fictional story
In high school, most of all, Andrew, loved spy on the women's dressing room, located next to the gym and shower. Once, during a work day, it carried the stretcher into the basement, next to the storage area and found a small inconspicuous door. A little tinker with it, he still was able to open it, and was in the school ventilation system.
His knowledge of the location of school facilities was enough, so after a couple of minutes, he had got in front of the grille reinforced lockers in the women's locker room. What he saw there the picture, shook him to the core. Four girls his age, completely naked, sitting on the bench, as the ease talking. Although the valve-lattice mixture, Andrew, saw them quite clearly. Instinctively, his hand reached for his pants and unzipped. Enough of only two movements fist on his cock, that he watered his seed dusty pipe.
A year later, twelve Andrew, has become a gourmet, with regard to its self-satisfaction. In the basement it is now down only when in the dressing room was one of the girls, on which ryh he had his eye before.
On that day he was watching one of the senior pupils dressing up and so excited, I did not notice that finished his pants on. When he got out of the basement, I got to meet him, his teacher-ence of German, Natalia Stanislavovna. Apparently she knew where to get out of the basement, so looking at his pants, she immediately understood.
- I want to see you in his classroom, after school, young man.
Having said that she continued on her way, paying no attention to the boy frozen in horror.

When lessons were over, and his class took a run home, Andrew trudged dejectedly in the German study. When he came into the class, Natalia Stanislavovna, broke away from the audited supervisory and cold look at him:
- Come in and shut the door of the castle. - He did.
- Come to me, and tell me what you did there.
The boy came close to the teach-sumer table and stared at the floor.
- You're spying on girls.
- ...Yes.
- And what are you still doing there. Where did you come from a spot on the pants? Do you masturbate?
Andrew seemed that her voice changed, it appeared some new notes.
- Yes, I did it. - He felt a flush of shame, flooding his face, and his eyes welling with tears.
Noticing that his eyes were wet, Natalia Stanislavovna approached him and gently put his arm around him.
- What are you, in fact it is normal for a boy your age. You like what you saw in the locker room?
All that the boy might do in response, so it is to nod his head. He liked how the teacher held him, was enough for him to tilt his head to bury in blouse neckline, her breasts.
- Andrew, I want you to do something for me. I want you to show me what you were doing in the basement.
His heart sank, did she really wants what he would podrachil in front of her.
- You want me to pulled his penis?
- Well, if that's what you were doing there, then yes. I want to see how you're doing it.
The boy undid the belt and pulled his pants with shorts. Natalia Stanislavovna told him that if he took them off completely and sat down on the table in front of her.
- I want to see it close, to be absolutely sure that you're doing something wrong.
So Andrew sat on the edge of the table, and she on her chair. Her face was only a foot from his genitals. The boy awkwardly grabbed his penis with his fist and made a few twitch movements.
- If you do it that way, it is quite wrong. - Andrew felt like his heart jumped, then she still punish him. But its continued phrase quite knocked him down. - If you want to have fun, it was necessary to do so.
She took his cock in his warm hand and began gently stroking it. Startled, the boy bit his lip even such a pleasant feeling he had never experienced before. And Natalia Stanislavovna held out his other hand to fondle his balls.
- Do not you have a friend who would do this to you? No?! If you want, I'll be your girlfriend?
Having said that she bent her head and kissed the head of his penis.
- You want to say that I will do so at any time, whenever I want? - He asked hopefully.
- I do not at any time of course. But if you can convince parents that you need additional classes in my home, to think that I can help you.
- Yes, I would very much like this. And kiss me like that again.
But the teacher did something else. It completely took his penis in his mouth and began to suck it! Unable to withstand the excitement, the boy immediately terminated by releasing sperm deep into the throat of his teacher.
- SMM .. baby, it is very pleasant to the taste. Now let's change places, I want you to do the same for me.
Natalia Stanislavovna rose from his seat, and Andrew sat on a chair. The woman lifted her skirt and sat on the edge of the table in front of the boy. She wore no underwear, and Andrew was able for the first time, close up, consider that part of the female body, which always attracted him. The teacher dropped one hand down, revealing his crack that he had better be seen. The other she put her hand on his head and gently pulled him to her. He thought that she wanted to lick her that he, well, he was not against it.
Andrew leaned over and licked at her between her legs, trying for the first time a female juice taste. He liked the taste, so the boy pressed close to her face, burying his tongue in her tender pink interior. Natalia Stanislavovna through moans, gave him advice which is easy to lick a little tickling tongue, and where possible and gently bite. Lick it, Andrew noticed that his penis is again, and in fact he had not even touched him! The woman also noticed this and decided that it is time to proceed to the next lesson.
- Andrew, I want you to get up between my legs, that is. And now take up his beautiful cock and enter his head into my crack.
When the boy did as he was told, she grabbed his buttocks heels, and sharply pressed him to her. Member easily entered her hot hole.
- Okroshka! Like this! Fuck me boy! Fuck her teacher!
Andrew thought that the feelings he experienced when his penis was in her mouth, it's the best feeling, but he was wrong. What was happening now was definitely better! Her cunt was hot and humid and he wanted that its members remained forever in this heat. But Natalia Stanislavovna was still something which plans for him.
- Oh dear. Wait a minute, pull it out of me. - When he was a member of their brilliant selections turned out, she stood up and turned her back to him, lay on the table ... breasts. - Now I want you to be stuck in the ass Me. She's just hungry for the members of the little boys!
Andrei hardly entered my dick in her tight ass. For a while it seemed to him that he is only hurting her, but five minutes later they both began to experience pleasure. They finished almost simultaneously, Natalia Stanislavovna first and then Andrew. He went down the sperm in her anus, feeling it konvulsionnye twitching.
When they finished, she helped him dress pants, as his hands were trembling. She did not allow him to wear shorts, take them yourself:
- I want to take them as a trophy. - She opened her purse and stuffed them inside, and instead pulled her white silk panties, and gave them to the boy.
- I thought that you do not wear them at all-ones.
- No, I wear. But after I caught you near the basement, I knew what the outcome of our meeting, so I went to the bathroom and took them off for you. I hope that we will be able to do this more often, at my house.
- Oh sure. I otproshus today parents.
- And you will not mind if I invite us to his girlfriend? If you want, you will be able to fuck her too. She is very nice and only a year older than you. We have a few months of making love to her, but she had never seen a man's penis.
- Yes, I would very much like this. She's still a virgin?
- Yeah, but it is unlikely it will be after tonight.
They both came out of the class, and Natalia Stanislavovna followed him to the house. They managed to keep their relationship a secret for two years, adding to his list of lovers and mistresses of her friends and students.