say:
- Then I'll help you finally get relaxation.
I sat down in front of her knees, undid the button on his pants and pulled free of them. She put the first post and I wanted ottolknutb, but then thought better and decided that all the same Nichev not lose. Well, under the pants I saw a black thong, they probably easier to train. I pulled them and it presented itself in front of me treasure. Pussy looked like a plum with a dark pubis from the view which I have filed more. I began "relax" her. First, a couple of times licked her pussy and then began to bite her. This was spectacular. I sucked her lips and bit them. My nose rubbed against the pubis, it dostovlyaet even more fun. Her juice ran down his chin. The smell stuck in his nose. I parted the lips and clitoris At last I saw. He was stuck as a little buttons, I gripped it between two palbtsev and quickly began to lick. Julia moaned and heartbreaking crumpling her breasts hard. Her nipples were ready to break through the thin maichku. I felt that it would end soon, but it still did not want to. I stopped to have fun with her clitoris and began to introduce a finger into it. First tolko first phalanx, and then I thought, Th melachitsya Resko then put the whole, Julia wailed, but she liked it. I decided that I've had enough fingers and stood up. He took off his jeans, T-shirt and shorts immediately. I pushed her closer to the edge. My rod is lubricated already expired and I was ready, already not speak about it, it flowed like a stream overflowing water in a storm.