Literary study.
All essays are works of art. All fictional characters. All matches are random.
It was some kind of madness - I never liked blondes! I found it quite by accident, for God knows how photographs hell of a friend. Not to say that it was beautiful, do not say ugly - just some unknown force inexorably pulled me to him.
Although, for some reason unknown? I knew it. This is - talent. My blonde was talented, with a damn, in fact - it was brilliant! On the dissemination of its capabilities, I keep silence - it is not so much for the dear reader, the whole thing is different: I noticed one truth, rather strange: a man excites me not appearance, clothing, money, a Greek nose, tan or piercing otherwise specified places and every such nonsense (though not without it, there is a peccadillo) and UM. And ability. He can be moody and short-tempered, hirsute, kudryav, with lips like a catfish, and eyes the color of winter tires - without any difference, one conclusion - I can give a GENIUS! It sounds very funny and ridiculous, but it is-there-a fact.
So, my hero. Let us call it, for example, Ivan. Besides that Vanya was blond, he was a Caucasian, and that, too, is quite surprising, since white-skinned men repelled me twice - to create a sense of pain. For my taste brutal browed handsome he clearly is not pulled, but his body could be a maddening anyone: biceps, oranges, squares and press very inflated legs, perhaps even too much, but it was necessary costs. Professional.
It was not the first time. We were close to him before, I was not clamped and embarrassed in front of this man, in fact - I was trying to keep up with the mind of her own body. But more on that later. Let me explain the circumstances.
Vanya mine was amazing: my breath away each his touch, from one sight of these huge gray eyes down somewhere along the nerve trunks are rolled wet-fire desire - that I so loved him, whether immensely respected - these, in fact, little compatible concepts merged into one word - I want - and it's like a snowball, rolled, without disassembling the tracks, read huge letters in my black eyes ...
We boarded the bus. Buses, planes, trains and wagons in general have become, to some extent, an integral part of my life - my genius often shuttled around the world for their brilliant works, and I, like the wife of the Decembrist, followed him, trying to squeeze out every hotel room the maximum comfort, I am pouring seagulls, scratched at night and fall asleep back up his arm.
I met with his companions in the skill. We put off the campaign, and they were all pleasant and intelligent Funny guys, except for two persons repellent - they threw on my very clearly Ivan greasy look, and me, only a different nature - a hostile, because The great man was now "when a woman".
Having dealt with bags, blankets and pillows, sometimes at the window and pulling the legs of ways, we removed the brakes go. We were unfortunate places: at the very end, without children, without a general conversation, with half of the window and twilight.
I'm tired of haste, he sat back in his chair and put one foot on some sort of elevation, which groped. Vanya sneezed, nodded and was about to read knizhetsu. My buds smell the powder from his shirt, and I was extremely plants (I myself earnestly cleanliness, cleanliness and smell have a better aphrodisiac). I leaned over and kissed him right in the neck and behind the ear, feeling faint intoxicating woody smell of male perfume.
My hand warmly and densely lay on his thigh and began stroking the rough jeans fabric. I crawl from this indescribable feeling of the man she loved, his strong hands, the smell, and hair the color of ripe wheat. He had a rather large mouth with red lips delicious and totally devastating smile. From my forbidden action he put Literature, closed his eyes and I saw dissolutely went up the corners of his lips. My genius was ready.
I very clearly know that his facial expression, facial willing, in spite of all it is reasonable and arguments, and this feeling of instinct, impulse is transmitted to me, and I can not move, I can not think, at this moment want nothing more than to cling to him, not holding back moans, and perceive it raspalnnoe body, kisses, fingers, jerky breathing - blend every inch deep in the same rhythm ...
I leaned down and, without unbuttoning jeans skipped between his teeth body, showering hot breath, feeling its heat. My amigo nervously threw back his head and ran a hand through my hair, I just physically felt a wave of erotic ether, which had no power to restrain. Vanya lifted my chin and began eagerly and passionately kissing on the lips, I felt the taste, slightly turns the coffee insanely nice. He did slow careful movements mouth, then the same hot kisses on the cheek went, earlobe and neck were probably crimson marks on the skin, but I did not care right now.
Generally, it is an incredible feeling - kisses on the neck - they probably only women can experience: consciousness begins to sail, you bite your lip, to stop at this point - like a bicycle with coaster - stop, of course, but in complete shock.
I was wearing shorts sports naykovskie rather loose-fitting but with a tight rubber band silly, as if they were sewn on a wasp. I was covered with a blanket and under its cover removed one half with his left foot. I wore no clothes - in my cunning plan was to fool around a little bit today, and going in the morning at the hotel, I changed my mind at the expense of panties. Vanya giggle in my collarbone and went into action on the lower front.
I was quite ready to accept it, get wet, perhaps even a plush chair, more than anything else to me now like this. Vania had a language to me on the shoulder, kissed me on the neck under the hair and tight, even, perhaps, suddenly came at me with two fingers. Before reading the lousy women's novels, I do not understand how it is, when the earth goes from logical understanding, "roof dumps without question"And why a man hold on nails in the back and scratch it when you can do without extremes. Without excesses could not be - "valve disrupted" clean: I grabbed him just nails, bitten on the shirt, and buried her in the shoulder, so that one does not hear - I do not know how quiet.
He covered my mouth with a kiss, and just in time:
- Oh, look, these cooing again! Good girl kiss, all hunting!
There was general laughter. This is Boris, my friend Ivan, a good guy, wand, noisy and groovy. We stretched mimicry broke apart.
- Wang, then ask something like: you get the suit? We had to take something?
Borja is clearly headed in our direction for a detailed conversation about the suit. Heck! I will record for dressing shorts on the left, when the sport register Olympic Committee.
Vanya reassured him, promised to give his reproach and sent to the place. Boris retired, and my hot man with all the annoyance that leave unsuspecting fellow banged his fist on the arm of his chair and began to play nodules on his cheeks. I felt funny on his face was a furious, from the whole situation, I looked at him cautiously, and trying hard not to laugh. Perhaps he himself felt the comic situation, and turned to me, eyes narrowed and he said:"It's funny to you, huh?"
That was the last straw - we laughed together, he said that he hates me, and forbade all to her touch, I said that it does not upset, because he has a literature, and generally let reads sitting.
It was two and a half hours to the hotel in Rimini.