I would like to tell you a story that happened to me recently, the history of ninety percent true, and ten percent of this stuff, which always fly out of my head. Her name was Olga, she was the best friend of my wife and when Olga was married I would groomsman in her wedding. Her husband's name was Sergei, I met him through Olu we nebyli friends but after the wedding, they have become very common for us to go. In one of these days they came to us, but his wife was not at home and Olga had prepared us a snack went into the bedroom to watch TV. When the vodka was over, I decided to see how there Olya as she could get to sleep, and I wanted to turn off the TV, but from the togas that I saw there, I quickly sobered up.
Olga lay on her stomach, slightly bent right leg, skirt ridden up and not much has been seen of her elastic ass. From this picture I gasped, I quickly turned off the TV and went back to her husband. Dopit bottle it seemed to us a little, and Seryoga decided to go for one more, I discourage it did not, because I had a plan about sleeping Oli. When he left, I figured that the nearest shop is already closed, and he would not return without vodka, so I left it was forty minutes. I'm not wasting a minute went to Oli, and she was lying on the bed. Sitting next to I lifted her skirt and nachel consider ass, her white thong crashed between two buns. Once, at some party I danced a slow dance with Olga she was a little drunk, I slowly began to lower his hands on the waists to the ass, she smiling and saying that anyone of us can see.
She was always a little shlyuhovatoy, but like has changed after the wedding. I knew that Olga is always very fast asleep, she always had a very long time to shake it rose and then a long time she wakes up so that I could not completely scared and touch it. I threw her skirt higher and one hand gently stroking nachel ass, the other hand was in my pants because my penis has long been smoked. I slowly pulled her panties aside and stroked nachel between rolls, fingering her hole, I'm a little pressed for that Olga just sighed. I could no longer endure, I knew it was bad, but I'm not Che could not help it, I have brought some bubble with Aloev oil and as much as possible nachel rub it between the buttocks, then rubbed them your worth stake member and carefully lay down on it from above. Just now I saw her face, she slept like a baby, but it excited me even more. Leaning on one hand I took his cock and slowly nachel shove it in her ass, head thanks to lubrication with difficulty, but climbed into her virgin asshole. Olga immediately opened his eyes and squeezed her ass, she tried to get up, but I pushed harder and a member plunged by more than half in her ass. Olga tried to scream but I covered her mouth with his hand and nachel calm, saying that for a long time it would like that she had such a beautiful ass that could not resist, and this time I slowly fucked her harder and on the bark of the tempo so it went on for about five minutes while Olga is not She resisted and screamed she only cried quietly, so I took his hand from her mouth and leaning on two hands over her body sprawled nachel flourish poor to fuck her ass. Olga clutched hands in a blanket and my every blow brought her pain, I felt her body stiffen, and with each thrust member entered deeper into her hole. I could not restrain myself longer, feeling the approach of orgasm, I slipped as far as possible his penis, and stopped feeling how my sperm fills her ass. When he had finished, I lay a little Ole, and without taking from it a member nachel ask her petition, and she lay and did not move, I felt like shrinking its hole trying to push my cock on the actions of my cock nachel grow and I would maybe it again fucked yet, but the doorbell rang and I quickly jumped off the road pulling the pants went to open the door.
Seryoga came very pleased with vodka and lots of emotion, he told us about the closed shop, about some girls but I did not listen to him when he left, we drank for Olga. She left the bedroom as if drunk and passed by without saying no words left. Serge never have guessed what he has since a long time to come to us alone.