Triceratops Tolstonos, the oldest inhabitant of the Great Valley displeasure looked at the sun, outrageously low hanging above the horizon. Usually it lying down, as usual, head to the east, not wake up before it ceased to fall lonely shadow growing among ferns spreading thick larch. Now the shining disc still confused among fleshy leaves his future breakfast, and its bright rays hit him in the eye. The cause of his interrupted sleep today was simple: almost since the dawn of the Valley was filled with such a piercing sound that they seemed even woke my echo, reflection, huddling from the surrounding mountains it is paradise.
Ringleader, as usual, was the baby Diplodocus-Wee-Feet growing here under the watchful care of by their grandparents. Waking up before dawn, he went to the lake, fed by sliding it to the nearest glacier mountains, biting the road delicious flowers and ferns. Approaching the water closely, he stood for a moment, watching the breakfast greeted him with a long intermittent Mo whistle baby plesiosaur, whose family settled in the Valley recently: Now he deftly cut through the calm surface of the water, preying on small, dressed in a silver scales, fishes, seizing the most careless and immediately swallowing them. On the eve of a young diplodocus I came across very interested in his place. With a tree growing on the bank, terminating at this place is pretty cool - until the water was about three of its growth - nearly to the ground hanging beam yellow vines. Theoretically, you could grab mouth a few of them, climb a tree, as if specially curved for this jump and flying through the air and opening his teeth, a trump to flop into the lake. He would not hesitate to have done it yesterday, if not two then existing "but." First, it was too late, and the grandfather has called him to sleep. Second, he did not know how to swim, and the lake, right after the wet muddy narrow strip at the foot of the slope, covered with a mass of rotting algae, it was pretty deep.
- Moe! - Shouted Crumbs-feet away with the food and now splashing and jumping out of the water only for fun, buddy. Interested plesiosaur swam closer. His land each briefly told him my plan.
- Can you get me out of the water?
Mo, leaning half out of the water, shook his head affirmatively and perelivisto laughed weight was approximately equal to the Little-Legs, but even in their young age, the power had just extraordinary.
Tiny-Feet mouth grabbed just four vines, were quite unpleasant to taste and sample a few times tugged at them. The plant, obvivsheesya around thick bitch, do not even think to break away from him. Then he climbed up on the strongly inclined trunk, making sure that he was out of the water are closely monitoring the sparkling eyes and fun, swaying back and forth, jumped several times. Tree trembled fifty kilograms screaming, and, more precisely, moaning through tightly clenched jaw, flew through the air. In the extreme point far away from the shore edge, strung liana string broke and broken. Barely had time to collect the air in the lungs, Tiny-Feet with a deafening cry fell into the water. Not having the usual lack of wind foothold, he felt a powerful blow to the stomach tight muzzle, almost lifted him above the water. By the time a merry soul from Mo pushed the stunned delight buddy to the shore, a tree has stood Sulphur and Dhaka.
Plant has danced with impatience girlfriend a tree and stretched out her leaf vines, which she clung so tightly that the jaws are white, sulfur stepped aside. Plucking up courage, Dhaka fled and went flying. On the vine she flew silently, but releasing it, gave himself go: it lays the ears cry almost moved to ultrasound for a time-sensitive Mo stunned. Because of this, he hesitated a little, and a little saurolophus, decided not to deny myself the pleasure of a ride on a scaly back, we had a chat paws in the water longer than she would like.
Only when soaking wet and terribly pleased with himself Tiny-Feet in the third climbed the hill crumbles, Sera decided to join his friends. Mindful of his eternal bad luck, she took a deep bitterness fall to give vines, from which she almost immediately numb sky. Standing on the trunk with his mouth, feeling at the same time extremely stupid, she jumped forward. Stomach it rose to his throat, and his heart sank - flying under a tree, she heard a loud crash and felt the sudden slack in his only support.
Muffled yelp and closed his eyes in fear, still clutched in his teeth useless leaves, she rolled head over heels down the slope and fell straight into the disgusting smelling mud, where stuck on the most tummy tuck. Seeing an angry Sulphur, barely selected on a dry place, all the others laughed in unison. While she kata-las on the grass, with sin in half scraping off the adhering dirt on the ground flashed a small winged shadow. Desperately flapping its wings on the right size females landed a small pterodactyl Petri. With difficulty catching his breath, he rattled patter:
- Spike is very bad, sick, sick Spike!
When awakened by screaming Little-Ducky Feet ran to the lake, lying side by side with her, Spike was still asleep - he, like the old Tolstonos never woke up so early. But now, when he, instead of the usual tuck into whatever grew on the ground, lying motionless with eyes wide open, it really was very surprising and even a little frightening. Friends surrounded him and began vying to wonder what happened to him. Spike in response only shook his head from side to side, showing that he does not want to eat or drink or play. Tiny-Feet came up to him and jokingly shoved it into covered dense leathery naros-ter side.
In response, Spike something short and illegible hissed, even more pressed himself into the ground, and looked with apprehension at the beginning to gather concerned his behavior adult dinosaurs. Spike seemed to stir up the crumbs-feet a good idea: in addition and based in far rainbow Sulphur mood all day is not going to mess around a real dinosaur, willingly joined him. Joint efforts and Tiny-Feet when Cera moral rather than a real help and bustling Dhaka concerned hovering on them Petri, turned the hissing and resisting Spike on his back and retreated a few steps back in amazement. Adult dinosaurs grinned, looked at each other in silence, and turned slowly, went each on his own business. Spike wriggled his whole body was finally able to get back on his feet and took a few awkward jumps, hammer and tongs disappeared among the ferns.
- What is he? - Bewilderment asked Little-Feet in Sulphur.
Sulfur approached him and bowed horned head, looked under his belly.
- Well, - she handed. - You got it too. Probably. Here.
She gently touched the folds of skin between his hind legs and continued to doubt.
&# 8722; But he must be very small. Here such.
She pointed to her wallowing near the thick knot of two centimeters in length.
- And it - she looked around for something suitable for comparison, and not finding anything suitable, he blurted out. - Well, almost like your tail!
- Go for it should be! - Frowning, said Petri.
- You're right! - Firmly said Little-Feet. - Suddenly it hurt him! Heard he hissed ?!
To find Spike was very easy - panting, he was lying at the end of the work done by himself wide gaps of crushed and broken stems and leaves. He lay almost on its side, and its long and thick elastic member, so hit them a couple of minutes ago, was all in plain sight. He cautiously looked ... with one of them to another, until he stopped at Dhaka. She did not just have to deal with the hungry Spike, a completely uncontrolled and sometimes even unbearable, until the will stuff your stomach, and she knew how to behave with him. Of course, Spike did not eat anything in the morning, but other than hunger, now in his eyes was read something that made Dhaka hide behind the front leg Sulphur and last tilt your head in an instinctive defensive position. Dark brown member of Spike has increased even more, from the hole on the purple head made clear droplet.
- Still wondering what's wrong with him? - Little-Feet, curious, did not-how many steps forward. Hatchling Stegosaurus got to his feet and all crept - it was obvious that he will run away as soon as Tiny-Feet will make another move in his direction.
- I do not know - hissed in response to sulfur, further tilting the head. - But I do not like it!
As if by agreement, not taking his eyes off Spike tensed, they turned around and went back. Every few steps someone of them looked - Spike lay on his stomach, and from time to time made convulsive movements, crawl along the ground back and forth. He picked his teeth with a bit of land and a fern began to chew - Little-Feet considered it a good sign.
That evening Dhaka, for the first time in a long time, put to bed alone, without Spike. Yawning, she, out of habit, said "Good night!" In the direction of his own dug pits, filled with fresh leaves, and fell asleep. Something pushed into the nose. In half-sleep she waved paw, but missed, and a moment later felt another hot soft touch. Deep breathing in the familiar smell, she barely opened her eyes. Just before her nose was hanging tight, aimed directly at her face member.
- F-oo-oo-th! - Grimacing in disgust, she raised her head and stumbled upon the pleading look of large eyes. Spike made a strange mournful sound that took Ducky for an apology. Several times he opened his mouth and licked his big tongue the air, with the value of looking at his girlfriend. Dhaka timidly stuck out her tongue and licked gently. Spike finely she trembled all over and nodded his head with a contented, ear-to-ear smile. Dhaka, licked again, kissed her head and licked his lips, mentally shrug: no taste, hot and hard, with a familiar smell. She was all the same, but just like Spike ... She began to lick the trunk and head, soon noticing that Spike shakes the strongest when it touches the lips of the head base. To caress it the entire length of her each time had to do a few steps: Spike finally jerked so hard that she was afraid, and drew back.
At this point, it was right in front of him and immediately got right into the muzzle muddy, sticky, strange-smelling stream. Land under it instantly became slippery, her legs parted and she fell right into the puddle formed. Rising, she felt like a terribly sticky: viscous droplets frustrated with her paws and tail, one of them was going to have it on the chin and joined her friends on earth. Spike, she was moving away side continued to flow - it was hard to see, but well heard as powerful jets of water the ground around him. The moon disappeared behind the clouds: in almost total darkness was a scary one to go to the lake, so Ducky curled up and tried to sleep again. A minute later, through the half-sleep, she felt a nice touch of a large body. Happily smiling, she fell asleep.
The next morning, Little Feet was awakened by what someone has pushed. Sera attacked him with his head for some time and was clearly not in the spirit. Like a true triceratops, she treasured her honor - yesterday's laughter over it still sounded in her ears.
- Spike back. - She muttered to him.
The first thing they came across was a large white spot, well marked on the brown earth. Sulfur sniffed him and sneeze repeatedly. It woke curled up in a ball of Dhaka, but Spike slept like the dead. Tiny-Feet noted to myself that yesterday's "stuff" between Spike's leg was gone, and frankly this was delighted. Approached the Yes-ki Sera, without even having to open your mouth, sneeze repeatedly again, so much so that her eyes shed tears. Guessing the reason for this, Dhaka rushed to the lake to wash off the traces of the night "adventure." Carefully opolosnuvshis, in a good mood she ran back. Even from afar she saw Sulphur and Tiny-Feet, talking with appetite devours fern happy Spike, who once hung his stick between his legs. Dhaka sobbed and fainted.
- Listen, Tiny-Feet - gently beginning to respond to him, naively direct question Spike adoptive mother, a mother of Dhaka, has had time to talk with his daughter. - What happened with Spike, we who live in the Great Valley, only happens with adults. I raised him from the time when he was hatched from an egg, and, of course, know much about him, but I did not because of his tribe. - She thought for a moment. Tiny-Feet shifted impatiently from foot to foot. - Perhaps it is best you take Spike to his family. Moreover, they are now not far away, now I'll tell you where they were staying. Hurry, because they do not live long in one place, like you and me ...
Sulphur went and thought what Spike she does not like more: the former, not stopping at nothing at the sight of a beautiful flower that grows usually somewhere on the edge of the cliff under the noses of the Jag, because of this myself getting into trouble, and retracting in which all other present or, the twine behind the Descending the side, and it is continuously sniffs. Emphasis is not paying attention to it, it is several times sharply waved its tail, hoping to hit the curious face, but he obviously deftly dodged. Inherited it from their ancestors the natural fury broke the barriers of decency and friendship for one another. Pride would not let her call out to friends. Her eyes were bloodshot, especially sulfur slows down: she will deal with insolent. Finally, after waiting for the moment when Little-Legs and Dhaka disappeared behind a large boulder, sulfur turned towards Spike and three thrusting noticeably sharpened lately horns, rushed at him.
But where were his clumsiness? Spike dodging her attacks, repeatedly forcing frenzied Sulphur crashing into the prickly bushes, or plow the ground nose, stumbling over roots protruding from the ground. Finally, all flushed and scratched, she stopped, panting and almost nothing of seeing the bloody shroud, ready made to her eyes. Here he is! Now he can not escape! Brazenly placing her on his side-kick Spike stood between two trees, depriving themselves of the opportunity to avoid its rapid ramming. After issuing a battle cry, Sera attacked, confident in its success. Spike has made the highest jump in life, passing under a living embodiment of anger. At the last moment I saw Seurat curved arc root directly in his path. In desperation, she tried to slow down the short blunt claws, but it was too late: she flew at full speed in a trap insidiously, where he was stuck tight, like a cork in the bottle neck. "Gotcha!" &# 61485; I thought flashed through her mind.
&# 61485; C-ah-ah-ah-dk! C-ee-p-ah!
Discovered their disappearance was seriously alarmed by friends back in their footsteps when from the side of the dense thickets of the wall tumbled desperate sneezes Sera, and behind it and purring to himself under his breath Spike. Proudly raised his head, and no one else looking Sulphur silently and purposefully strode toward the camp Stegosaurus, unusually wide apart rear legs. The rest had no choice but to follow her-Little feet with reverence in the eyes looking at the silhouettes of dozens of huge, half-hidden in ... the fog hanging over the gushing out of the ground hot geysers, dinosaurs, moving smoothly and silently, like a dream. Spike made a trumpet, and immediately received a hundred-fold increased response. The closest dinosaur slowly began to move toward him, but first, ahead of their adult neighbors, a dense whitish veil ran almost an exact copy of Spike, only more elegant, with a pink complexion and even more bright, fiery red ridges on the back. Seeing Spike, she squealed with delight and ran to him. Both, humming with pleasure, began to rub against each other out, and it was a demon-strated that do not mind to be under their familiar. With contempt watching her, Sera snorted loudly.
- Little-Legs!
Turn to him the soft female voice, it is not appropriate massive head on a long neck, made his escape from the sight of full-mate Spike squealed with delight girlfriend.
&# 61485; Spike so happy! - Doubtfully he said in response.
&# 61485; So we are arranged, Tiny-Feet - big eyes with long eyelashes blinked slowly. - Spike all soon pass, and it will be the same again, as before, until it becomes completely adult. But while it is better to stay with us. It will be dark soon, if you want, stay here for the night.
Little-Legs was not averse to agree, but looking at the desperate gestures out of sight sympathetic head tilt to it Stegosaurus Sulphur, politely declined.