authentic conversation of the chat (privat)
3:23:28 Misty: I'm in a private
3:23:36 Anastasiya__Ket_: Viizhu =)
3:23:53 Misty: how old you dear
3:24:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: I .... well, a little =) 17 Total .... then ...
3:24:20 Misty: Me too, and a great experience?
3:24:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: oh oh oh flew from the private chat :(
3:24:57 Anastasiya__Ket_: pooovtori please
3:25:12 Misty: personal experience, you have to have sex?
3:25:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: Awww!
3:25:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, not really .... about once a week to be issued ...
3:25:47 Misty: experience in sex, I ask big?
3:26:02 Misty: what you love most?
3:26:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: View?
3:26:26 Misty: What kind?
3:26:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, your question is that more sex like I do not doponyali =)
3:27:03 Misty: postures, caresses, words, etc.
3:27:53 Anastasiya__Ket_: Ahhh .... Well, I'm in the poses ... I just lay yourself ....... petting .... well, I love my neck .... tummy .... .Well nesmonenno chest like ... well, judging by nick words ... what's this? It seems like menyanazyvayut?
3:27:57 Misty: au
3:28:28 Anastasiya__Ket_: so? =)
3:28:39 Misty: a fuckin 'with how many years?
3:29:02 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well ... it's not for me these words =) I tender white and fluffy so to speak =)
3:29:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: A split in the 15 ...
3:29:22 Misty: I 13
3:29:45 Anastasiya__Ket_: th bit early
3:29:49 Anastasiya__Ket_: And how?
3:30:13 Misty Give your uncle
3:30:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: Wow, intereeesno!
3:30:58 Misty: what you still interested?
3:31:09 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nuuuu ...
3:31:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: Do not know ... Do you even like Ljubisa?
3:31:28 Misty: that
3:31:37 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well that .... I prefer that Ljubisa?
3:31:49 Anastasiya__Ket_: Style?
3:32:00 Misty: blshe shouted all, and all the love
3:32:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: I really even do not depart from tradition =)
3:32:59 Misty: do not try anything unusual?
3:33:29 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well it happened .... well, except that 15 years on the beach with a stranger ... for the first time in my life .... that's the only thing :)
3:34:09 Misty: how you managed to surrender to a stranger, why?
3:34:25 Anastasiya__Ket_: Do not know ... how do you say harmony in his head hit ..... =)
3:34:40 Misty: I like it?
3:35:11 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah .... and even almost did not hurt ... interest present ......
3:35:28 Misty: that felt?
3:36:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: When we started there was nothing I did not care .... and can it hurt ....
3:36:24 Misty: and the priest did not let anyone?
3:36:32 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nah ....
3:36:54 Misty: and I would like to or are afraid of?
3:37:16 Anastasiya__Ket_: Rather, I'm afraid .... I do not rough not proactive ...
3:37:53 Misty: you're alone at the computer, how to dress?
3:38:18 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes I have 5 hours in a bathrobe sitting ... then rented the dress again ... vsmysle cool down ... one of course ....
3:38:43 Misty: let's try something new
3:39:06 Anastasiya__Ket_: How to ...?
3:39:39 Misty: it will be interesting only to promise to obey me
3:39:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: I try =)
3:40:10 Misty: there is a cream or Vaseline?
3:40:24 Anastasiya__Ket_: Find something you can always ...
3:40:46 Misty: So take ...
3:41:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, do not go tanning course? =)))) I have it at home is full of ....
3:41:43 Misty: I need a cream that you could to smear themselves in the most intimate places
3:42:12 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, what a cream =) I live with my parents at home .... no one is ... =) about what some say ...
3:42:34 Misty: face or hands
3:42:45 Anastasiya__Ket_: Whoa hand there ... and many nada?
3:43:05 Misty: I do not really
3:43:29 Anastasiya__Ket_: missing
3:43:33 Misty: What do you like to masturbate hand
3:43:54 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, not left left .... I porastirat chest .....
3:44:41 Anastasiya__Ket_: I am one of these preparations is already factory ....
3:44:46 Misty: smazh good her pussy and ass
3:45:25 Anastasiya__Ket_: Oho-ho ... well .... poprobuems
3:46:31 Misty: and now apply the cream on the big and middle finger of the right hand
3:46:48 Anastasiya__Ket_: Here plinmne not convenient to write levry
3:47:05 Anastasiya__Ket_ yes it almost all the cream
3:47:19 Misty: then to the left, if not convenient
3:47:38 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes no comfortable convenient .... just then poshkryabu keyboard = 0
3:48:04 Misty: ass cream too?
3:48:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah ... there is no practice but I could 0)
3:49:15 Misty: Now slowly and carefully insert the thumb in the pussy, and the average in the ass, but very carefully
3:50:22 Anastasiya__Ket_: ohoneudobnenko little bit
3:50:50 Misty: pripdnimi zadik and ostorozhnovvodi
3:51:07 Anastasiya__Ket_: chtolmi deeper?
3:51:46 Misty: so chtobne hurt, how?
3:52:32 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes uzhintere snenko not hurt vroschde
3:53:26 Misty: squeeze fingers between partition and kisoy booty, massage, good for you?
3:54:42 Anastasiya__Ket_: Definitely not ploho..horosho yeah ...
3:55:14 Misty: rude words like sex time
3:56:14 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nope not tried so chromosomal nikkkkto
3:56:38 Misty Wilt pomateritsya?
3:57:11 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, I do not vvoobshe lyublbyuyu rugatsya ..a here such stituatsiya ... mnehorosho
3:57:39 Misty: tech you want to or not, can be very nice ...
3:58:11 Anastasiya__Ket_: not hhochu hand and wiggle Ioli space to sit?
3:58:30 Misty: I do not understand ...
3:59:32 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well mnepalchikami to move or to sit? I Rukk body to crush me nsch lubzhe leaves seems
4:00:05 Misty: koneno shveli, you like to fuck himself?
4:00:27 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, I do not plohr
4:00:49 Misty: jump on the arm, bitch!
4:01:13 Anastasiya__Ket_: ooohbolno nemnog
4:01:38 Misty: you are more careful ebsh his ass?
4:01:54 Anastasiya__Ket_: Daruka all there
4:02:15 Misty: rude to me
4:02:57 Anastasiya__Ket_: oh mneeeee not for this
4:03:12 Misty: you have sex toys
4:03:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah ... 17cm lying with vibratorom..prikornya widget
4:04:21 Misty Take smazh cream and thicker
4:05:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: uh etonado on the cabinet to climb as much right now ... oh
4:05:32 Misty: let's quickly !!!
4:06:01 Anastasiya__Ket_: good
4:06:12 Misty: smear cream
4:06:55 Anastasiya__Ket_: well .. right now
4:07:02 Misty: faster
4:07:51 Anastasiya__Ket_: everything is ready ... Al blemstit
4:07:59 Anastasiya__Ket_: hand on the original?
4:08:15 Misty: Bailiffs gently to his zadik
4:08:24 Anastasiya__Ket_: about
4:08:39 Misty: ready?
4:08:46 Anastasiya__Ket_: Ojo is necessary to me on the couch polubokom chtoli?
4:09:16 Misty: do as it is convenient, you can squatted in a chair to sit
4:09:36 Anastasiya__Ket_: what next from me will trebovatsya?
4:09:58 Misty: sdella and you, that I have already asked
4:10:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: yeah
4:10:24 Misty: you located?
4:10:58 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes, I do think, as it were? it takes something? where am I supposed to egro shove it?
4:11:45 Misty: you're sitting, you must appoint a vibrator to zadik, slut
4:12:06 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes yatak and sit pripodnyavshist chutchut
4:12:15 Misty: Bailiffs
4:12:20 Anastasiya__Ket_: yeah
4:13:24 Misty: very slowly and carefully sit down on it, relax your anus thoroughly and do not be afraid, we first introduce only the head
4:14:13 Anastasiya__Ket_: instinktsamrslhraneniya load ... schaspoprobuyu not oyueschayu
4:14:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: ooyyo
4:14:59 Misty: Take small movements back and forth, and at the same time input
4:15:07 Anastasiya__Ket_: Amn on sovsemblno"
4:15:47 Misty: and then do not have to endure will soon pass ce, not much Davie, relax
4:16:42 Anastasiya__Ket_: staraplyus esliyachrasslalyustoya nanegos sit down completely,
4:17:24 Misty: completely is not necessary, tlko head, you have introduced?
4:17:38 Anastasiya__Ket_: dazhechutbolsh
4:18:06 Misty: well, how ???
4:18:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: menyaavsyu how oaspiraeet
4:18:57 Misty patience soon everything will come back to normal, gentle moves there
4:19:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: daatpm itktnsno terribly
4:19:41 Misty: I do not understand
4:20:05 Anastasiya__Ket_: datvm mestanketu kadzhetsya
4:20:33 Misty: I do not understand you ...
4:20:55 Anastasiya__Ket_: Move them where?
4:21:38 Misty: forward and backward, but shallow, like tebeuzhe nachinet
4:22:16 Anastasiya__Ket_: dauzh me kazhetchsya kakbudtr me e ubitzahoteli
4:22:37 Misty: you feel bad ???
4:22:48 Anastasiya__Ket_: nuuuuuuuu
4:23:05 Misty: Well that
4:23:09 Anastasiya__Ket_: to yaneprtivykla etokak svpervye
4:24:08 Misty: This is only naalo, soon everything is normalized patience and do not press hard on the cock, let the ass to get used
4:24:56 Anastasiya__Ket_: ladnoya then Terol Ata that delaesh ?
4:25:14 Misty: the same thing!
4:26:29 Anastasiya__Ket_: Single dumalaya as one tormented htya ptebe yin say
4:27:07 Misty: privchnoe thing, but I am very much excited ...
4:27:31 Anastasiya__Ket_: tyeschi zaptye stavish hihi
4:28:23 Misty: I jump on the penis, both hands are free to stop printing
4:29:02 Anastasiya__Ket_: Wow, I can and privyknnku
4:29:27 Anastasiya__Ket_: yapoprobuyu glubzhne
4:29:28 Misty: try
4:30:35 Anastasiya__Ket_: Opinions nvachinaet like tagkntugo
4:31:04 Misty: that like I do not understand ..
4:31:21 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm starting to etonprvavtisya
4:31:57 Misty: nakolko deeply he tebe7 vibrator works there?
4:32:44 Anastasiya__Ket_ I netvibrator not riskuyuvklyuchit tuttitak nepoloho
4:33:14 Misty: even so try to include
4:34:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: raslablyachet chtoli
4:34:22 Misty: I think yes!
4:35:35 Anastasiya__Ket_: ohhhh irppavda gnamnogo Longsha District
4:36:22 misty: as it vibrates, and in general what is it?
4:37:20 Anastasiya__Ket_: O & M odes well dlyamenya ddlinny ya vmbrriruet and day-length
4:37:52 Misty: What color
4:38:14 Anastasiya__Ket_: chchtotovrode rozovogot seems
4:39:00 Anastasiya__Ket_: I uzhehoroshl onkazhetsya almost all BP me
4:39:19 Misty: Well how about that to harsh words
4:39:42 Anastasiya__Ket_: mnepisat prlosto laziness
4:39:56 Misty: write, bitch
4:40:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: features mnee ochne horoshoya
4:41:07 Misty: rude to me!
4:42:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: chert pchoemu you tkakya bitch why you asked menaya vtravh amb = SEB
4:42:32 Anastasiya__Ket_: God and I tion can kzhue
4:42:44 Misty: what can not you?
4:44:01 Anastasiya__Ket_ I scheychas odnlo only seems to understand th kadeisya konnnnchayu God
04: Misty ... 44:34: Again, I do not understand
4:45:16 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes chppt you suaka I gorovoryu chtoya seems tkonchu Wait
4:45:56 Misty: do not hurry, you can not ... maybe it is necessary to control the orgasm in this all the fun
4:46:17 Anastasiya__Ket_: yanavneeeeeerngo not know how eschesch
4:46:38 Misty: Stop, do not move!
4:47:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: nnnnnnno og vsv ravnozhe vibrates ABO me
4:47:20 Misty: off!
4:47:35 Anastasiya__Ket_: horoshlo
4:48:10 Misty: So you fucking bitch?
4:48:43 Anastasiya__Ket_: now I seyab chuvsyvuyu imennnotiakoy kazhetschya
4:49:10 Misty: say, you whore?
4:49:26 Anastasiya__Ket_: kakzhtestya daaaaaa
4:49:48 Misty Say: I -blyad!
4:50:07 Anastasiya__Ket_: I whore
4:50:30 Misty: You cooled down a bit?
4:50:49 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah .... I do not think so onn large Oujda
4:51:36 Misty: plug it in again and move with a bang losses already feeling sorry for yourself is not necessary!
4:51:57 Anastasiya__Ket_: dumaeshshshya vyderzhuuuu?
4:52:21 Misty: if you like, yes!
4:53:35 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nuss proceed
4:54:14 Misty: [email protected] write me later
4:54:23 Misty: what you feel?
4:54:25 Anastasiya__Ket_: mnennachinaeet terribly like
4:55:00 Misty: fuck yourself bitch
4:55:31 Anastasiya__Ket_ I seychasv proyve straasti themselves porvunaverno
4:56:09 Misty: porvsh not all right
4:57:05 Misty: I npishesh you?
4:57:30 Anastasiya__Ket_: yauzhe not mogupisat
4:57:46 Misty: off!
4:58:53 Anastasiya__Ket_: Horsch followed zchem?
4:59:30 Misty: novy is set, the third should be the last polgotoitsya
5:00:04 Anastasiya__Ket_: oohh you make me like drazniG?
5:00:12 Misty: take out of his priests
5:01:12 Misty: nuuuu
5:01:27 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah all ...
5:01:34 Anastasiya__Ket_: what freedom feels
5:01:53 Misty: Look at him, how is he?
5:02:12 Misty: fast answer
5:02:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: I love egostala seems bolshe then
5:02:59 Misty how he looks now?
5:03:03 Anastasiya__Ket_: I have it lying idle for a long time ....
5:03:15 Misty: otovechay
5:03:24 Anastasiya__Ket_: technically or emotionally?
5:03:41 Misty: And maybe, and say bitch
5:04:27 Anastasiya__Ket_: technically it seems dirty ... and emotionally, I'll put it under the mattress ... not far to stretch ..
5:05:01 Misty why it is dirty? you finished or not?
5:05:17 Anastasiya__Ket_: no you're asked to remove ..
5:05:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm sitting here and unfinished svsya ..
5:05:43 Misty: I wonder why he dirty talk
5:05:55 Anastasiya__Ket_: NNU I have perfectly clean inside chtoli ...
5:06:38 Misty: Just tell me why he was dirty, when I ask to be answered as there, I realized bitch
5:06:56 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, I'm straight and I said inside dirty
5:07:26 Misty: Say why, trash and will not permit the finish
5:07:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, how else can I say?
5:08:04 Misty: Just from what you talk dirty
5:08:17 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, from what from what! He visited me in the ass!
5:08:37 Misty: and what you have in zade
5:09:04 Anastasiya__Ket_: there is no more pure
5:09:13 Misty: Why?
5:09:41 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, I only cert is clean and the inside I'm all dirty
5:10:10 Misty: so you otchegozhe vntri dirty answer
5:10:30 Anastasiya__Ket_: how can I answer that?
5:10:55 Misty: straight, and then you can forget about orgasm
5:11:05 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nuu
Misty 5:11:18 Speak!
5:11:45 Anastasiya__Ket_: good!
5:12:00 Misty: Well
5:12:10 Anastasiya__Ket_: I got it from your dirty backside inside the walls was probably more shit
5:12:18 Anastasiya__Ket_: God on that Tolkien gne'm going to cum!
5:12:46 Misty: do you like to look at him
5:13:21 Anastasiya__Ket_: oh yeah
5:13:24 Misty: write me a letter?
5:13:34 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes I postorayus
5:13:54 Misty: How do you feel?
5:14:05 Anastasiya__Ket_: I want to finish, I do not want
5:14:45 Anastasiya__Ket_: pozvolish?
5:14:55 Misty: nesmorrya the fact that a member of dirty you like to touch it?
5:15:14 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, yes, he is in a sense my I with him now not part
5:15:42 Misty: a pen, too rryaznye you?
5:15:51 Anastasiya__Ket_: they are a little bit ...
5:15:56 Anastasiya__Ket_: finger ...
5:16:29 Misty Take full member of the hand ... well, what?
5:16:49 Anastasiya__Ket_: Now exactly the whole arm
5:17:04 Misty: lick it
5:17:18 Misty: what you feel
5:17:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: may inappropriately?
5:17:32 Misty: you should try all ...
5:18:12 Misty: Well as
5:18:21 Anastasiya__Ket_: I can smell your very good place for today
5:18:40 Misty: You licked
5:18:49 Misty: and how
5:18:54 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah ...
5:19:09 Misty: Artist
5:19:19 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm nothing special, I just do not feel I want to finish
5:19:40 Misty: you do when a blowjob?
5:20:07 Anastasiya__Ket_: no .... only once to warm up and licked all
5:20:31 Misty: ... you know how it is done, see a movie?
5:20:39 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes of course ...
5:21:04 Misty: votdely so it immediately!
5:21:04 Anastasiya__Ket_: Can I at least finger will yourself to massage?
5:21:13 Misty: unavailable
5:21:41 Anastasiya__Ket_: ohh
5:21:45 Anastasiya__Ket_: what you did in the rough
5:21:58 Misty: doing?
5:22:18 Misty: Artist
5:22:47 Misty: Well
5:23:11 Anastasiya__Ket_ not slishkoam
5:23:26 Misty: Why?
5:23:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm not used to all this at all
5:23:56 Misty: get used to it, suck it, bitch
5:24:23 Misty: Well answer
5:24:31 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm trying to
5:24:46 Misty: and that
5:25:03 Anastasiya__Ket_ not habitually speak the same
5:25:57 Misty: And now Zadvinie him to his back sharply
5:26:21 Anastasiya__Ket_: Very ???
5:27:00 Misty: Yes, dramatically! so you're saying you have to dirty Zade
5:27:27 Anastasiya__Ket_: ohh
5:27:39 Misty: Answer
5:28:06 Misty: Well
5:28:50 Misty Speak, damn
5:29:11 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah, I'm trying to push him
5:29:34 Misty: so that you have the pope?
5:30:06 Misty: Well
5:30:20 Anastasiya__Ket_: 14cm probably already
5:30:34 Misty: I asked!
5:31:53 Misty Speak ...
5:32:01 Anastasiya__Ket_: I've got dirty ....
5:32:12 Misty: Why ???
5:33:09 Misty: Well
5:33:19 Misty: female
5:33:20 Anastasiya__Ket_: taamm .....
5:33:32 Misty: that
5:34:44 Anastasiya__Ket_: There's shit ... I can finish yang obolshe
5:35:08 Misty: ostanovis1
5:35:48 Misty: you
5:36:31 Misty: Well
5:36:49 Anastasiya__Ket_ I protsto died
5:37:03 Misty: finished or what?
5:37:52 Misty: mzhchiny will substitute the ass?
5:38:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: a definite answer? ?
5:38:15 Misty: Yes
5:38:17 Anastasiya__Ket_: from meeya rpuki tryasuktsya
5:38:50 Misty: so thou shalt give in the ass?
5:39:06 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes ... I will ...
5:39:35 Misty: you already know to whom? Member still in the pope?
5:39:39 Anastasiya__Ket_: I received chtoli become as dirty bitch like you?
5:39:44 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nooo, I immediately took
5:40:10 Misty: polzhi it between tits
5:40:35 Misty: Well
5:40:57 Misty: damn do not pull
5:41:50 Anastasiya__Ket_ yes already put
5:42:22 Misty: Move. He became even dirtier?
5:42:34 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes a little bit
5:42:57 Misty: why?
5:43:34 Anastasiya__Ket_ From that he visited
5:43:57 Misty Speak directly, I taught you
5:44:12 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes it was more bolshe shit .........
5:44:52 Misty: you want to piss?
5:45:43 Misty Speak
5:45:51 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yes a little bit wanted
5:46:20 Misty: well pee in something
5:46:58 Anastasiya__Ket_: eeeemmmm
5:47:05 Misty: that
5:48:11 Misty: not lsyshu
5:49:09 Anastasiya__Ket_: I think no matter where ...
5:49:12 Misty: Well
5:49:17 Anastasiya__Ket_: I do not get to endure
5:49:33 Misty: find a plate or a glass, quickly
5:50:30 Anastasiya__Ket_: glass
5:50:38 Misty: ssy
5:52:36 Anastasiya__Ket_: ohhhh
5:52:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: what bliss
5:53:14 Misty: nmosi fingers there, a lot of urine?
5:53:26 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes ...
5:53:49 Misty: namrchila ?, lick
5:54:01 Anastasiya__Ket_: fuuu
5:54:12 Misty: that
5:54:54 Misty: do not be silent
5:55:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: it is unpleasant
5:55:36 Misty: it's here that your bad ???
5:56:32 Misty: I drank it he would
5:56:49 Anastasiya__Ket_: Ohhh
5:57:00 Anastasiya__Ket_: the taste is not pleasant ....
5:57:25 Misty: excitement go?
5:57:34 Anastasiya__Ket_: yes I fully rest ...
5:57:58 Misty: where urine?
5:58:08 Anastasiya__Ket_: in a glass worth ....
5:58:31 Misty: Wet breasts svyu
5:59:37 Misty: Well
5:59:38 Anastasiya__Ket_: Nuu next?
5:59:44 Anastasiya__Ket_: it all flows
5:59:48 Misty: Artist
6:01:04 Misty: do not be silent
6:01:39 Anastasiya__Ket_: interesting
6:02:05 Misty: you do not want to thank me?
6:02:30 Misty: You used to be so good?
6:02:33 Anastasiya__Ket_: Because you like me last bitch leshila virginity back .... oh yeah ....
6:03:22 Misty: someone now you want to give your ass?
6:03:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: While I such nebylo ... all used to this ... I'm not so ...
6:04:28 Misty: you do not want to repeat seyches, my address is recorded?
6:05:36 Anastasiya__Ket_: Oh no, I am now sleep soundly
6:05:39 Anastasiya__Ket_: address recorded
6:05:52 Misty: Why? prishlsh photo?
6:06:38 Anastasiya__Ket_: I do not have yet ....
6:07:00 Misty: ass no longer asks?
6:07:16 Anastasiya__Ket_: oh, not for the first time with her enough!
06: ... 7:50 Misty: what will you do? Let's phone call
6:08:21 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'll sppaaata
6:08:26 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm dying of simple
6:08:47 Misty: a phone? why die?
6:09:00 Anastasiya__Ket_: I can no longer sit sleepy
6:09:13 Misty: mobile ...
6:09:31 Anastasiya__Ket_: I have it right now, I do not remember, do not have a home and I usually have a cell acquaintances know))) I call myself and know they have their own room
6:09:56 Misty: you write? exactly?
6:10:18 Anastasiya__Ket_: In a letter
6:10:58 Misty Say finally: who you are, after all, what happened ???
6:11:40 Anastasiya__Ket_: I am now the devil knows what was
6:11:50 Anastasiya__Ket_: =) I can not understand ...
6:12:00 Misty: specifically, bitch
6:12:06 Anastasiya__Ket_: You corrupted me ...
6:12:22 Misty: Say who you are
6:12:46 Anastasiya__Ket_: bitch I'm a bitch ... but no more than you .... you are even worse and more bitch ....
6:13:05 Misty: and another?
6:13:14 Anastasiya__Ket_: And I still can?
6:13:38 Misty: that many words do you know?
6:14:00 Anastasiya__Ket_: Well, not really
6:14:24 Misty: You have not yet wiped the shit?
6:14:38 Anastasiya__Ket_: Oh ... already washed ran
6:15:08 Misty: Well write, we'll meet again in the chat ... ok?
6:16:13 Anastasiya__Ket_: Yeah
6:16:33 Misty: Well now ... tell me again who you are?
6:17:18 Anastasiya__Ket_: I'm a bitch like you
6:17:23 Anastasiya__Ket_: or almost
6:17:42 Misty Give Address
6:18:24 Anastasiya__Ket_: [email protected] here
6:19:16 Misty: Well damn sleep while!
6:19:28 Anastasiya__Ket_: Thank you for everything
6:19:44 Misty: mutually, before meeting ...