With you again Ilya from LETI, Now I will tell you another case of my life that will go down in my SEKSOGRAFIYU.
We had one student on the course with a beautiful figure and excellent elastic juicy breasts, which she was famous all over the stream. I do not mean that it fucked all and sundry, and that she loved
plainly dressed. Her favorite costume was a transparent black blouse made of a material similar to tulle. Everyone could see her black byustngalter, filling up to the top soft pleasant meaty content. All past
whom she took her eyes were stripped naked and represented, but so cleverly that then covered the folders groin. And once I had the great chance to a single from our uni.
Not passing the tails I stayed at the extra session, and it was there, too, or rather just me and her. We sat in a stuffy auditorium. It is in light shirt fanned herself notebook, stealing my attention, and I Karpel on the ticket.
After a few minutes, I began to notice that it increasingly looks in my direction. If I was not sitting, it would already was covered by a folder or notebook, it was so seductive.
And then began the action !!! The professor did not notice me, he called her to him, and he realized that she did not know anything, he began to flirt with her. A minute later he was driven around the index finger of her feminine lips,
painted bright red lipstick. She moaning, sweating even more excitement. She was all wet, spreading a seductive feminine scent by the audience.
I just realized that go unnoticed hiding behind a chair and watched. My penis length 19.82 centimeters just tore my jeans, forcing me to undo them. I placed comfortably legs apart, sitting on the floor with bare red member.
Student (her name was Light, but was called the goddess) was sitting with Professor lap. She just devoured his mouth with his mouth, cleaning the entire cavity of the language. Professor smacked his lips and picks up to its
divine breasts. And then I saw something about what everyone dreams with our flow. Her sisichka looked and stared at me with his hard upturned nipple. I could not resist and started to pelt tag! Right in
audience !!!
Meanwhile Professor has crept on to her skirt, he became a beast, he eagerly pulled off her thong to his knees, he threw on the table and went to her between the thighs, plunged headlong into her soft breast. He eagerly trying to embrace the whole of her lips, but nothing worked, and she excitement wrinkled shirt on his back nail. It is from this more zverel and drives the healthy her his cock in her pussy with gentle force
They shook the table, sweeping away all the papers until he toppled over. They lay on the floor and undressed each other Donoghue. To improve the review I got up to his full height and walked two rows closer, and they did not notice me, they were busy with something more important than I am. The professor was already close to orgasm, and in order to avoid through the power pulled his penis out of it and put it to her lips.
At first she was taken aback by this (probably smell) but then began to suck hard. She vzdrachivala his penis, both in
the last time in his life, without taking breath. I am not to see ejaculation professor stood up in the aisle and quickly drove along the arm member, because he was close by the third orgasm.
Professor tensed, grabbed her head and filled the mouth with warm sperm, and then looked around and noticed me
Vrook member. I awkwardly tried to pretend that chinyu fly, but the penis failed me, twitching and poured my semen on the floor a poor audience.
OPCS I zdal perfectly, professor still puts me among the top five and just smiles, seeing me in the aisle audience.