So Alex did not even react to my return to the room and continued to hammer away at my innocent mat.posle first full-fledged sex in my life I was intoxicated and not paying attention to them lay spat.pod sounds I fell asleep furious fucked.
I woke up in the morning after breakfast vseh.posle Alex and I went to town to walk.
Well, how do you my mother? 'asked Alex.
good. Only I could not really understand anything she liked it or net.- the first time at all so often need byvaet.tebe this zanimatsya.kstati you know that your mother is leaving tomorrow and you're staying here and will be with me in a class to learn.
but she did not skazala.a How do you know anything?
I heard all morning. she with her father govorila.a Yeshe I guess is why it is you have left.
because she was married to my going out.
for whom?
for his kollegi.i think I'm jealous of her to me.
are you in love or what?
Yes net.prosto when one woman have repeatedly appears as you would think that the sense of sobstvennosti.ikogda Yeshe who will be able to use it becomes uncomfortable.
I was rasterennosti. my mom to marry! I learned about this from his "lover". we went back for dinner. After dinner I went to the bathroom to take dush.kogda returned to our room from there went Alik. he meant it was possible to guess what he was doing there. I went to see my mother pulls the pants.
you are so quickly vernulsya.u you all right?
I do not know how to even have something to say to me otvetit.u you?
my son! I have to talk to you.
Moms do not bother, I already know everything.
from someone you know?
what do you think?
okay! So what are you going to tell me?
do as you like mama.ty young and beautiful. you have to live your zhiznyu.obo I do not worry about me here is not bad. when will you come?
cute! I even do not know exactly but I'm your stepfather has yet to decide and then take you to us. she got approached and hugged me.
and burst into tears ...
That night I could not sleep. Alex fucked my mother as if they diverge forever. Besides, they both know that I do not sleep. Mom has lost all modesty and furiously jumped on a young member of Alika. He even stabbed her in the ass. Mom with her face in the pillow did not let their orgasmic screams.
a few days after my mother left me the night went to Alec's mother. uncle was on the night smene.posle short fuss I was able to insert his penis into her.
she smirilas.ya nachil kissing her chest, face, lips, and she replied vzaimnostyu.posle that night I did not sleep those nights when Uncle dezhuril.ona me a lot nauchila.teper I eagerly licked her clitoris and this is strongly vozbuzhdalas.i once during our next copulation Alik entered.
-it was you all the time without me spend the night.
- Alik Please leave. I'm embarrassed. -she said.
- Che immediately ashamed we all know. and nothing bad I can not see this.
With these words, Alex went over and lay down to us.
-you aroused mothers. like that hang around! you just see.
nachil he kiss her and I came to himself continued his hod.ona already taken in the mouth of his son nachila dick sucking my tempu.ya adapt himself did not want to end, and therefore Alik changed mestami.teper my dick was in her mouth and Alik I pecked her vagina.
-boys, cute what do you have with me delaete.ya lechu.aaaa ... more ... cute silneeee
I have not been able to endure and put in her mouth and finished. she swallowed, and at this moment we finished alik.vse povalilisna bed.
-mothers day after tomorrow will Yeshe luchshe.A Now all sleep, but in the morning the pope guess. then those nights when my uncle was on duty, we staged an orgy.
to be continued...