Dedicated to my beloved wife, Joni (Sprinter). After all, you always wanted me to describe our sex. I went a little further, I decided to publish it.
Night. It was our night. And I'm waiting for her. Because when the bell rang and I picked it up, and a pleasant female holo told me "you open the door for me?"I quickly snapped "of course". Then we zatarilis beer, nothing special, we certainly did not celebrate, but there is always a holiday when your girlfriend decided to spend the night with you. I was full of temptation, on the verge, so quickly drove all the guests, and ran to the shower. She joined me a couple of minutes, helped me wash. And then gently pressed my face to the wall she entered. I moaned: .menya is very excited, because I've always wanted to do in the shower sex. She patted me on the back and moved me, the pace grew. I felt that the legs are cotton. Then I came down heavily sat, tilted her head back, uttering incomprehensible sounds, my body still trembling, it is no longer listening to me, it would like caresses, and very very much. So I proposed to continue in the room.
There, I asked her to spread my body lotion. I will never forget what I experienced never thought that my wife such tender hands, it was a mixture of buttering and massage, I would even say erotic massage, I do not act seriously excited.
Then of course I offered to give her a massage. She lay on her stomach, I started with soft massaging movements to stroke her back, in the end she fell asleep. "Oops - I thought - it seems such gratitude for my massage". I wanted her to scream and push apart "What the fuck, are you come here to sleep? It is time to fulfill his conjugal duty." But she slept so sweetly, and it was such a pretty sight, I came to the conclusion that I must go to sleep, too. I crawled through it and went to bed. But not for long "happiness" my last. At night, I felt that she kisses me, first so shy and not confident, and then she began to fondle my breasts, at first I did not want to respond to her affection, something like punishment. But her kisses were all the more insistent, I was excited, very much. And then softly whispered, "I want you!"
She suddenly asked, "Did I wake you?", I was a little taken aback by this question, but the answer "How can I sleep when you caress me so awesome, you excite me!". Then she lay down on top of me and came at me, I began to move. I moaned and writhed beneath her as she could. After a few times I had finished, she went below first began to caress my belly, then showered kisses on the inner sides of the thighs, and then pressed her lips to my girl (actually, it is a girl). Now I write and she gets wet from such memories. Caress his little girl, she entered the thumb of his left hand, and I felt that she had forgotten to remove the ring, a fact I was seriously aroused, and not having to move me, I'm finished, then she continued to do kuniling. I very much like the knee-elbow position (popularly called a cancer, sorry), so I quickly took a position as to its so gesturing enter. That's just the other night and it is in this position, I was moaning so much that it seemed to me that now the neighbors come running think that killing me, even then I was very ashamed in front of my wife cries, otherwise it is very difficult to call. And before I finish moaned twice as strong, and then went limp and powerless for a long time could not recover. Not a lot of his breath and so we continued until the morning. And I remember how all began, as it was for the first time. The missionary position is the top, uncertainly comes, moaning almost was not, hesitate to each other, and strictly under the covers. I'm really not talking about the good old cunnilingus, him on top was not.
In the morning he had to go to the university, and I have 2 more change, I sat broken, with half-closed eyes, almost dozing. But infinitely happy. The same to you I wish.