This weekend we decided to spend on the beach of the Moscow River. Tilt the closeness of the big city, his vanity, nervousness. Leaving as much as possible away from the city and find the beach, surrounded by forest, but has next to him everything to spend in peace for two days, we decided to drop anchor here. Plenty nakupavshis sunbathing and before dinner, my wife and I went to the coastal cafe, and saw only one free table, went to him. It was a hot summer day, and we would like to drink a cold beer and a bite of something. After placing the order, we waited, watching the fun in the river near a rest.
- You allow to sit down to your table? There always busy. - Next to our table was a couple that looked a little older we age.
A slender woman was elegant in a closed bathing suit, and hairy-looking man tall and strong.
- Oh sure. - The wife agreed, smiling at them.
It was obvious that they liked her immediately.
- It's great here. - The woman turned to her. - My name is Kate, her husband Leonid, or easier to Leon.
- We like it here, too, although we are the first time. You live somewhere nearby?
- Yes. We got close to the house.
Women quickly found a common language and have fun cooing and discussing everything in the world. Leon ordered the waiter food and too lively entered into the conversation, connecting me. I immediately liked these people, they were friendly and pleasant. We ate together, striking glasses, drank acquaintance, joked, and seemed to have been long known. When our meal came to an end almost Katya asked if we've been married?
- Yes, for nine years - said his wife.
- And that each of you first marriage?
- Of course. And unless there should be some?
- Not at all. If the couple trust each other if they feel the pleasure of the partner above her, then of course the marriage will be long and happy.
- And how do you feel about the swing? Those. changing partners among married couples?
- Yes, we have not thought yet - the wife looked at me.
- I read that it helps people uncover new facets of sex, it increases their sexual experience and allows you to translate the fantasy into reality. But we really do not think about it - I was trying to show erudition.
- We would like to invite you to try. I think you'll like. But even if you do not like it, you can always refuse. We are organizers of a private club swingers of 23 pairs and spend every Sunday afternoon, meeting with us in the house. Well, I hope you understand what we are doing there. Do you want to join us tomorrow? You've been very pleased. And your pair looks very sexy. Do you agree?
- I do not know - I said, looking at his wife, and he saw in her eyes a little spark of fear and interest.
- Well, you think, and we leave you for today. That number of our cell phone - Leon handed me his business card. - Have a nice day.
- Well, what do you think about this? - I asked my wife when we were alone.
- You're stunned, or what?
- Yes, I do, that you do not know? Look how interesting turns in your eyes.
The remaining half of the day though we did not show each other what we think, but think about the same. I inspected the beach and tried to see our new friends, but they seemed gone. Throughout the night, lying to rent a house, we both did not sleep a wink, cool, but were afraid to show it to each other, and only in the morning, his wife, her head resting on my chest, whispered:
- Should we try? If it is bad, ever omit the issue.
- I would also like to try. But you do not consider it cheating? I promise, if you meet a man meet you, I'm happy. I love you and want you to be good. And then, I thought, our trachea have become self-colored.
- Darling, you're lovely. I will pray that tomorrow you could realize all their fantasies. And maybe tomorrow you will get two girls? Or three or four? I remember that you told me once. I will pray for you tomorrow.
- So that? Let's try?
- Come on. - And his wife fell asleep on my shoulder.
We got up very late, had breakfast and went to the beach. We swam and sunbathed. Had never spoken about what happened yesterday, we seemed about anything not agreed. Going into the 13-00 for lunch in a cafe, I could not stand, first suggested handing a cell phone to his wife:
- Maybe you'll call?
- You are a man. And besides, there is recorded Lnin phone. You want me to negotiate with the man?
- I agree. - I reluctantly began to dial. While the number is dialed, I asked his wife: - And maybe it is not necessary? Although let's try again.
- Leonid hello. Why, thought it not called? No, why? Well, yes, this is the first time for us. Of course, we hope for your help. Yes, we are not afraid of that at us will laugh, we even give you a head start. - I winked smiling wife. - How to reach you? Yeah, I know. Where is it? Of course, it is better if you podedesh and show the way. In what time? Well, we'll be there in five. - Summing up, I said to his wife: - there is no turning back.
- You're my only hero! - She hugged and kissed me.
We swam a little more, then took a shower. I shaved carefully, knowing how to enjoy women during cunnilingus smooth cheeks man, and my wife asked me to her shaved pussy. Above that, I worked for about forty minutes, being careful not to hurt her or anything and at the same time to make absolutely smooth pubis, leaving it an elegant triangle of her red-haired hair. Under the light summer shirt and shorts, I put on his swimming trunks thong that my wife felt very sexy, and his wife under a short skirt and a fitting topic, a new colorful swimsuit with shorts such a size that it is still afraid to wear them to the beach. In her long and shapely legs, she wore a beautiful long-heeled sandals made of transparent plastic.
We arrived at the specified intersection and began to wait. Leonid appeared on his big Mercedes exactly at the appointed time, and asked to follow him, went ahead, leading the way. After passing twenty kilometers, we turned down a narrow road into the forest. It was pretty thick. In the woods we drove about two kilometers. Leaving on a lit clearing, we saw a big house with a high fence. At the site a large number of fairly expensive cars stood in front of the house. Released hostess greeted us with a smile.
- All were gathered together. We are waiting for you only. Come on.
She led us into the living room, which has already gathered a large number of very beautiful and sexy dressed people, about our age. They sat and stood, they were drinking champagne and talking, they joked and laughed. Looking around the room look, I saw many pairs of eyes looking at us with interest and good humor. One of the women discreetly for all sent me a kiss and winked.
- Attention, please! ... I want to introduce you to our newcomers. Remember that they are today for the first time, and help them. I hope you'll like them. - Calling our names, Kate said that with the other we will learn in the process.
- They like me already. - Cried the young man.
And a few people laughed.
- Well, gentlemen, - Katya continued, - why waste time? Let's go on with our clearing and betray the hobby.
Away from the noise started to leave the living room. Someone went into the yard, someone began to disperse through the rooms. Katya asked us to follow her. She took us to a room on the second floor. Entering, we saw a small room with a large bed in the middle.
- Here you can change clothes and put himself in the way you want. Well, for example, to dress sexy, or make up. You can just take it to your room and leave their stuff here, although we have no one steals. I think you saw what our audience? Or, for example, you can remove the sexual tension here, if you can not do it with others.
- With others? - Interrogative wife said.
- We were not warned you yesterday. We do not just swing the club. First, we practiced privacy and mixing only steam, but then realized that the universal group sex best that can be in bed. You choose who you want at any time, you see how others do it. Do you like it, I'm sure. Well? Do not be shy. Undress. Can first to swimsuits, and then discard them. In short, I'm waiting for you in the yard.
When Kate came out, I told my wife that I was not scared, stripped, left in the trunks.
- No way back. - My wife and slipped off her everything remained only in a bathing suit and sandals.
She knew that in them she looks very sexy, and did not remove them even during copulation.
We went out into the yard, holding a pen, like schoolboys. The yard was a vast area, enclosed by tall fence, so that from the outside could not see anything, except that with the helicopter. In the center of the site was a shallow pool with blue clear water. On the one hand, to the swimming pool is adjacent to dense lawn grass lawn. On the other hand, to the swimming pool bordered area, lined with paving slabs on which the bar tables and umbrellas. Near them was a bar and several refrigerators. It could at any time to come and pour yourself alone any drink.
On the grass I have started an orgy. There was a large part of the guests slowly begin sex. Basically, all were naked. But there were others, such as girls in sexy lingerie, stockings with coarse and fine mesh on the high shoes, or, for example, man, hung with chains and leather straps. At the bar I saw a few dildos of various sizes. In general, sexual looseness here was absolute. People are out and out of the house and joined located on the lawn and swimming in the pool.
- Come here yet.
My wife pointed out to me on the table located close to the pool, and we came up to him and sat down, staring insolently, as people on the grass having sex. In general, these pairs were. But we noticed, and three groups of three, or even one group, in which one could count four person, with all were female. Wife, shooting eyes, pointed me to two, and to see that it is men fucking each other, I realized that here everything is possible. Sometimes people change partners, the transition across the lawn. In fact, apart from the tables we sat another couple, but, judging by a man under the table crotch caressing the girl, and she rolled her eyes and groaned, I realized that they are no strangers here. Not far away, on the edge of the pool, I sat athletic guy, and a woman of about forty, being in the water, made him a blowjob. When the man violently ended her mouth, she's swallowed, and licked his lips and pulled him to her. Man, showering us splashing, laughing, fell into the water.
We have watched with interest the proceedings and did not know how to join. We do not even notice how close to us were Leon and Katya. They're putting on the table four glasses, and sat next offered a drink. Since they were completely naked, I finally saw how great Leonid was a member. Now it was red, probably more recently worked in someone. He was lying on his hip and was directed toward my wife. She looked at him askance, his eyes showed that too surprised by its size. I also really liked the haircut pubic Katya. Neatly stacked thick curly hairs formed a beautiful mop, thinly shaved around the edges. I do love it when a woman has a great head of hair between her legs. Reaching out, I stroked it extravagance.
- So what do you think?
- Wow.
- Why do not you join?
- So it is necessary first to have a drink.
- Well, for a start. - And clinked their glasses, drank together.
- You guys do not hesitate. - Said Katya.
- You have a very beautiful kupalnik.- Leon looked at my wife.
- Thank you.
- Come to buy up?
I saw the questioning look of his wife, and, realizing that she asked permission approved with a nod. Leon also noticing my nod, quickly grabbed his wife in his arms and carried her to the pool. She portraying the resistance began to talk down, but soon moved to laughter. Kate, when we were together, boldly launched into my swimming trunks hand and groped member, looked admiringly.
- ABOUT! So you're ready. - And moving melt, he said, looking at a rearing member. - What will he handsome! Come quickly take off the heat.
She pulled off my covering the matter, and, taking me by the hand, led him to meet friends. I walked behind her with a protruding member and thought that all staring at me. However, no one paid any attention to me, and if they pay, then with some interest, but not a smile. Looking around the clearing and saw what she wanted, Kate took me to a couple fucked.
- Go ahead. - She pushed me towards him.
The guy lying on the grass, fucked in the ass girl who was sitting with her back to him and her head thrown back with long hair, falling on his face and rolled his pleasure, moaning with every jolt. Her beautiful breasts ended with large nipples. He sat down between their legs, I immediately put the dick in pussy girl. She looked up and saw me and smiled.
- Go on. - She whispered, and I began to pick up the rhythm of a member of a Man, a Woman moving.
Picking up the pace, will drive a member of the full length and hit the eggs on the egg guy, I felt that she was close to orgasm. She stood up and hugged me with one hand on her neck and the other hand in the chest, invited me to suck it. As soon as I licked a couple of times hardened nipple, she shook in orgasm stormy.
- You're cool - she, stopping to shake, kissed me on the lips. - Get up, I tell you now also do well.
She took my cock in her mouth, she began to lick, suck it. She wanker, clutching the egg. However, it is also a sit up on the guy, still sidev ass on it. I was already strongly excited, so I started to cum, cum pouring into the mouth of the girl, which she eagerly swallowed .... At great shout, I realized that the guy is also finished.
I stood and came to himself, and the guys I knew got up, went to the bar. Suddenly, I heard the voices of passing girls:
- Oh! Newbie. I want it!
- I like it too.
With both sides clung to me two girls of different sizes and smiled at me. I pressed them to her, put his arm around the waist, and began alternately kissing each. More plump came behind me, and embracing her belly, started kissing my back. A thin a little kiss on the lips and began to descend and kiss my breasts, nipples, navel. When she was standing on her knees in front of her and hung member said:
- Now we put you, sweetie.
It took palm of the skin, it began to move along the trunk, at the same time gently licking tongue smooth surface of the head. Absorb it completely, it sucked much. Then move your head, not parting lips. Member has been in a combat situation, and the girl went and everything went showering caresses my dignity. Another girl, to the rear, too, sat down and parted the halves of my priests, began to lick the hole on it. These licking me and liked me so aroused that I was afraid to come, he pushed her head between her legs, thus showing what I want, what would they both suck my dick. The girls then take turns, then together to lick and suck the head, swallowed the eggs, tickled their nails. When their tongues met, and they were made to play with his. They kissed passionately, then hitting member, taken to lick it again.
Remembering that I'm here with my wife, I suddenly decided to look for her. Seeing her standing doggy fuck two adult man from behind and in the mouth, fifteen meters away from me, I was already fascinated by the spectacle. For the first time in front of me fucking my wife, two, and even without me, and, judging by the fact that there was no Leonid I understood among them that she had already changed several partners. She accidentally turned his head, saw me watching her and waved a pen. Maybe she wanted to shout something, but her mouth was busy with a huge phallus, fuck her, she did not want to let loose and have fun fyrchala. I was happy that my wife is good, and winked at her.
It was my turn to please the girls, and I lay down on the grass back down. Plump pussy sat on my rampant arms and slim my face. Her pussy was very mokrenkaya and smooth. I parted the lips sex and deeply entered into the vagina tongue began to lick the inside of them girls. Lips found the clitoris, sucking it, delivering a girl unearthly delights. Sometimes she would sit up, and I tip my rough language driven by the hole of her ass that she also liked. Holding on to the hips second girl, I fucked her with his member flushed, I felt inside the vagina, it is trying hard to squeeze it. Our publishing pussy sucking sounds gratified each other. Girls sitting on me, kissing passionately, they alternately kissed and licked each other's nipples, they caressed their bodies, they become acquainted persons concerned with his reeds and played them.
I'm adding to my tongue, and a member of the two middle fingers, put them in the ass of his mistresses, and violently fucked in all their holes. When I'm tired of lying below, I got up, and, putting the girls on each other in position 69 and entering the one or the other side potrahival each of them, as they brought themselves oral lesbian caresses. Having said that, I want to finish, asked the girls to stand up. Began to masturbate in their mouths of open, sitting in front of me on my knees, I filled their faces a huge amount of semen, which they happily licked and swallowed, taking then kiss each other.
- You are super! Bring us something cold. - Said plump.
I went to the bar. On the way, he passed everywhere copulating couples, I saw a position that I liked much. Man holding girl on weight, and his feet up on his shoulders, licking her pussy and the girl hanging upside down in the air sucked his dick.
"I'll have to try it sometime" - I thought.
Taking from the refrigerator three bottles of cold beer and a dildo, I returned to the place. My girls certainly was not there. Looking around the lawn, I saw one standing, kissed a man, and the other sitting between men take turns sucking their members.
- Man, you come to me?
Hearing this, I turned my head and saw a stone's throw from himself kneeling woman of thirty-five, moved apart legs and wag before me booty.
- Of course. What do you think?
I was surprised to find that my dick is, I'm not thinking long spat upon a tremendous hole in her anus. Smeared on her saliva, I deeply drove his friend to hungry ass. The woman was very fond of anal sex, I realized for the sighs that she began to publish as long as I, increasing the tempo and amplitude fucked her ass. When, not coming out of her ass, and I still put her in the pussy dildo she came writhing and jerking convulsions orgasm. After her tremors stopped, I stuck his cock, and she lay on her back and invited to fuck her between her breasts, which I gladly did, putting a dick between her large breasts and soft.
Looking up, I saw passing close to Kate, who with an approving gesture, gave me a kiss, and I said to her smile. Meanwhile, a member of which the woman clasped holding hands on the chest, has worked. His head appeared and disappeared between the huge soft buns. The woman tried to lick the head, and sometimes she did it.
I had finished showering his face and chest female sperm spray. I smeared it with his own hands, and lay down next to the woman resting while trying to lick her nipples breasts. I enjoyed the taste and smell of his sperm mixed with mine and her then. Suddenly I felt my dick, someone much sucks. It was a powerful passionately as if trying to suck not only the remnants of sperm, but my insides. I head down I found my guy is situated between the legs, skillfully sucking and drochaschego my dignity. I'm not even scared, though sex with a man I basically still was disgusted, but on the contrary was excited, and put forth his hand, and took in his hand standing boyfriend. I like the feeling burned in the hand of another member, but I quickly got used, began to masturbate him.
- Boys, fuck me.
The woman was not appeased. I lay down on his back and the woman sat on my dick recordkeeping and rested his hands on my chest. Now its huge balls hanging right in front of my face. I began to lick and suck them. And the guy in the meantime, on his knees, put in the ass woman developed and began to peck her. We did not try to pick up the pace, by the fact that a woman stopped us, she began to play our instruments, uttering at the same time sucking sounds and screaming loudly.
We jumped quite a long time in that position. Man stopped the woman. He came out of her priests, and put a hole in my head of his penis. I had tried to wriggle out, but as he was pinned to the ground more women did not even budge. A man felt this sharply pressed, plunged his spear almost the entire length. ABOUT! Goodbye my virginity priests. I was a bit hurt, and she saw how distorted my face, kissed and comforted me. The pain began to pass, and I felt I started to work hard cock in my ass. It gradually softened, and I ... have been pleased by the new sensation for me. The woman again zaelozila me, tryas her clitoris against my hairy crotch.
The first man had finished filling out my warm liquid. He stood up, and without saying anything, left, and I luxuriated for a long time, from the pleasurable sensations of pain departs from the priests. We finished with a woman about the same time, or rather I came into it, and it is finished by this, too. We rested a bit, caught his breath. Then, sitting on the grass stood up. I printed out two beers and we are drinking, began to consider and discuss what is happening around us. The woman, who had, as I understand a lot of experience, sometimes commenting on every pose, advised as it is more convenient to mate and sometimes called me names and occupations orgy participants. When we rested and had almost finished their beer, ran up to me girl, and asked:
- Why are you sitting here? Ah, yes us into the water.
Grabbing my hand, she tried to lift me from the grass.
- Do not be shy. Run. - A woman put her hand under my ass, and pushed and helped the girl raise me.
We are holding hands, ran and splashed in the pool, showering him sitting on the edge of the spray. After emerging, the first thing I saw was sitting not far from my wife. Oprshis back and her head thrown back, she received oral sex from one of the girls with whom I have already had sex.
"It's good that it is good" - I thought, and was immediately hailed Facing me in the water Girl
- Come to me as soon as possible.
She was sitting on the edge of the pool and wide legs apart, masturbating her pussy.
- Swim sweetheart. Now your pussy learns how gentle and persistent is my language.
She grinned, and pretty soon enjoyed the kisses with which I began to study her genitals.
If describe in detail everything that happened that night, do not have enough paper. Briefly I will only say that we have tried everything imaginable and unimaginable types of sex. You understand what imagination can wander in the minds of so many people.
Gradually, the guests began to leave the meadow and slowly disperse without saying goodbye. We were the last time and it was already past midnight. I sat naked on the bed in the room provided to us by the hosts. My wife is already dressed, and, preening, putting the finishing touches of makeup. And I'm still sitting exhausted. My ass was burning as if it was visited by hundred phalluses. Yes, perhaps there is now so much and visited. And exhausted dick dangling between his legs. In the mouth, mingled smells of thousands of foreign secretions, semen, sweat, urine. Nose recalled many new odors. Catherine came in.
- Yes, it is felt today you walked to glory! Sorry, but I could not catch you anywhere. As you guys? All were from you in a huge delight.
She came to me, and sat at the feet kissed member.
- Wow, what pisyun! What trudyazhka! Next time I'll otymeyu properly.
Kate helped me stand up, and together with his wife they put me. I gradually came to himself. Looking at the satisfied face of his wife, I knew that it was good today.
- You come to us again. Time you already know. Do not forget that you are all very much. - Already at the entrance, watching us with her husband, said Katya.
- We are also satisfied. - She smiled wife.
We went on night road in the woods.
- How do you? - He asked his wife.
- Never mind. - Exhausted I replied.
- Something is wrong.
- Why, durha. I just fucked - clinging to the side of the road, I stopped the car.
- You're not jealous.
- You're what? Would you know how happy I watched you fuck other favorite. I just baldel when heard your moans through the roar. Today I realized that your fun is the main thing for me.
- True true?
- Of course! - I pulled her to his wife, and we voluptuously kissed.
We went to the night Moscow. I'm trying not to fall asleep, watching the road, and his wife, with her head resting on my shoulder, and gently snoring contentedly.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]