Who I want to be
I do not know about you, but I want to be a swinger / bisexual. What does this mean for me? What fantasies come to me? What turns me on?
Slightly off topic, but chitaetelyam need to know why I was bisexual how it all happened. This will be the key to understanding the story.
Apparently my puberty started too early, maybe I just could not control myself. But remember that this question interested me more in the garden, age 7, I have learned (himself!) To masturbate, and by the age of 13ti, after the weight is not very successful attempts to make sex with TEENS I thought - and if you do what many say at school, but the truth in a negative shade.
As they say "once is not n ... ", I decided. In general, through extensive experimentation, we figured out how to do this (not so easy to insert not skillfully) and then, almost 4 years of high school, I was happy, putting his ass friend, not forgetting the truth about the existence of the girls that is true, unfortunately, more kisses solves nothing.
Sex with the guys was just sex, with girls the same relationship was sublimely romantic. With flowers, poems of love and adoration.
On the other it was all simple and clear. In the mouth, then in the ass, cumshot, yet! Discharge is received and nothing more is necessary. That's the way that I was, and still draws in a bed. No syusi-Pusey. Do you want to relax - please. The size and went. Fuck and went about his business.
Preparation wife
He grew up, got married, and although I was a homosexual versed with 12ti, the first time was with a woman at 21. Thank God everything went well, I generally liked it, although of course differ greatly.
A few years later I found a super companion and married. We live super constantly very enjoyable sex, but over the years, after 5 years of marriage normal sex began to pall, and I wanted more raznooobraziya.
One of the thoughts that I am very vozbudala sex is my wife (let's call her Anna) with another man. But how to say it to his wife? I was then told that he would not mind such a stand, she said that it is possible, but doubts.
Then I changed tactics - at the moment when I fuck her in front of the ograzma I told her that I wanted to fuck someone else. Spitted on my hard cock and repeating that I wanted to see how she indulges another man, she began to cry profusely and finish "Yes!". I finished it at the same time and in the future, this technique repeated 3 times, so that after a while my missus perceived very positively the idea, apparently developed a conditioned reflex, but can she herself was not averse to just shy to admit before :)
Scene one (real events)
One evening, sitting in the company's followers and my friend Andrew, we noted that the companion has helped us to establish some electrical appliances in the apartment (I myself do not particularly understand this), and of course, his wife cooked meal and the bottle got. This and that, talking about life, drank, ate. And I usually after (drinking) pulls on sex. Basically my whole day was drawn to sex - I had already planned "unleash " wife and friend.
When, in the course went jokes, I noticed that my wife herself not averse to surrender. Several times she sits down on his knees to Andrew and let him hug her waist. But it was in the bounds of decency, and I decided that it's not necessary to change the suit and obstanovochku.
When Andrej withdrew to the toilet, I asked Anya - can poebmsya today threesome?
After my psychological treatment, plus the impact alcohol, I realized that the answer is not necessarily the case as I noticed a mad glint in her eyes, and I'm pretty sure she came out all at once from the bottom. She said softly: "let "...
When Andrew came back we drank once more and then moved his wife and I said Andrei, a little embarrassed:
- "there such a thing ... My wife asks me a very long time to fuck her at the same time two people. How are you?".
Andrew was very happy and said:
- Lech, what I mean! Come on! With pleasure! When a woman asks -nelzya refuse!
I think Anya suspected that the failure is not with the beginning, and she came to us in a tight nightie - as a fairy, it is very beautiful and sexy. Panties and bra were absent. She immediately sat down to Andrew on his knees and he put his hand under her nightgown and nashupal chest.
I must say that the breast my wife the envy of many - very many men can not take his eyes off this beauty.
Seeing as Andrew frankly paw my wife with me I'm almost finished with anticipation super sex. At last when my wife Mnev alien male insert member, and I will be present at the same time and help!
This idea excited me so much that I felt that my penis literally explode in your pants. Indeed, many "macho" and thoughts do not allow for such. Apparently my mood swingers influenced my early sexual experiences. I wanted to see the man's penis as he enters the pussy of my wife. I am very excited for some reason all the "forbidden ". Here for example, it is believed that the husband must protect the honor of his wife, and did not allow her to flirt with other, well, the more fucked!
And for some reason I wanted it to Andrew fucked her, it was with my permission, I, and it is desirable that he fucked her without a condom and finished right in it ... These thoughts just tore the roof ...
While Andrew put his hand on the chest of his wife, they carried away with each other, and he kissed her in the mouth. I realized that his language is now caressing her, a fact that I also very excited. I started to take off her jeans and my dick jumped out of the underwear.
His wife, seeing my excitement, took my penis in his hand. Andrew, seeing my body, took it as a signal, and one stroke off his shorts with shorts. Huge size standing member brought to our eyes. Of course, I knew Andrew for a long time, seen him naked many times, but did not think that he has such a big dick. Actually it was smaller when hung!
But what to do, I thought it was even much better! I do like the fact that a large penis. It would be logical to give a fuck his wife to the one who better! Type - members compete and fucks the Anna who has more!
In general, the theme itself is a lot of feedback on my bisexual consciousness. When I think about what someone will fuck my wife, it's kind of how to give the most secret / hidden - part of himself to another man. Given the fact that I would and he would not mind to surrender, all these actions made me very excited.
And, seeing as Andrew puts cock in pussy Anya, I just imagined that the same term can be inserted in me ... And it is also exciting to me. The fact of the subordination of themselves and their women differently is obviously homosexual fantasy Reflected on family life - I really liked.
One thing that we did not tell Adreyu is that I'm bisexual. I found a moment and asked, but Anya was afraid that such a turn of events could be so very unexpected and we decided it really is not worth so sharply con- fuse person. So look at the member I could, but ... touch it ... and suck ... - this has already been _vne protokola_ == therefore had to swallow salivating and enjoy the fucking picture of his wife but did not try to get back on her side.
We tried a lot of different poses. Andrew in front, and I, too, only in the mouth. Then it changed. After the body of Andrew, my pisyunchik just "failed "Although I have it generally is not small. Huge dyrischa developed Andryukhin ... member, squelched, and virtually covers my dick!
But like me, it was exciting !!! I felt that his wife is very well handled a real man, and I feel it is nothing else but his cock!
After a while I realized that Andrew is on the verge ograzma (at this time he was a member in the mouth in front of Ani), and I left the wife and said to him: "Come here".
Andrew happily switched to the missionary position and big and thick piston earned inside my wife. Then I said: "Stop right into it, we were protected ". This principle was true ie. A. Before sex I could tell my wife that she sprinkled vaginal contraceptive. At this point, Andrew, realizing that it is possible to finish "there", Was just a crazy speed and strength, sweeping movements, batter my wife!
I already was terrible - I realized that if I was there, his wife - that my ass would not stand that! And as soon as the fragile, gentle creatures and withstand prisposablivayutsya given like that ???
The amplitude of the movement and the force was huge, and, after a while, I saw Andrej froze and then became a member of the move slowly. At this time, I noticed that his eggs barely perceptible twitch, and I realized that my dream came true - my wife is _seychas_ finish !!!
I was beside myself with joy and excitement. After a while Andrei obissilennno down next to us and they started kissing Anna.
I decided that now is pleasant for me to insert the newly obkonchalsya pussy wife his cock. Maybe I'll show you dirty pervert, but, looking at the little legs apart Ani, I saw arising sperm. Excitation I knew no bounds! I abruptly put his hard cock in his wife ... ... and I realized that the very last stage raztrahal hole my wife. My cock went in her pussy and could move not only horizontally but also vertically. He literally fell into a huge, razbannuyu hole and went there in all directions. That's what that zhenschana quickly adapt to any penis. Anya prosposobilas by Andrew, and my member "hung " there. Moreover, the whole of my cock flowed alien sperm, it was a little sticky, and when I did frictions, my pubic hair stuck to neatly shaved pussy wife. I was covered in someone else's sperm! The fact that I fuck my wife, which has just pumped a lot of sperm, pushed me to the fact that just a few frictions in the body Ani I shot, he and his sperm mixed with semen Andrew ...
Then said the abundance of vodka. As if the main objective has been achieved and I fell to sleep. Andrew is with Anna could not stop until 4 o'clock in the morning. I knew that Andrew have not fucked but did not expect from him such feats.
He was sleeping with us, and while I was sleeping, he Anya almost all night right next to me moaned and he fucked my poor (but happy) Anya. By the way! The first is that Andrew did on waking in 10utra - it put a stick in istrzannuyu pussy and finished again. Without hesitation, I saw that Anna had just finished, repeated yesterday "feat" - Come at once - for 3-4 seconds in obkonchalsya pussy and pulled his wet from a stranger and a member of his sperm.
Anya complained that her first walk was hard, and very istrli her inside. True as that complained of fun, and obviously it was clear that she was pleased.
This event has brought a welcome variety in our sex, and I fucked Anna morning, afternoon, evening and night, constantly recalling their positive emotions. With Andrey we still met on the same topic multiple times. Even without vodka - so I actively participated in the whole process. But in general, which now wants something more.
All vysherasskazannoe really happened, only the names changed. But there is something that was not there but I wanted to. And I would like to really following:
options for the Future
Rest we let the sea. Getting acquainted with the sports guy, drink wine, we go to him on the occasion of the abstract. . They drink wine and watch a movie.
Here come his friends and we are still together. I understand that there 6 men and one woman, all drink and, most of all, want to fuck.
Among friends Gennady stands Vanya, who makes few direct allusions to the beauty of Ani. Clearly evident that he would not mind to look after her. The wife responds sheepishly / mock, joke joke.
I notice that many throw envious glances at my wife's breasts. Uchitavaya what I thought in the morning "unleash " Gena sex, and even washed himself ass (but you never know?) I think that we must take matters into their own hands and deduce Gennady
- "Gene, have a question, it is necessary to discuss in person ". I deduce. And explains "... That my wife for a long time told me that she wanted to devote more soon ... ". A: "Lech, well, you'd so soon and said. What questions!"
As he takes the children and explain the situation to them, I will whisper in the ear of his wife "Now you will fuck my request ". She excitedly looks me in the eye ... Those Returns an after conversation with Gena desired to consider Anya, many look me straight in the eye, ischya potdverzhdiniya what he said, but mistrust and misunderstanding to read in their glah. They do not know and do not understand how so here you can give someone a wife.
Anya, in a state of excitement, a little lower a little the left side of the dress, as if by accident, that the exposed part of the breast and nipple visible. She is well aware of what is now the full extent zaraboataet her pussy and mouth.
Included Gennady and offers drink "For friendship and so on. D. ". What means "t. d. "? He mysteriously silent, and smiling, looking at the queue at me then at Anna.
At this time, Max, apparently after learning the news of the genes puts a hand on my wife's chest. The guy puts his right hand on the thigh and moving up to the panties. They act as if it is hidden, but everyone can see that the hand moves under the panties, and guys see it, I see, and did not react.
From Ani your lips a groan at the moment when the hand reaches the lips. She looks at me quizzically / pleadingly.
Her eyes said: "because you want it, right? ", Her eyes a little scared. I smile, showing everyone what I see and I am glad such a development.
Max moves on to the nipple and compresses it. He does not encounter resistance. My cock stands on end, I understand that now begin to fuck my wife, and perhaps with it and me. And we can not say that I did not like this idea.
My God, what a pleasure to watch as my wife looks at the men around and realizes that it is * I * he gave them permission to touch her! A member of my standing on end, and I stood up and get down dress Ani so obnazhayutsya both breasts.
The revival of the ranks. I see standing erect cock on the left, under the shorts, and helping his wife to pull the boy shorts. She immediately, without question takes his cock in her mouth. At this time, the guys behind the pick dress pants and pull together with Ani. Anya's body is in the hands of several men. Who gets that. This is only the breast who mouth who the other breast. One guy just picks up the ass of his wife and panties down. Bares very neat, shaved and depillirovannyk sponge. The guy pulls shorts and spitting on his penis inserts it into the pussy. There is already squelching all and no lubrication is necessary. It begins the most enjoyable pastime that is available to man - namely - group sex.
Maxim takes his wife's mouth. The remaining members of the stress podrachivat ... The important point is that the wife alone, I -... six guys. Ivan (the big kind of guy) throws a phrase:
- "Lech, and the how are you? I see that you like to watch how to fuck your wife .... Can you yourself that? Maybe you dove? How are you about to take over the cheek? "...
I shyly silent. Ivan, seeing slack continues:
- "You know - Annie alone, and we are many. How are you? Come on, do not be shy - I promise it will be a pleasure! A? Or you have fucked? Do not be afraid - it all their " Ivan said, and everyone laughed.
- "Guys, I can see - he hooochet !" He said one of the guys and Ivan threw me: "Let's suck - Che lybishsya. Or do you want to say - I do not like this - I'm waiting for the tram? We are pleased you do, do not break a girl. ". Again, laughter. .
I realized that there is no turning back and that himself, giving his wife fuck, put himself on a par with it. It is necessary to help his wife. I myself, in general, that would _ochen_ _imenno_ such a development, but it was still a little scary.
I walked over to Ivan and squatted. Immediately I decided that we should not build yourself hymen. And how, what virgin if it all at once becomes clear as soon throw a glance at my hole. I do it for a long time already "train " that it can, if necessary, and take one and two members. As we shall see, will immediately recognize that I am not new to this business. So, it was immediately clear to me that you can to fuck, and I know that as a yes, I took and planted directly _do gorla_ on his penis.
- "Wow! Yes, I see here a real whore! Guys - See that guy doing !" - Said Ivan. .
At that time I confidently sit down throat on dick, trying to get me to vomit (note: both at home knowing that I want to talk to the male sex, I trained to do _eto_ a semi-member, inserting it to the throat, and perhaps my training is not in vain). I also coached a long time his ass so that it is easy to let in any penis size and there was a business woman I fucked a special member called strap-on and is worn like underwear. In short - you've seen that already waited for a rear opening at me with his fate and was ready.
Looking in the direction I saw that Gennady takes his penis out of the holes of Ani and the other guy is ready to replace him. His wife throws me a look, but mostly she's busy, sucks dick. At this time, someone lifts me and pulls me with shorts. "Uh, Lech, so you're not virgin! " - I hear immediate comment.
- "Well, no dick yourself! I have never seen such razbannoy ass " He says someone, and with a sweep vstavlyae me excited body. Cool I, before going on a conversation with Gena managed to drop himself on smazochki hole.
- "Lech, tell me, are you in the ass ebalsya? " - I hear a question.
But I can not answer t to my mouth busy affair. I just mychu answered "yy ".
- "Guys, let him pussy wider than that of his wife whores. And he shaved everything - look. No, well, naturally damn! And a member of goes like clockwork. Kaif! "
I can not particularly think about anything except the piston which runs in my mouth and a piston which runs in my hole. For me, there was no longer anything in my universe except the desire to fully satisfy a man, ie a few. If those who are behind, I do not particularly kontrollirovat, the same member that was in his mouth demanded attention and concentration. Ivan often grabs my head and pressed to her, he moved his hips using my mouth like a real woman's body, but this is not the case. It was very hard - it was necessary to have time to breathe before the next frictions. Not only guys pulled my body to the rhythm - back - and I fully impaled on the penis. Next - a member vtryat throat. We can not say that I do not like it, but now sex has given way to the hard work. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that his wife turned and tried to insert it in the ass. It is not such a poor thing as I prepared and it was given to her with difficulty. But she suffered. In general, I have a wonderful wife. She had resigned herself to the fact that she got a strange husband and operated on the principle of "relax and have fun ". Apparently she liked to be given to several men at once. At least she knew what it likes me, and she was ready to do everything for me.
After some time, Ivan stopped and roar began to cum in my mouth. Sperm beat my palate and I frantically glatal her, trying not to touch the tongue member. In general, it is a huge plus male blowjob is that man knows exactly what he feels and because doing blow job to another, he can do it super cool. Knowing all the details, I put my hand on the eggs and began to fondle and slightly press. This caused a roar of delight from the return of Ivan and the last drop of sperm, I licked from the head.
After all finished on time all came to the table to drink. Anna smiled at me, I smiled at her. Gennady toast: "During the execution of conjugal duties "Anya also laughed that pretty well to defuse the situation.
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