Ever since she and her husband moved, and he got a new job, he started having problems. Moreover, Helen could not quite understand why. She not only loved but respected her husband and ten year age difference is only supported this feeling. And the more she did not understand what goes wrong and why my husband having any problems with the work. Deprivation of bonuses, bad attitude Chief, all this made my husband nervous and overstrained and does not contribute to the favorable climate of the family.
And like all good beginning. After first husband with her, and was invited to the corporate and even a visit to his superiors. Which by the way, turned out to be a pretty nasty 50letnim man. behaved quite untie towards Lena, he allowed himself some slippery allusions, apparently trying to take care of such a boorish way. And this is understandable - after all the others present at events such women were much older than Lena, and certainly could not boast of its appeal. But the most Lena all these harassment were completely unnecessary. My husband loved it, and change it completely collected. His only changed in the 2 years of marriage she made a student with his supervisor, and renew a situation not planned.

But the situation was worse on the horizon-was looming dismissal, and therefore financial problems for a young family. And Helen decided to at least find out the reason for such a biased attitude towards her husband. She decided to call the chief husband to talk to him personally. Number she had. A couple of times he even he called her and offered to meet. But in those times Helen him rather abruptly dumped. And now he had to call itself. She really did not plan how and what to say and decided to act on the situation. Surprisingly Head is fairly easy to find time for her, suggesting to meet in a cafe at lunchtime.
The conversation was coming to be difficult, because Helen had no idea how and what it will say and to ask for her husband. So she decided to simplify your task - Impress Head. She knew that he liked and decided to get dressed so that look spectacular. To do this, she chose a bright mini leaves quite open her slender legs. Top jacket that allowed for so long to hide white blouse with a pretty deep cut. Breasts Lena let her not to wear a bra. And she decided to emphasize this provocatively unbuttoned blouse couple pugovichek. Completing the picture is the white shoes with stiletto heels.
Even when she went to the table at which sat Head, she saw that the desired effect is produced. view of the elderly but still apparently lustful man became oily and quite frankly, he was staring at her legs. and when she sat down at the table and they were hidden. then slid along the neckline assessing hemisphere rising above the breasts. But with such a clear response conversation completely flagged. All questions about the work of Lena husband, Chief coldly replied, vaguely duty phrases. He said that her husband can not cope with the work that he had performed poorly and that such employees in the company in question.

It flew almost 20 minutes, and Helen did not see any possibility to help her husband. Head has pointedly looked at his watch, and meeting, this was about to end. Helen was in despair. Even not knowing what to do, she took off her jacket and hung it on the back of a chair. Of course, she knew that as the chief is not only almost completely visible neckline blouses, but also, most likely, through the translucent fabric and light themselves the chest, but other possibilities somehow reverse the course of the conversation she had no choice. Apparently she looked quite tempting. At least, the Chief stopped to gather to go and decided to explain. - Well, why are you surprised, darling? I always perceive all its employees as one big family. Always ready to understand and to help if someone has difficulties arise. And I am all the more frustrating that to me are turning their backs and do not want to take my care. Because you have chosen a path of Helen. Stopped coming to visit, do not answer the phone, what you are now wondering what I did not want to help your husband? how can I help him if you do not want to help him? -what do you! not true! I just really would like to help! Helen exclaimed impetuously. - I just do not know how and what. and then stumbled on the tongue-in-Chief insolent gaze, and looked away, embarrassed, she added - and I ... do not know ... if I can ... Head laughed and already defiantly, staring at the neckline Lena, confidently affirmed - I think it will turn out exactly. And going back to the "you" confidently I offered - My lunch is over, let's go give you a ride home.
Helen sighed with relief - still heavy and unpleasant conversation was over. It seems to be some prospects for improving the situation there. As for the dirty hints something she already knew that was going on in the arrogance and overconfidence boss who allows himself to consider his wife of his subordinate as a sexual object for harassment. Still, she was glad that everything seems to be over, and besides, she did not dare to refuse again to hear that just her previous failures in communication caused problems in her husband's work. She went to the door with the author and do not even pulled away at the door, when he put his arm around her waist. Although perhaps it was a mistake. Because Chief of hand with each step slipped lower and lower, and soon enough, it turned out that he is a half-step, stroking the back, Helen ass.
His car, why it was around the corner in the alley. And when they came to it, he gallantly opened before Lena rear door. But when Helen sat in the parlor, and destroyed the image of gallant, again quite Lena slapped on the rump. And then Helen thought that things are going is not very good for her. Especially that instead to get behind the wheel Head sat down next to Lena in the back seat. Helen could not understand why, and was not happy to be almost alone with the chief, in a confined space of the cabin. especially since the car was the windshield to the rear wall and glass were zatonirovanny. but did not have time to zip her thoughts about the ambiguity of the situation as the Chief said - Well, if you want to help her husband just take and take off your shirt right now! Helen confused. She did not think that would have to pay for the favor so soon and was totally unprepared for this. Well, what you pull the time? you do not want to help then what was all this talk? get out your time and next week could look for a new job. - Very evil and not letting Lena knew it, demanded Head. Spurred by its requirement Helen trembling hands began to unbutton buttons of ... and still took off her blouse. The chief took it and threw it into the front seat. And he, hugged Lena began to knead her breasts. Tiscali hemisphere fingers played with the nipples, twisting them. Helen could barely hold back shouts and sat, quickened breathing, feeling betrayed, harden her breasts and nipples tighten and stand under the greedy fingers.

However, this did not last long. Head away from her, sprawled on the seat and, grinning, he said - well, let's help her husband! demonstratively he unbuttoned his pants. Helen realized that she had no way out. She certainly was unpleasant situation but she knew that now deny the chief, then finally all of his anger. Helen decided that it should, for the sake of her husband, anxious to meet this insolent. The more she thought already that she would have sex with him. And then just a blowjob. And she decided. Leaning to fly, run back and fingers, gently straightened already risen a member of the floor ... I took it in her mouth. Member of the Head was short and thick. Roth had to keep an open well, but he did not get up to the throat. Helen dutifully began to move his head, and the Chief, completely broke the seat, pushing her neck with his hand and whispered hoarsely - suck, suck, suck, suck. Whether these words, whether, after all, the feeling of the male penis in the mouth, and perhaps by a brief caress her breasts, but Helen felt her abdomen accumulates weight, feelings of sexual tension requiring discharge. These are her if no sex for a long time, for example. But now these feelings, only interfered with focus on the penis Head and Helen tried to drive them away, which, incidentally, turned out badly.
7 minutes later Chief of breath quickened, and he said - only see not to get me a car! Helen did not even have time to take offense. After all, the stain? he himself said that if soy sperm muck? and why is it Helen must also worry about the interior of his car, it was he forced her to have sex in a place like this? but before she could react like that to his words, in her mouth hit the hot shots of viscous semen. Whether he had long wanted to come, or simply excited at Lena, but the sperm was quite a lot, so that Lena was difficult to keep anything in his mouth. I had to make as large mouthfuls, so that everything in the mouth: the sky, inside the cheeks, tongue - everything was plastered. But she was, after all, managed to fulfill the requirement of the chief. Neither the interior nor on the seat without spilling a drop. Then while Helen sat, wearing a shirt and trying to collect the tongue in the mouth of sperm leftovers, she won even a compliment - I knew you cool nipple! not for nothing that I wanted you to fuck. Come on let's go, sit back and go. Helen did not know how to respond to such a word, and just remained silent, pondering all that had happened. Everything happened so suddenly that she had not yet decided how to treat this. All the places have laid a phone call for which Head said, when they were driving to Lenochkinomu home.
- Yes Nitsche not do this to me do. Well, who's the girl who blow job done. He answered the interlocutor
Yes well done. Yeah, married - he whinnied
- yes you've even seen it as it boasted Head
And Helen was sitting just inanimate - bliiiiin, what have I done! and if it is, all on the same paper will tell, but if he now says, whose wife I? The thoughts in my head darted frightened birds, and Helen realized that made a very big mistake, for the sake of putting her husband's career in jeopardy the very family life. What she had to do: Head to beg, that he did not tell anyone? to say that he came up and there was nothing, if everything will come up to the outside? pretend it's all lies, even if the rumors will spread and do everything to avoid these rumors. But while Helen was in prostration, she does not even pay attention, that the Head periodically oglazhivaet her leg, lifting his hand high enough to the edge of the skirt.
When the car had driven to her porch, Head has shamelessly stroking her thigh, she lifted her skirt and got a hand to the most panties. Helen tried the door, but she remained locked. - Not so fast, said the Head and just moved up to the Lena closer. That hand that stroked Lena before, he grabbed her by the shoulders, and the other was unceremoniously shoved between her legs. Helen gasped and tried to move the legs, but a little late and a strong brazen hairy paw Head sat down to slip down to the panties. Helen tried to stop it - grabbed with both hands and tried to push them under the skirts ... but she did not work ... Head was stronger and did not intend to remove his hand. Not only his thick, strong fingers pushed the already wet panties Lena and unceremoniously climbed inside! Helen moaned and pleadingly asked, no, do not you ...

The car was right at the entrance Lenochkinogo. At this time in front of her there was no wall. The windshield had not smoked. could pass by friends or neighbors. Helen even saw that from next door is a guy. But then ... Chief fingers began moving steadily and strongly in her vagina and she ... she is no longer able to think anything. She moaned and writhed impaled on his fingers, trying to somehow move away, but only stronger pressed into the chair. Her eyes rolled back, his head leaned back against the headrest. And in the end, it made no longer control himself. She forgot where and with whom is she just felt incredibly pleasant feeling in your Website articles, and ... her sexual tension resulted in the strongest clitoral orgasm. Helen could not even control myself and cried! AAAA! Head thus remained completely calm and only demanding whispered to her side - let blyadina Stop! let's whore!
and Helen knew that now it really comes as the latest pi .. but could not do anything about it. For a moment, it seems even disable consciousness. She shuddered convulsively on a chair, fully immersed in their feelings.
Then Helen somehow regained consciousness. Confused and embarrassed looked at the chief. This boar and contemptuous imperiously grinning, looking at the bewildered girl. I'm going to - tentatively asked permission of Helen, not knowing what to do now. - I'll call you. Wait blyadina - hopefully pinched her nipple boss and spent close to an entrance oily look. Helen walked uncertainly, his legs just buckled, as amended by some as clothing caused embarrassment. Slowly, she walked into the apartment, my husband luckily was not. Quickly undressed, Helen stood under the shower and already there, allowing himself to relax under the warm jets of water, she suddenly burst into tears. From all gone, all that he did to her this arrogant man. From his conversation on the phone when she almost was not told who exactly it. From the fact that now he can do it at any time. She knew she had made a big mistake and now became dependent on him and just like in the rest he did not leave. She only had to wait for the call with fear.

To be continued