We sleep and do not suspect that we live in a different world ...
but the excitement - ordinary human feeling and
need, like food, emptying, breathing ...
So what is this shame?

Living in a dream and reality ....

h. 1 Son desires

He was sleeping peacefully in his cradle;
Wanted for the evening and in my dreams,
He dreamed to see passion lady
And sweet panting, sighing.

Foliage, from the wind blows,
I slid noise skirts ladies.
And the lightness of touch of hands,
Shalnuli on his thighs.

He winced. He moved his hand.
He tried to rush forward.
But the evil force again with you -
Games insidious twist.

Feet sank into the ground.
And the severity of the legs to overcome ...
He is an ardent passion of desire,
He could not seize him.

h. 2 Woke

But, as before, again being played,
Trembled, she blushed, and straining,
He long suffered in the pants,
Until he heard the cry: - Oh!

Here, the fabric thread cracked.
As the bullets began to buttons.
Trusov gum did not keep.
... He appeared in his eyes.

The pupils display the Madame
And there is a fervent heat burst,
Leaving an indelible mark on them.
Break your heart of love in return.