One evening we were sitting with my boyfriend and I have meditated, go for a walk or stay at home. As nice walk was breaking, he appeal to the fact that I was so sick, so what do I walk, should be treated and not suffer nonsense. As we sat and wrangled, unexpectedly announced "for tea" (He always comes in the evening to drink tea and leave at five o'clock, a tradition), our mutual friend, which I madly want. I do not care that he has a girlfriend, and that they love each other. I do not care that he spit on me, and that the most that I get from it - it's just sex. I want - and the point.
And sometimes I want to poluobmoroke, so he turns me on her caresses. My God, what are his great hands! Looking at these terrible, the workers paw, never say that they can do that. One day I came just because he merely caressed my chest and at the same time we'd kissed. By the way, kissing him too full of buzz. Once, during a half-hour of kissing under the punk rock he bitten my lip (scar forever), but it was such a mad rush, I'm ready to forgive him anything. I even kissed anybody like him. In general, I love the man, to be sure.
I will not drive your Sasha (though tempted, but uncomfortable somehow), we went to all the delegation to the kitchen ... We talked about everything, plenty of tea drunk, even guitar tired. Meanwhile, such a mise en scene: Zhenya (a friend who came, in his own words, "a couple of sticks of tea") Lies on the couch, I lay side by side, hugging and resting her head on his shoulder, well, I'm so comfortable, you know (yeah, with your own guy, okay!) And peaceful doze. I do like to cuddle with him.
Guys do not pay attention to me, selfless chatter on the favorite theme - weapon - a holy cause! I fell asleep, woke up - all the same all the same, the history of the origin of the gun "Stechkin". All would be nothing, not even interesting, but when there are two favorite guy, and wild "WANT!!!"Then what's the fuckin ' "Stechkin".
I'm a simple girl, I declare: "boys, the third hour of the night, it's time to sleep, Come quickly rebound!". Boys with such impudence a little stunned (Zhenya something for nothing, he was accustomed to the fact that I stuck to it all the time, and besides, he do not care, but Sanya mine, with which we previously only kissing, because we meet only two week :) but nothing tolerant. Agreement, it is necessary to pack.
One couch (because it happens in the kitchen, I'm not dragged into this Caudle home to mom), narrow and besides, more and shorter. And the boys, then I was not tiny, and indeed I am a girl high. How to be? Lads I rammed shoulder to shoulder, she plopped down on top. The light turned off. Talk talk, laugh, have fun watching my rebyatochki with each other, they say, dear, beloved, and other nasty impossibility. The beauty of the situation is that the darkness is absolute. I lie on top of the face to the boys, Sasha me with one hand modestly hugs, I hold his hand. But the second my hand, shamelessly using the pitch darkness, slowly stroking Genia between his legs, kayfuya by increasing elasticity. He, nothing daunted by the presence in the vicinity of my boyfriend, gently stroking my back, sometimes grabbing the chest and crawling his hand under my jeans. Time of vrememni we kiss him quietly and nobody notices.
It turns out that such an extreme as its own next guy - so gets! We kiss of Sanya, he obaldevaya from his own courage, climbs gently under my shirt, caressing my breasts, at first timidly, then more active and bolder, with himself from that terrible start. I must say, I have one feature: Turns me very strange excitement. Just a roof tears sometimes when I realize how I have got Man, how he wants me, what he was thinking, and what is. And if I still put his hand between her legs, then this is a full fly away: It's worth waiting for and wished me Sanya kisses my ear, I can hear his breathing, which goes astray more often, and understand that I wildly want to continue the feast . After Eugene at this time does not lie like a log and also gently caresses me, not even very much trying to keep his hands do not overlap with his hands on his neighbor's bed. Lasky four hands - it's incredibly nice, you do not always know where whose fingers such favorite and who is doing what. For ten minutes I just lay there, moaning softly with pleasure, and struggled forbade himself to utter a phrase that veretelas at the tip of your tongue. "My God, my boys, how I want you !!!"
One could not, resist.
Just Sanya me a year ago has changed because of the cast, the Fool knows how he would have reacted to this, I did not dare, though like crazy.
Hands already hard walk under my shirt, kissing me with whom I can, because with Zhenya want something more, but still have so that my Sasha did not understand why a man wag the nerves. The very guys stroke where'll be able to sneak, because apparently all pretend that we're just talking about different nonsense and does so no one does. Well this game, guerilla, rashen extreme. Jeka, then all is well aware of what is happening in reality, but the guy is my kind of thinking that I just caress him and our friend quietly resting and catching up with the whole theme. Unable to withstand the voltage, lads went to smoke. Prodyshatsya calmed down, I meanwhile himself a little in order lead. Showed up, lay down, only reversed, pulled me to him. I at this time lay on her back. Publicly declared that it is time to sleep, all were silent, with varying degrees of success we pretend that we are in a kingdom of Morpheus My cunning plan was simple and primitive, like the song of "Hands up"And even more easier. Zhenya's hand in the jeans I once launched, it was no problem - jeans hung on the hips and with that there were no issues, even more so for us it was not such fun the first time. Sania, I put a hand on her stomach, and little by little, by centimeter her way under the belt, not knowing how he likes this idea, especially not alone as in normal people, and in the presence of even Kent, but still completely left in the intima human. My hand in his pants to his push, help, even unbuckled belt to get it easier.
To get gently stroked her fingers Sashka member - in fact it was our first encounter with him. Quietly I drive around the stem with your fingers gradually hand hug, caress the head - shortness of breath is not even trying to hide, gently whisper in my ear all the sweet stuff. Led the boy ...
Imagine the picture: two guys are next on the back, top in the middle is a girl. Both hands I caress their phalluses, from which get mad fun because compress just two hands, two qualities which I clearly want - it's very cool, and at the thought I have now wet between my legs, and I want to again and again to repeat these merrymaking. The hands of the cute guys fondle my breasts, already intertwined fingers, and do not notice it. Genia sank into my jeans, and gently caressing, stroking my crotch, as if accidentally clinging to the clitoris. I love it when he stroked me between the legs.
I could barely hold back, not to moan loudly from this wondrous before unexplored feelings when petting give twice as much, plus the adrenaline in the blood because obviously doing something unlawful. Sanya does not stand up, my hand gives the necessary pace, his penis has long OSVOD from all obstacles and we had selflessly engaged in masturbation. He soon gave me to understand that he wants to come. I accelerated the pace of their movements, cute, well ... trying hard not to groan, frantically squeezes, squeezes my chest, pulls the nipple, which have long been standing under the sensitive fingers, grasping everything tight, and suddenly he frantically juggle the whole body, relaxes your hand my becomes wet and slippery. Reins wet finger around the head, I removed his hand, focusing only on Zhenya, who all this time, I also caress, manage to reach over his shoulder to his lips, these coveted ...
Catching his breath, Sanya zayalyaet: "Kitty, I think I'm going to smoke". Somehow I got up, all disheveled - it is visible even in the darkness of the silhouette - and crept out into the yard, you have to somehow give himself up after such a shock. As once said Eugene, when I'm over it the first time so pinned - "cum in panties uninteresting!". And who is now easy: As soon as he walked out the door, Jack reached out to me, hugged and kissed. I, knowing clearly that he understood perfectly the whole topic in every detail, at an accelerated pace catching up with him. He kisses me on the lips still tighter and tighter until the pain (the pain is sweet and exciting for me), I masturbate his cock faster and more active, pulling his hand to his crotch.
He too presses his palm, I squeeze his hand - and his shaking orgasm that in the next second, and covers me from his fingertips and kiss, so sweet Suction. As soon as I have time to get a hand on which his sperm dripping out of his jeans as part of Sanya.
Five in the morning. Turn on the light, trying on each other for some reason do not look fast zasobiralis home in spite of all entreaties. Zhenya drove off immediately, his work was more in the morning, so that's fine with him, and with Sasha, we stood for a long time at the gate to hug and do not say a word. An hour later I got from him SMSka. He said that it was one of the best nights of his life, and that is the first time doing it.
I want to believe. Very like, almost the same as in the fact that he gave me really loves (though after he left me a year ago does not work yet). But how can it be that 18-year-old guy with seven years of sexual experience (though, at the village level, but still) not just one elementary sharilsya hand on the genitals to its logical conclusion? It seems strange, but it seems that this is indeed the case. And the next day we had repeated all the same, only this time together.
You may ask, why did I not fucked them then, if they were all excited and wanted everyone? A few critical days of a thing that is not very happy, so still and always at the wrong time: That's it, my children.